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Welcome to the Lion's Movement Guide for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone 3. This article will show you advanced tips and tricks to become the best movement god ever. Just pay close attention. This is the same movement Lion uses to hit insane clips. Player I'm going to start off by showing you Lion's controller settings.

Playing on the controller gives you a great advantage over keyboard and mouse players; it's just the better input for War Zone, and Call of Duty aim assist is overpowered, so you'd want to abuse it. The flipped button layouts help, so your time to shoot is way quicker instead of using the triggers, which are slower.

These are the same settings Lion has been using since War Zone 2. You want to copy all the settings so you have everything correct. He has no delay with the slide cancellation or movement, and his controller isn't even overclocked. Run the lowest Dead Zone you can without getting stuck. This will make it so you have quick reaction speed for movement while having crisp and smooth aim.


He uses tap to slide so that he can still dive when it's needed. Many people say they feel a delay, but Lion doesn't seem to feel the delay. Just make sure you copy all the settings so you have everything, correct? How to Infinite Sprint, so tack Sprint in this game is still messed up a bit, but you can still have infinite tack Sprint.

It's similar to how you do it in War Zone 2. Just sprint for a while, then crawl and take a quick breather every few seconds. This will make sure you don't lose Texas. Here's how to turban hop. Diving is very useful with this tip, so you can get out or put yourself in war zone situations. All you want to do is time your dive so your legs or body bounce off the wall or a Fluid, snaking This move is so broken that they had to ban it from the CDL.

This broken mechanic will give you so much advantage on rooftop fights, head glitches, and more. All you want to do is pull down on your left stick as you are prone. This will do the snaking animation. Just practice it so you can get the timing. Mixing this broken mechanic with other movements will get the enemy so confused that it'll be hard to tell what your next play is.

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You really want to get the hang of using this move during fights in Call of Duty. It helps trick the enemy while showing off insanely clean movement. You just want to practice using doors as cover while running through them. Once you master this move, you can constantly trick enemies by running back and forth through the do-like.

The jump slide This move is perfect for moving around the map at a fast pace, keeping up with the lobbies. You can drop a 30-pound bomb. You just want to implement this trick so your movement is smooth. All you want to do is jump and slide as you hit the ground, so you jump, Off, the popcorn This move will help you challenge an enemy with a headshot glitch.

You just want to click once and jump to an ad. It looks like all you have to do is practice. This trick will come in handy at: The bunny hop-and-drop shot Both of these moves have been in COD forever. You just want to implement them and try to use them more so you can break the enemy's camera to do a bunny hop.

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Just time your jumps so that as you hit the ground, you'll bunny hop. This works off of height, especially. Just practice doing this at times if you know an enemy is around the corner or standing somewhere. Don't just advertise and walk around the corner, bunny. Hop or drop-shot them so they'd least expect.

You can even slide into a drop shot to break an enemy's camera. This move is definitely least expected; you just want to slide, cancel, then hold your prone button so you slide, then lay into the prone. Sadly, this concludes the movement guide. I hope you all enjoyed it and learned something. The new lion has a bunch of secrets and tips for movement.

He told me he'd make more guides for you all to get better at War Zone. Just remember that practice makes perfect, and always refer to the article or comment section if you need help. Something, there will be a lot of guides to come. Just check out some of these clips. Imagine if you took your time to master movement; you'd become one of the best and fastest movement demons there is in all of

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