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Another day and another more efficient way to do the tombstone duplication glitch solo. That's right, season 2 is almost reloaded. The Modern Warfare Zombies Tombstone glitch is getting even easier since my article yesterday. This method does not require the scorcher, and with that really precise timing and everything else that comes with that, it's very simple to do and very straightforward.

I think the skill gap is significantly lower, and there are quite a few benefits that come with it that I'll explain kind of as we go on, so buckle up and let me teach you the newest Tombstone method for Modern Warfare zombies in season 2, almost reloaded. Check it out, but first, a word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you; they offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. For this new method, nothing is actually required to be brought in. If you want to duplicate specific items from your stash, obviously, put those in, but there are a couple things I would recommend bringing in, and that is the Tombstone Soda, as this will make the process much faster, and the Ether Blade Case, as this will also make the process faster, but I'll explain why.

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As we go on. I always recommend bringing in a scorcher, a flawless ethereum crystal, and I'm actually going to duplicate some sigils because I'm kind of running out of those right now, and I don't want to lose all those bringing your weapon because you will not lose your insured weapon using this glitch.

Let's head in and shout out to Silent 9 once again for figuring out this method. We've taken his method and modified it to make it easier, more efficient, and much more consistent. Overall, for the very first time you're setting up your Tombstone, if you don't already have one established, just run a couple of deliveries or simple contracts like that to get about 3 to 6, 000 Essence in your Tombstone.

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You'll obviously need to buy Tombstone only on the very first one, like we've done so many times in other articles, but you'll also need 1, 000 Essence each time you want to duplicate from your Tombstone. I'll explain why later. Right now, if you already have a tombstone, make sure that you break that down fully.

I'm going to show you just so you can actually reset your tombstone. Normal, we're just going to take all the same I'm going to drink. That's right, bring all those same items out. We've drank a tombstone, so let's head back to the ACT portal, but this is where things are going to get quite a bit different.

From the last method using the scorcher, and honestly, it's way easier, and I've been able to do this four, five, or six times in a row. It's very consistent versus the old method. All right, so we're at the bad signal portal. This is where you used to go and hit the scorcher head all the way to this area, etc., but that's not what we are going to do now.

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This is a little bit different, so you're going to head into this building straight ahead and use this specific route because if you use this guy's little zip line, it's not going to work. You're going to run all the way back up the stairs one more time, and you'll have a little portal. Here is where I've done things differently traditionally.

The glitch will take you up to here, and you have to run out of bounds, but it's very challenging. I actually do it to go to B7. Someone in chat recommended taking you down here, and it's very, very easy going down there. This is the code I call basic U because it's not the fancy U up arrow and backwards reverse in/, q, but that's your code you're going to use every single time you get it, all right.

Once you are at the portal, remember that the locations of each of these icons change, so you just have to find the right one, so regular U, up arrow, and then in/reverse backwards Q. Now, remember that if you go right here, you'll automatically teleport, so back up a little bit and tap F once. That'll queue it but not send you through it, which is what you want, so now we're going to run back to bad.

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Signal, I do not have the equipment to save those guys, so back to bad signal, let your stamina charge up; you're going to Q bad signal, and just get your sprint on full. Sprinting in a straight line is as much as you can hope you don't hit many zombies on the way, through the doors, and notice we haven't voted.

Yet, up the stairs, back to the portal. Now go through the portal. Now all you're going to do is turn to your right and start sprinting. Now watch the votes. We're going to move at two. We're going to vote. Yes, right there. Keep sprinting towards the rocks and keep going six hits out of bounds.

That's perfect timing. You'll hit that every time there's no stamina. UPS needs anything now. Watch what happens; we're out of bounds. Portal happens listen, eliminate the black screen, and quit right there. That's true on Playstation, Xbox, and PC, so you're going through the portal and getting eliminated.

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Normally you would have your tactical still, and then this also works with a couple other things, but now that we've done our first duplication with the tombstone, we now have our Tombstone Soda, our scorcher, and a pack-a-punch. We can do this about three times faster than the first round, and it gets really, really quick and very consistent, so check this out.

All right now is where it gets very fun because we've already duplicated items in that tombstone and brought them back in. I can drink that Tombstone right off the rip, and I can also use my scorcher. Immediately, Pack-a-Punch That thing could be a tool if I want to. I can start ether blade gold armor.

I can use everything in here without any penalty at all, so now we can use a little scorcher trick to head over there. Fast, now we're going to put all these things on my tombstone. We can leave that out because we don't need it, so check this out. We just duplicated all of our items, but we also used all of our items.

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Now what this allows us to do is fully equip myself for an entire match. Get my gun fully kitted out. Get my wonder weapon, a fully kitted-out golden armor dog bone. The works ether blade everything play an entire match Amass a bunch of essence, so get 30 to 40, 000 essence from fighting Tier 3, etc., and then use this method to leave.

It's literally that simple, so now, solo, you can always be fully equipped every single time while adding to your essence in the tombstone. You can also do this method in a squad; the only difference is right before you're ready to leave. Leave the squad and do all the methods the same, so we're back; we have duplicated everything; we just switched this out for the ElderSigil.

FASTER SOLO Tombstone Duplication Glitch NO SCORCHER SEASON 2 MW3 Zombies.
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