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In today's article, I'm going to be going over the best settings that you guys can be using right now in War Zone 3. After the most recent update. I'm still getting a lot of questions about my settings over on Twitch, so hopefully if you guys are coming over from there to this article, this should cover any questions that you guys may have before I jump into all of these settings.

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Graphics settings - display

Input delay to your game, so while I might be a little more convenient for your setup, it's actually going to significantly harm your ability to play, and apparently the input delay is pretty noticeable.

best controller settings

Next off, your display monitor and adapter. You just want to make sure that's set on your graphics card and your monitor. Make sure your screen refresh rate is set to the highest possible display resolution. Make sure it's in whatever aspect you want to play on the RTI show. You should probably leave that on automatic.

Just easier, stuff you have to worry about displ gam should be on 2.2, brightness settings I don't really change a whole lot I usually just leave it at the default of 50 for the Nvidia reflex low latency, graphic setting I like to put this on plus boost most people use on cuz the on setting has a lot more consistent latency when it comes to your delay whereas using on plus boost on some setups can cause variance in your input delay making your game feel a little inconsistent. I personally use on plus boost I haven't noticed a huge difference for the Eco preset mode this by default is on efficiency, and it should be on custom efficiency is going to basically reduce your power draw on your PC I think this is a setting on consoles too it's going to basically hinder your performance of the device you're playing on going to set this on custom and take that off the vsync stuff I turn all that off even in the menus doesn't really matter custom frame you can set this to whatever you want some people just leave it unlimited, add it to cus 60 when I'm sending the main menu so I'm not fry my graphics card and then for the most part man you can just copy paste these settings not even really worth mentioning just make sure they're on what I'm showing here next off for the quality settings make sure your render resolution is set to 100 this should also match the resolution, that was on the previous screen shown in display resolution, for some weird reason this game it will reset down to 50%.

Graphics settings - quality

Graphics settings - quality

Sometimes, it'll reset to 60. I don't quite understand why it does that, but just make sure it's on 100 for the next set. We're going to be using Fidelity; cast, do not use DLS. I saw a pretty prominent streamer upload a settings article with dlss on or the image scaling, and long story short, man, you guys shouldn't be using any of these options besides Fidelity Cast, especially dlss.

If someone tells you to use dlss, run using dlss while it gives you a little bit more frames because it's generating the frames for you. It introduces a crap ton of input delay, and it makes your game look like literal crap. Use f cast, and make sure you set it from anywhere from 75 to 100. This is a really important setting for console players, especially since this is one of those settings that is on the console and will significantly improve the clarity of your game.

best controller settings mw3

I honestly think it's the most important console setting you can set right now. Make sure path-tracing and ray construction are turned off. Your scale can be left anywhere from 80 to 90. I like to use the 85. Just kind of that happy medium. I play on a single PC, so I can set mine a little bit higher; it doesn't really matter; variable rate shading needs to be off, and then for the rest of these texts, qualities and all that stuff.

Just make sure you guys copy and paste these settings. I don't want to spend a ton of time explaining. In each and every one of these individual settings, I will touch on the fact that I do like to use ambient occlusion on my static objects for my depth perception. Over the years, as we kind of go on, this gives me a little bit more depth to my game and helps me see better.

It will give you more frames to turn it off, but I'm blind and I'm old. I like to use it on static objects, and as we kind of go on this list, I kind of use tessellation. For the same exact reason, only on the near objects, though you don't want to set it to all. If you don't really struggle with that depth perception issue, then I would just set it to off because you're going to get more frames, and then lastly, on this list here.

I do want to touch on the water quality. You should be setting this to either water or carbon. Or all water chemistry is a setting that basically allows light to reflect from inside the water, allowing you to see people that are in the water a little bit clearer. You shouldn't have this on. If you want to really preserve your frame, set it to CTIC.

Graphics settings - view

Graphics settings - view

I just use both because they fit at that point, and for the view settings, I like to use max fov. You kind of get a little bit of variance here in what people use, but the main thing is making sure you crank this up at least to 100. A lot of the multiplayer people play on 105, and a lot of the war zone people play on 120.

best settings

I think that's the mutual consensus at least and then make sure 100% regardless of what fov you play on make sure you're setting this to affect it it's going to make you feel like you have less recoil, the rest of these settings here make sure that they're just the exact same as mine kind of helps with the clarity of the game again like for example that film grade in the motion blur which for some weird reason on by default camera movement be on 50% also kind of helps with the visual recoil, your camera not move as much giv you again kind of that perceived less recoil for the audio settings I'm kind of tweaking around a lot of this stuff not going to have this speaker output or anything like that I am using the artist or audio stuff you guys don't know what the heck I'm talking about it's a PC thing you guys aren't on PC you should 100% be on PC speaker, a little bit counterintuitive.

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