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New best controller settings for warzone 3!

New best controller settings for warzone 3!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Warzone best general controller settings

You might want to have a controller as your aiming input device to start things off; that's usually a good step. Now for button layout, this is super cool this year just because they do have all their nice presets, and for me, tactical has always been my go-to. I do play on a scuff controller, so I've got the paddles on the back, meaning that I can slide and cancel with my right thumb stick, and then I can just use a button on the back for my melee and whatnot, so that works fine for me, but you can also just go through and manually change the keybinds for all of these if you wanted to so if you just wanted to change your lethal equipment to something else you could do so if you for whatever reason wanted to change your lethal equipment to something else other than your right bumper, you could do so for the best true keybinds for controller.

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I'd recommend just going through and customizing these exactly how you want them for bumper ping. I'm not a fan of this, so I do keep this off, and I don't find a need to flip my R1. And R2, L1, and L2, just because I've got digital triggers on my controller, so I can press them all super fast. That said, that can be really convenient for players if you do like to have that sort of faster click-in of the bumpers as opposed to the triggers.

That's a viable choice, for sure. I leave my stick layout as just the default there; I don't change anything about their vibration. 100% turn this off while it is cool for immersion, and it's nice to see like you're in the game feeling with the controller vibrating if things are exploding or whatnot.

It's just not good from a competitive standpoint; you don't want your controller shaking and bouncing around even just minutely. If you're in like a super precise longrange gunfight, that could throw your aim off some, so definitely turn that off trigger effects if you have like a PlayStation 5 controller that's got the haptics and whatnot.

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I don't like having this on either. I want to easily be able to click in my triggers without having to worry about pressing down harder on them or anything. Because of like the haptic experience so I definitely leave that off as well, then when it comes to Dead Zone inputs this is something that we've talked about a lot this year because they did update this with this really cool feature that allows you to test your dead zone so when you turn this test on all the numbers here on the graph should read zero what you want to do is move your thumb sticks around a little bit and then let them rest and they should always reset, back to zero there and you can test and see what your dead zone is by simply turning your left stick minimum and your right stick minimum to zero here and when you do that on both of those and then you do the test and then you move your thumb sticks around you'll see that there are going to be you know some inputs being detected there 2% on my left stick 2%, on my right stick so I just go through and I bump those up but here's what's important we've talked about that exact same strategy.

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In the past, however, it's also important to note. That over time stick drift becomes more and more common the more you use your controller it's just wear and tear and unfortunately like PlayStation 5 controllers are super prone to this it seems like, but you use it more and more you might get more stick drift so while you've been maybe sitting on like three and three For Your Right stick and your left stick minimum because of your set stick drift, if you play like that for maybe 3 months of constant use you might want to go through and check that again and see if things have updated CU you might need to increase your dead zone there so really do be mindful, of that then another really important thing here is your trigger dead zones turn these to zero whether you have digital triggers or like the standard trigger that you got to pull all the way down zero means that the second it hits the actuation, point to fire your gun it's going to start firing you don't actually have to pull all the way down so that just makes it easier to spam guns or start getting shots off there without that slight delay and having to go all the way down instead .

Warzone 3 best controller aiming settings

Warzone 3 best controller aiming settings

We then get into some of our aiming settings here, and there are some important things I want to take note of here that I've sort of updated over time; initially. I am still playing on a slightly staggered sensitivity. Eight and seven are what I'm currently on. Sometimes, if I'm feeling extra spicy.

I'll go for like a 98, but I do like having this as a stagger just because it takes a lot more to move left to right in this game when you're trying to, you know, play aggressively across the long range and the close range, so having that a little bit higher. I feel, is nice because vertically, you're not doing as much there.

There's just not that many fights in this game outside of looking in the sky, or maybe if you're in a down town, you're going to be doing a ton of vertical movement. Plus, for recoil control purposes, it's easy to control vertical recoil, so you don't need a super high sensitivity there to, like, snap a gun back down into place.

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Now, I do not change anything with the advanced sensitivity. Here, just because there have been several tests done, there's not really a huge distinction in that versus just leaving it natural there. If you do end up going through and changing that, you'll notice differences in the first place that you might have to take time to get used to just because it's going to throw you off with your aiming initially there now sensitivity multiplier.

I do leave all of these as just one. I don't really mess with these, but if you wanted something to feel different in third person or in vehicles, you absolutely could do that. That's just more of a preference thing. For vertical-aim access, I leave all of that as standard. For tack stand multiplier, I just leave it as one here, so when I do switch into attack stance, it's going to be my standard sensitivity.

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I don't have to worry about adjusting to that at all; a response curve type like dynamic is still the go-to. Pretty much across the board, this is what pretty much all the pros use currently as well. It's just like a snappy feeling to your right thumb stick, and what's going to feel the most realistic to what you're doing on your thumb stick versus, in game, their ad multiplier Focus?

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