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So in this article, I'm going to show you the best controller.

Best controller settings

I do use control freaks on my sticks, so I use a lowrise. Control freak on my left stick, and then I use a highrise one on my right stick. The reason I use one on my left stick is literally just to get better grip, and the one on my right stick actually raises my lock stick so I can get better precision, control, and all that good stuff.

I've used control freaks for years before I even had this affiliation. So here's the plug if you do want a discount. So you know, while I'm holding the controller like this, you know I'm at a gunfight, and I would use this finger right here to jump. And all that good stuff now. I did this naturally when I first sold the controller years ago.

best 3 settings

It's not normal, and I wouldn't really recommend trying to learn it. It doesn't hurt my finger, but it probably will hurt yours if you're not used to it. So yeah, I don't use back buttons, but you probably do need them. So anyway, let's get to the proper sentence. The dead zone is now a very important set.

I've been recently changing my sensitivity. In the dead zone, quite a lot previously used to use DS4. I tweaked a little bit of the settings on there, but I've now gotten rid of that, so yeah, they've actually added a really good setting this year. You can now test your dead zone, and you can see how much stick drift you actually have.

Now this controller that I'm using here is literally brand new. Wait, no, it's not. I'm actually using the wrong one. Hold up now this controller that I'm using here is brand new. I know it's a bit strange, so with this being a brand new controller, the sticks aren't really all that worn in yet, and I should have absolutely no stick drift at all, so if we see here, move the sticks up, left, right, up, down, left, right, up, down.

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And if you did have stick drift, it would kind of fluctuate these numbers a little bit; it'd go from one to two, etc. I feel like I rambled a lot on this dead zone section, but there is so much detail to talk about, and it is so much more complex than people realize. I would recommend your dead zone to be anywhere between 1 and 5.

I reckon the sweet spot for everyone is literally just leave it at 5, and once we get to the sensitivity section, I'll talk about this a bit more. Yeah, as for the rest of the dead zones, just copy them down; they're not really all that important. So moving on to the A and sensitivity, recently I just made a article where I tried out 2020 cents for the first time.

I tried it out in War Zone, and I tried it out in multiplayer, honestly. Really, really fun; however, there is no competitive benefit at all to being on 2020 cents. If you're someone who plays with high sense, I would really recommend turning it down just for reference. I personally play 88 with no.

best controller settings

9, and as my ads multiplier, the set is great out because I use custom sensitivity per Zoom, so like when I use a sniper rifle, I can, you know, turn it up, which is just here, so I like to play. 9, and if I use a higher scope, I can flick a bit faster, but yeah, I play 80.9. But just to explain to you why I think this is the best sensitivity, I think anywhere between 5 and 9 is the sweet spot, and I don't think it should be going any lower or any higher than that.

I personally think five might even be too low, but I do believe Jo plays on five, so if someone like that is putting on five and doing well, it can't be bad sense. Here are some other examples: Shifty plays 88. 9, he's the World Series champ of the world alongside Diaz Biffle, who plays 66 with 1 ad, and Thea, who, in my opinion, is probably the second best player in the world, if not the first; he plays 88.

best graphic settings

9, got the likes of Aeden, who I believe plays 77, with. 9, I could be wrong on the ads, but I know play 77. You're probably sensing a common theme here, and I honestly do believe this makes perfect sense. You might be one of those people who thinks that if someone shoots you in the back, you got to be able to flick round really fast, but it's not really that simple, and I think you get the best assist between six and eight sensitivity, in my personal opinion now there is pro players out there for example Prodigy EU he plays 2020 King AIA he plays 2020 all top players in Europe so if you do play a high sense, it doesn't mean you can't succeed, but the people who do play on this high sense, you know these are outliers.

These are one-of-a-kind people who play with their senses and pull them off to the next level. An everyday person would be so much better off playing on a normal sense like this, and trust me, 88. This is still fast. You can still spin very fast. I turn on people all the time. Don't let that put you off.

best settings

Yeah i feel like I've spoken so much about the sensitivities in dead zones, but these really are the most important controller settings. We're going to fly through the rest and make sure you get them all down, and then we're going to go over to the graphic sense. Yeah, like I said, for ad sensitivity multiplayer, if you play a higher sense, you probably want this lower; if you play a lower sense, you're going to want this higher generally speaking; and yeah, for a response curve type, you want this set to dynamic.

Every pro player is dynamic. And you got for sensitivity scaling. I've seen a lot of people in the war zone say that if you turn this off, it's going to make you stickier. I don't want to break this down too much, but everyone who's talking about that is just Placebo. Guys, we have more insensitive behavior turned off.

Changing these settings doesn't do anything; if anyone's telling you that set makes a difference, it's Placebo. It doesn't make a difference, guys; it's been tested. It's false, so yeah, moving on to game playay automatic tactical sprint, absolutely you want that on. I believe this is G8 in the CDL.

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But yeah, you definitely want that on single-tap Sprint and G8 in the CDL. You definitely want that; you just want to be moving as fast as possible. You don't want to have to break your stick all the time. Honestly, I would have no analog stick left if I had to keep pressing Sprint all the time.

Yeah, I'm going to just keep scrolling down these, and then I do want to touch on this one. This is a brand new set. It only just got added this season when rank dropped, and it's your slide and dive behavior. Previously, you used to have to have this on slide only because, otherwise, you would have a really big delay when you slide.

BEST Warzone Controller, Graphic Audio Settings from A PRO WARZONE PLAYER! I'll show you how to get the STRONGEST AIM ASSIST, BEST FOOTSTEP AUDIO and BEST FPSVISIBILITY. There are some SECRET SETTINGS in this video so make sure you watch till the end.
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