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Today we're going to be doing one that's been requested for a minute. We're going to be going over the top seven best weapons to use here in Modern Warfare zombies after season 2 reloaded. Now this is just my list, but if there was an official list, I can guarantee you this would be pretty damn close.

I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. I've been really enjoying running through Tier 3 with this thing. Let's go and throw that load out on the screen right here. You guys are fans of battle rifles. This is definitely one that I think you should check out. I think if I left this one out, there might be some people who'd be mad at me.

So coming in at number six, we got the crossbow. Now, initially, when Modern Warfare Zombies launched, the crossbow was one of the most powerful things in the game to use, and everybody was using it because of the thermite tips. Well, those took a heavy Nerf, but the one thing that they never touched was the blast caps.

This thing definitely does a good job of taking out bosses from a distance, and you can also do things like those strongholds and stuff in Tier 3 with relativities. The only downside to this thing is that you can find yourself running out of bolts quite often. I'd also say it works way better when you're running with a squad.


If you're running solo, I would say maybe choose something else. Go ahead and throw that load out for the crossbow. Up on the screen right here, this crossbow is definitely not a bad option for you guys here in season 2 reloaded. Especially with those blast caps, if you want to go hunting for some bosses, it does a pretty damn good job.

Next up This one actually kind of caught me a little bit by surprise, and after using it a bunch throughout the last week or so. I've kind of been falling in love with this AR, and it is going to be the Ram 7. Now yes, this was the AR that I chose to run around with the Jack purifier, because when this thing first launched.


I wasn't really a fan, but after using it a bunch lately. I can say that this thing definitely holds its own in Tier 3, and I've been running around in the dark ether with it a lot. It's got a 60-round drum on it, so after we pack-a-punch it, it's going to be holding 120. So the mag size is decent; it definitely has the power of an AR, and it's nice and snappy and somewhat feels like the Ram 9.

Go and throw that load out on the screen right here. Yeah, I think this thing is definitely deserving of our number five spot. This is a great AR to try out next up, coming in at our number four spot. One of my absolute, personal favorite guns to rock in this game is going to be the Stingers. If you guys were fans of the Swarms back when those things were extremely popular, then you should love these things.

They act and feel almost the same way. The only difference is that mag size is quite a bit smaller, but I feel like these things are a little bit more powerful than the Swarms, where they take down bosses pretty damn fast. They have no problem dealing with Red Zone zombies or the dark ether, and I think since the tier pistols have really taken a fall from grace.


I think these are probably the best pistols to use in the game right now. Go ahead and throw that load out on the screen right here. Yeah, I've loved these things since the launch of this game, and still to this day, they are absolute little demons. I highly recommend you guys try these ones now coming in at our number three spot.

This one's for all the shotgun lovers. We got the Haymaker shotgun, and this thing ever since the launch of the season has actually gotten a huge buff, and it's been one of the best shotguns to use, especially when you throw those slug rounds in it. This thing just absolutely deletes, bosses. And especially with the mags of holding, that's going to be a wrap for any zombie or boss in this game.

Go ahead and throw that load out on the screen right here if you guys love shotguns. Definitely try out this one now. This one might actually end up surprising a couple people, but coming in at our number two spot is going to be the Ram 9. I feel like since the launch of season 2 reloaded, they did something with this weapon, and it's just not quite doing what it used to now.


Don't get me wrong. I still think this is absolutely one of the best options in the game right now for you guys to use, or else it wouldn't be taking up our number two spot here. Mobility is absolutely amazing; the power is second to none, even with the smaller mag size that this thing has. The power definitely makes up for it, and it's also just an extremely solo player-friendly gun, which makes it very good on my list for me.

Go ahead and throw that load out on the screen right here, and even after the Nerf, I think this thing is one of the absolute best guns to use in the game. If you haven't tried it in a while or haven't tried it yet, definitely do so now. Coming in at my number one spot and my number one used gun here in season 2 reloaded is going to be the Rival 9.


I think this gun is absolutely, extremely underrated. I honestly think way more people need to try out this thing. This gun is amazing; it is so snappy, and the movement on it is incredible. And the power is definitely there; it deletes bosses almost instantly. I love running in the red-tier zone and taking this thing into the dark ether.

If you have mags of hold, you are practically unstoppable. It is also really nice to be able to have a gun too. I feel like I can run and not have to have my fists out all the time. Let's go ahead and toss up that load out on the screen right here. I greatly appreciate everybody's time and checking out the article today.

If anybody is new, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful rest of your day, everybody, and I will catch you in the next.

Today we look at my top 7 best weapons and loadouts to use in mwz after the season 2 reloaded update. Thanks for the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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