News - Warzone 2 Zombies Season 2 Reloaded Best Loot Got Even Faster And Easier


Today we're going to be heading on into the new dark ether with an absolutely crazy setup, and I think I was able to complete this dark ether faster than I've made any runs before. Maybe if you guys are struggling with this just a little bit. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. I would greatly appreciate it.

We just hit 12, 000 subscribers, and we're already about to hit 13. Right now, the Jack purifier under the barrel attachment that you can put on any AR in Modern Warfare 3 is absolutely, insanely broken. Right now, you can take this thing into Tier 3 with absolutely nothing on it completely Barr, and it's going to handle its own, but if you end up upgrading it, this thing turns into a whole other beast, and it'll take down those Mega Abominations.

In literal seconds, and like you just saw here, we were even able to take down the storm collar here in Tier 3 with a mega-abomination, right next to us, really fast. Definitely the fastest way to kill the mega-abominations, or the storm caller right now, and I did see a couple of comments from people wondering if this thing does good on the redworm.


No, it does not, and the flames just do not reach him. So here we are in the new dark ether and this very first contract the hvt one that we usually grab very first right off the bat well it actually ended up not being a mega Abomination, this time which completely threw me by surprise I ended up getting a Mangler and he was actually in a different spot of the river kind of over towards that gas station over there which makes me kind of think like can we get all the different bosses for these hvts, cuz I you not guys I've probably already made like 20 odd runs in here, if not more, and every single time I've gotten the mega-abomination.

Until tonight i wasn't really planning on making this one of my fastest runs, but by the time that I got to the end, I was like, I did that really fast. We ended up completing this whole thing in just over 6 minutes, and having this Mega Abomination switched out for The Mangler definitely helped us out because we were able to get this guy dealt with really fast.


Not just that, but in the location, he's a little bit closer to that building, which is going to start our very next contract, which was pretty convenient, but yeah, look at this guy, this is crazy. I really did not think that we could get other HVTs in here, but this mangler stands absolutely no chance; his flamethrower is just going to delete him.

These things can honestly be pretty damn tough, especially if they're the HVT ones. I've had some guns that just cannot do damage against these things, but we ended up getting some pretty damn good loot out of this guy. He ended up giving us a refined crystal plus a VR11, a case, and another self-revive.

So I definitely take those. This is actually my least favorite part of doing this HVT: contracting down in the fog. This is because after you get it done, there's still always so many zombies around you, and it's so foggy, and you're trying to get your rewards out of the thing; it just kind of sucks.


Also, you guys can see it right here for a brief second when I boost it up in the sky like the other side of the almazar. The map is kind of glitched out; you can see all the doors that are floating from the buildings that are supposed to be there. I don't know. I just thought that was kind of crazy and made me start wondering, like how they load all this in, like if they use the entire, big map or they just cut out chunks of it, but then why would we have the other building still kind of trying to like semi load in?

So now we're here at our second contract, and this is going to be the one that's actually going to be taking us up some time because this one isn't really on how fast we can get it done where you have to actually hold out on the timer, so there's nothing we can really do about that and if you guys need to refill your ammo or maybe you're low on decoys, or anything like that if you're on your way over here to this contract.

There's a little ammo station right here that I usually like to stop at. We're going to make our way over here and start this thing. Now I do have a little bit of a method for when I do this, and it's nothing really special. Guys, all we're going to have to do is pretty much stand on the middle bar in here and just rotate.


With this flamethrower, just tap that trigger whenever the zombies get close to you. Don't be afraid to use up some of them if you absolutely have to or if you start getting kind of overrun, because you can always replenish those things at the ammo stations, and then Plus, if you're going to be doing those ether extractors.

I would advise you guys to bring in something like some monkey bombs or cashmere. Especially if you know that that's your last contract that you have to do, then you should be good to go. So here we're just going to be standing on the bar, turning around, and just spitting those flames whenever those zombies get close to us.

This is by far and away the easiest time that I've had doing this contract since we've gotten this dark ether since season 2 reloaded this flamethrower. Is it absolutely insane if you guys didn't see yesterday's article? I highly advise you guys to go check it out, plus I just greatly appreciate it now for this flamethrower.


It really doesn't matter what gun you use; you can use your favorite AR that I was using for the Ram 7; now I was using this thing because it was one of the guns that I was still going to be doing the exact same damage, but I did see a couple of comments asking me for my load out not only on the article but also on my shorts as well, so at the end of this article.

I'm going to go ahead and throw up the loadout that I was using for the Ram 7; now I was using this thing because it was one of the guns that I still have to get the Borealis. Camo on for, and after using this thing over the last couple of days, I got to say it's actually pretty good, guys. This thing is not too bad here in season 2, reloaded.


I wasn't the biggest fan of the RAM 7 when they first brought it in, neither in zombies nor in War Zone. I don't know; just the feeling of the gun doesn't really feel right to me, but for some reason lately it's just been clicking. I don't know. Maybe it's because I fell in love with the Ram 9 a bit and this thing is just like a bigger version of the Ram 9, so finally with this contract, done easy as pie, and I ended up hopping up on the counter here and looting the damn chest instead of the reward.

But this thing ended up giving us an elder sigil. We got the mags of holding, so now it's going to be time to go over to the mall and grab our very last contract. We should be able to get this one done pretty damn fast soon, as I take my damn sweet time putting all my loot away, and I don't know why I thought I needed four self-revivals.

Today I made one of my fastest runs in the new season 2 reloaded Dark Aether. We completed all 3 contracts and exfilled in just over 6 mins. Membership Link.
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