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best controller settings mw3

Welcome back to a brand new article. It is your boy Z back on your screen. I'm sure a lot of you guys have been looking for some great, great settings that you're possibly using right now, on War Zone and multiplayer. That being said, guys, what we're going to do first and foremost is go into the firing range.

best keyboard and mouse settings mw3

The firing range needs to be utilized a lot more because it's going to help you really, really test your accuracy and test how well you play with your settings in MW3. So I'm going to go ahead and get straight into the fire range for you guys right now so those of you who currently play War Zone you know what I'm saying and you want to figure out the best ways for your gun to have no little to no recoil be as accurate as you can be when it comes to shooting enemies and also be able to move as fast as possible while also keeping your same exact accuracy, and a recoil stats at the same time well guys, like I said I have settings I'm going to be showing you guys in just a moment but first we're in the fire range so we can test out the exact settings that I have right now so you guys can see exactly how my gun shoots I can explain to you exactly how and why it does what it does in the game so first and first you guys can see I'm in the fire range you know what I'm saying I got two weapons here I have currently the, tack Eradicator and then I also have the retti conversion kit which a lot of you guys you know are favor, and pretty much hit to the new retti.

Meta, which probably got nerfed recently, if I'm not mistaken, but anyway. The main reason why we're here is because we're going to test out the fire Ren as far as the settings that I currently have on. I'm going to give you guys just a moment, so first things first, we're going to throw on some plates for these dummies before replacing them.

I'm going to basically show you guys what my settings look like right now when I'm shooting at targets, so we're going to go ahead and get started. Now, for those of you who don't know, you know what I'm saying if you guys don't know what controlling your analog is. Certain settings are going to allow you to do this a lot better than other settings, of course, like right now if I just shot this wall right here and this is just me holding my controller up right.

best mw3 settings

I'm just going to hold the trigger. Watch everywhere right now, so now I'm going to aim in. I'm just going to hold the trigger. My thumbs are off analog. I'm just going. Do you see how my gun just went straight up with no movement at all? It just kept going by itself up and up and up pretty much this time.

best mw3 settings pc

I'm going to try to stay on my analog sticks. You guys see, I have my thumbs on my analog sticks now. Currently, I'm moving, and I'm going to do the same thing, but this time I'm going to try to stay on target. I'm going to try to shoot as straight as possible. Out right now, why is that? Let me show you why if we go into to our controller settings here as you guys can see on the screen right now currently I do play on PC, but I also use a controller on PC I did used to be on Console I still have my conso so you know what I'm saying obviously some of the settings are going to work for the console, and some of the settings that you're going to see on the screen you may not have on your console, but if you don't, then you can use an alternative.

But, as you guys can see, we have to first come down. You guys can see we're playing on everything that is set as far as inputs are set to defaults. Nothing has changed. You know what I'm saying: vibration. Make sure you have the vibration completely off. If you guys do not know, it throws off the way you control your gun.

I'm telling you, if you guys have vibration, you will realize that when you're shooting your gun, you feel your controller vibrate, and if it throws off the way you hold your analog and control your analogs. I recommend just turning it off. The main thing we're going to focus on right now on this controller is that the panel screen is going to be dead zone input.

best settings modern warfare 3

Press X so you guys can open up Dropbox, and you guys will see. We can actually test the dead zone with a stick right now. We can test a stick for the dead zone right now to see if you have any drift. You shouldn't have any stick drifts. If you have stick drift, I'm telling you right now that your stick is going to throw this off completely.

best settings mw3

There's a way to counter it but right now when're not work focus on that you guys should see there should be no movement at all in your controller analog sticks if there is you have a problem and you probably want to replace your reg controller main thing we're focus on is these sticks, these right stick and left stick Min and Max okay so as you can see they're pretty evened out I keep my left stick Min and my right stick Min over at three and I put my left stick Max and my right stick Max at 80, this is going to help balance out the way you control and how far you move your analog stick left and right it's going to be able to help you lock in a little better when it comes to control those analog sticks when you want to lock onto players in war zone, and also multiplayer as well these are the same settings for multiplayer as well nothing has changed we're going to go down to left trigger and right trigger make sure these are pressed down all the way to zero.

Guys, the reason why that is because it gives your controller a faster reaction time when it comes to aiming down your sight, and of course, when it comes to shooting your trigger, when it comes to shooting our enemies, it helps a lot when it comes to that quickness. You need that quickness, so make sure this is down to zero.

Next thing we're going to get into is the aiming all right, so you guys can see I play on a horizontal stick sensitivity of seven and then a vertical stick sensitivity of six. I used to play a little lower, but I recently graduated a little bit up because I've been playing rebirth a lot and I realized that in rebirth you have to be able to look and, you know, move pretty quickly.

modern warfare 3

I've had someone recommend me using a higher sensitivity, and trust me, I tried playing on a higher sensitivity than this, and it just wasn't working out too well. I mean, yes, it seemed like I was moving a little bit faster, but it just seemed like I couldn't lock on the targets as fast as I was moving, so I found a balance.

The balance is 76. Or between you can either go as high as an eight or lows of five, but always remember to keep your horizontal higher than your vertical because your horizontal is going to be controlling your left and right looking, and the vertical of course is your up and down, which you don't really need as much of, but it's still at a high number, which is six, which is pretty good.

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