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Duped we started with one, and now we have four. We've done it. We figured out an extremely fast and effective way to duplicate any weapon that you want in Modern Warfare zombies, and this is in season 2. It's faster than the previous methods, and it works insanely consistently. Not only did we figure out how to duplicate weapons, but this glitch has applications to benefit you across the board, both in that match and in other matches, and to help your buddies.

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Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. All you need to do this weapon duplication glitch is a lethal or tactical weapon and the weapon that you want to duplicate. You technically can do this glitch solo, which I'll explain later in the article, but it's so much easier if you bring in a teammate or two.

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We have over 8, 000 members, and most of them are zombie players. It doesn't matter what skill level you are at; come join and find that squad. The two other things I recommend bringing aren't necessary. Are a jug can, although I recommend just getting a little bit of cash and going to the Juggernog station to buy them because it's much easier when you're practicing this glitch.

And an ether blade case. Just trust me; bring the ether blade case. It's amazing after getting some money or grabbing money from your tombstone, find a Juggernog soda dispenser and head over there with your team. Okay, so you got your ether blade, and now I'm doing Casmir. This also works with symbol monkeys, or it works with any tactical or lethal weapon.

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Just the ether blade and Casmir are probably going to be most beneficial. Drink your Juggernog. This all started because we were working on a new ether blade duplication glitch, which is what we're doing right here, but then in the midst of trying to ether blade duplication, we accidentally duplicate, so we spent a couple hours live on stream trying to recreate that and keep your fists out exactly what makes the weapons duplicate so let me walk you through that now find some zombies that will kill you and keep your fists out so if you have one gun just keep your fist out trust me on this it'll make sense in a second.

There you go. Now I'm going to give up, and I'm going to plead for help. Now drinking that Juggernog brings up an interesting glitch, and that's that you can access your menu here, so now drop your ether blade and drop your Casmir, and then have your buddies. Res. Is that there's Casmir on the ground and Casmir here, so now you guys can pick up the Casmir if you want, or I could put them in my rucksack too?

If you really wanted to, I got to throw them in my rucksacks. I think he picked up one already. See, now you can duplicate those Casmirs, so there's one here. I still have them here, so that duplicates your Casmir, but then also duplicates the ether blade, so they already picked them up with one person.

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You could get three ether blades if you wanted to. The other thing you can do this with is symbol monkeys in the same way, but that's just kind of the start of the glitch. As we were trying to show how to do this, we came across a much better use of how to use this glitch, and that is weapon duplication.

So if you have only one weapon, it doesn't matter if it's the first or second slot. Have only one weapon. Drink a juggernog; this can be an insured weapon or anything. Go find your zombie friends and come on, Buddy. You want some of that. Come on, do you want that smoke? There we go. Yeah, there we go.

All right, right now we're going to give up. Plead for help. Remember, it won't say plead for help because you're still part of our squad, but just plead for help anyway. Now I'm going to drop those same things, Ether Blade. Casmir I'm also going to drop my gun and leave the menu up now. As I'm leaving the menu up, they're going to stop me and watch What Happens.

Here, boom, we did duplicate our insured weapon. What does that mean? I can now drop this weapon on my buddies. As you can see, it does strip the rarity of it, but the glitch doesn't stop here. Don't just duplicate your gun. Now let's see if we can stack up contraband for you and your teammate.

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Grab one of your buddies insured guns. Make sure it's not the same exact gun; otherwise, it won't work, and then let's repeat those steps. Bring in your friend's gun. Whatever he got, it needs to be a separate gun, so if he also had a BP50 like the same gun, it's not going to work. Do the Juggernog again, switch over to your fists, and let the guys beat you, down come on buddy you can do it.

You can do it, little buddy. There you go, give up, pleae for help, and then you're going to drop all your stuff. Okay, go ahead, trying to SL, Boom, And we just duplicated the shotgun, so now my friend can take his shotgun back, and then I'll grab my BP50. Now you and your buddies need to successfully bring out all those duplicated guns and watch what happens.

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All right now, remember, we have two weapons. Look, I now have two fully kitted contraband. And if I duplicate them, my squad can also come out with two fully kitted contrabands. The only thing is that they can't be the same weapon; if they are the same weapon, you can't bring them both out. But now, by unequipping these, I did lose my insured slot, but it doesn't matter because now, look, I have three fully kitted Contraband weapons.

If you do that a few times, you could have like 20 contraband weapons that are all the exact builds that you and your buddies love. So that's extremely, extremely helpful. So the other thing that my buddy noticed was that when he gave me his insured weapon to duplicate, I gave him the same weapon back.

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