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The Tombstone glitch in Modern Warfare Zombie Season 2 has come. So far, we can do it as a team. We can now Tombstone glitch solo and keep your large backpack. Jesse Powers comes through with a great idea, and we start working out how we can actually execute this idea. I'm going to show you how to keep your insured weapon while also keeping your tombstone and talk about the benefits and also the limitations.

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Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. You're going to need a few things; the first obviously is your insured weapon. Next would be a Tombstone soda can. If you don't have a Tombstone soda can, you could always go buy one for $2, 000 in the match. Just do one cargo delivery contract, and you're done.

Also, if you need to duplicate more Tombstone Soda CL, I made a article on how to go from 1 to 30 to 40 Tombstone sodas, so you never have to think about that. The last thing you're going to need is either an elder sigil or a sigil; both of these will work the same way. But you do need one of those.

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We're going to do the Eldersigil because I think it's more fun to run. You'll also need to run this method with a buddy. You cannot do it by yourself, at least not yet, but we're working on it now, and you're ready to start the match. Once you're in the match, make sure you break down your tombstone and get everything out of it completely.

Then you can go ahead and drink a tombstone. You're going to drop your insured weapon on your friend, so he's already drunk a tombstone. I drank a tombstone, and now he has both his insured weapon and mine. Now this is where it gets. Interesting he's now going to run off and get down. As soon as he gets down, I'm going to start the Elder, Sigil, so he's going to get hit right here.

Meat a couple more shots will probably do. There you go. Now I'm starting to sigil. As soon as I start it, he's going to vote. Yes, I do not just give him one vote, so it's not going to pass it through yet, and then he's going to bleed out intentionally. Now he's going to give up as you can, see?

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Now that we're swimming around, we're doing the same glitch that we've been doing for the solo Tombstone glitch for season 2. You can check out my article if you need to know more about this when it turns red. Now throw that vote in. So what's happened here is that my buddy has voted but died. Now I'm going to both die, get Squad eliminated, and go to the Elder sigil or sigil right here.

So this is similar to the other glitch if you want to do successful xfill, for which I again showed you a article on that and how to go in the dark ether. Check it out right here. So now that we're in, you're going to lose your decoys, your tacticals, and any guns that you had on you that we didn't have.

You'll still keep your large rucksack, armor, and that kind of stuff. I don't have that, so now my buddy's going to drop my gun. So now I have my original insured gun, and he has his original insured gun. Now let's scorch. We're just using Scorcher's CU. It's way easier; we're going to go straight to the xill here, not trying anything fancy.

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Now, this is just to demonstrate how it works. You can obviously do a full match here. Collect whatever you want; now hit the portal, and you'll notice. The Rift is complete, so we have successfully filled it. I'm leaving with the same insured weapon that I brought, and my buddy is also leaving with the insured weapon that he brought in.

We reset our tombstone by drowning in the water right before we were taken to the dark ether. So from our first test, we kind of kept our insured weapon technically; we didn't lose our weapon, but it did take it off the insurance spot and put it into contraband. There's clearly good use for this, meaning you could stack up five fully kitted guns as contraband instead of insured, so that's very helpful, but it isn't actually what we set out to do in keeping your insured weapons while still keeping your Tombstone.

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Also, we haven't gone back to make sure that our tombstone is still there, so let's do that now that we're back in the match, and here's what we did accomplish. We kept our insured weapon, although it turned into contraband. We kept our Tombstone just like it was, so we reset that perfectly, and we were able to successfully fill on that same round, but ultimately, that insured weapon did turn into contraband and not just stay as an insured weapon that you can then swap out for whatever weapon you want later, so let's switch rolls.

Now go back in and see if we can actually both keep that Tombstone and keep the insured weapon all right, so we're going to do here. You made it. I'm going to drink Tombstone to reset it. I don't have a large backpack right now, but it would work the same with a large backpack. We've just lost it and are testing everything.

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Also, this is a different round. We've been testing this method for about 2 hours, so there's going to be different items in the tombstone. So what we're doing here is being careful, because these guys will throw meat at you. I don't have a self-revive; he's going to drop me his gun. Because he would lose his guns if he kept them on me, so I'm being the pack meal for this.

We're going to let these guys down, and then as soon as I get down, he's going to start the Elder, Sigil. He hit me one more time. Okay, now that he's going to start the Elder, Sigil, I'm going to vote. Yes, right now, and then I'm going to give up. Do not plead for help. Okay, now he's going to go.

Okay, I'm observing you. Now, that's what we want to see. Now what we're trying to do is for me to reset a tombstone while, simultaneously, getting pulled into the dark ether with my buddy. That way, we have the tombstone set for the next round. We keep our insured weapons, and now I can give those back to my buddy, who we're watching right now.

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Now, you just voted yes. You won't see the yes vote on mine because I'm already dead, and we should get a true squad eliminated here. The challenge is how to fully die out and set that tombstone while still in a squad. That is really what we're trying to nail down, but let's see what happens. It happens, all right, so now that I have both weapons, you can see I still have my gold level on that.

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