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Display settings

Timings, when it comes to the delay, make your game sometimes feel less consistent for some people. I personally haven't had an issue with that, so I use the plus boost to get the lowest possible Eco Mode preset. You need to make sure that's on custom; you don't want it to be on efficiency; you don't want it to be on low consumption; otherwise, your game will run significantly worse than it should be within the frame limit.

I like to do 30 60 60; that way, in the game, I'm not Capp but the main menu. I'm not torching my graphics card, and for the rest of this, these settings should just be as is.

Quality settings

Quality settings

For the quality section, make sure that this is on 100 and that it's correctly displaying the resolution that you play at on the left. Sometimes this can reset, and sometimes mine will go down to like 70 for some weird reason. I don't know what exactly causes this, but just make sure it's on 100.

A lot of people have talked about using DLS, but DLS makes your game look like crap and introduces a bunch of input delays, so it's not worth using; it literally hinders you on the VM scale. Target: I like to use 85; anywhere from 80 to 90 is totally fine, though I'm going to leave my textures at normal.

But for the most part, these settings are all going to be offered at the lowest possible setting, just because you don't really need them, and it really does make a difference when it comes to FPS. I will mention, though, that the water quality is something that is very important to have in your game because the water quality especially allows you to better see people in the water.

If you have L FPS near the water and you have it on all, just set it to water costic, but definitely don't turn this on.

View settings

off for the view, make sure you have a on 120, make sure this says affected because it's going to give you that lower recoil appearance even though it's the exact same; it makes you feel like you have less, and then also at the bottom here, you want to make sure that both of these motion blurs are off; they are turned on by default, and then film grain is also on.

I believe 0.25. By default, which I don't even know why he will add film grain to the games nowadays, it makes the game look like crap. You're literally adding visual fuzziness and lack of clarity to the game by having any of this on, so just turn it all the way to zero and make sure both of these camera movements are set to leas because it will help reduce any sort of camera Shake, which can also make you feel like you have more recoil than you actually do for the audio settings, I run the Arst War audio stuff.

Audio settings

Audio settings

I'm not going to sit here and go through exactly how to do that art, like an hour-long article on the best audio tune for the game and how to set that up, so I'm going to leave that to him. I'm not going to try to explain that, but I like the audio mix. PC speaker If you guys aren't on PC, just use a PC speaker; it makes literally everything louder.

Meta is no longer using the cinema or home theater anymore; you need to be using a PC speaker.

Controller settings

Next off for our controller settings I like to play on 88 sensitivity with a 75 EDS, meaning that when I aim down sights, I have 75. Of 8 AKA 6 sensitivity when I'm aimed in, this allows me to loot quickly because I'm not going to be aiming in when I'm looting but also maintains very good accuracy when I go to shoot somebody.

All of my custom sensitivities, per zoom, are left at just one. I don't think you should change that next you should change on this is your aim response curve everybody should be using dynamic, dynamic gives you the most precision without slowing down any of your look around or you're aiming. It will feel a little weird initially, but I promise you guys that getting used to this is 100% worth it.

Every professional war zone player is using this. Make sure that your target assist is turned on for the assist type you want to be using. Don't touch that at all. The default is 100%.

Gameplay settings

Gameplay settings

best for the gameplay settings. I like to use automatic tack sprints. Make sure you have slide maintain, sprint on, and auto-move forward off tactical sprint. Behavior should be on single tap Sprint now we can us like get stick inst, Grounded mantel Some people turn it off because it will prevent you from mantling on stuff automatically when you slide.

It's some weird bug with the grounded mantle setting, so if you find that when you're sliding, you're accidentally mantling on stuff or on top of roofs or windows or whatever it may be, this setting is on, and if you turn it off, it'll go away. I keep it on though because, especially on Vondo and Fortune Keep, it's really hard to get through some of those windows without being able to mantel through them.

Automatic Airborne Mantel and Automatic Ground Mantel should both be off your slide. Behavior should be on slide only, and now this is actually one of the newer settings that they've added that I will touch on. I found that I was diving around by accident all the time when I was trying to slide, even though I wasn't clicking my sprint button.

It was a little bit annoying, so I just kept it on slide only, but that option is there for you guys, especially if you guys don't use automatic attack Sprint. I think it's 100% worth using. Make sure you guys turn off your automatic parachute, and then, for the most part, none of these settings have really changed the back stance, toggled your prioritize, interacted, or applied all plates.

All of this stuff is pretty standard, and I don't want to spend too much time beating them to death because they're the exact same settings people have been using for years now that only take one or two minor changes.



For the interface, you can kind of set this up wherever you want. Make sure that your mini-map rotation is on. You can turn on your horizontal compass if you want. And one more thing that I like to actually use is to turn on my center dot and set it to larger. This basically gives you a larger dot in the middle of your screen.

I find that this helps a lot with centering when it comes to trying to get ready for gunfights. Some people like it, and some people don't try it out.

Final thoughts

Hopefully I was quick with today's settings article. I didn't want to sit here and spend a ton of time talking about this. I just wanted to give you guys a good resource to be able to go back through and look through my settings.

This article is helpful. I post daily articles, and I'm also live on Twitch right now as you're seeing this. If you guys want to come talk to me in real time or ask me questions, come on through. I hope you guys enjoyed the Super Bowl and had a great, mature

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