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In today's article, I'm showcasing to you guys my best controller settings. These are the settings I use to drop my 30–40 and 50+ skill game plays every single day. Let's hop in here and break it all down for you. So the first thing in here, obviously, is my aiming input device. I'm going to be playing on my controller.

So we are going to be using the controller. On my edit button layout here, I'll click on this real fast, and I play on tactical flipped. What this means is that I have my r-three in my circle, which is going to be flipped. I play on a PlayStation 5 controller, which has the scuff paddles on the back.

Aki four paddles in the back for my face buttons, my X circle triangle, and square, and all I've done is switch the tactical flip so that way I can press in my R3 when I want to do my slide canceling, which is super huge, so that's why I got it right there now. To move on down here, I don't have my bumper ping on my flip L2 and R2 is going to be on, so I have my shooting and my aiming for my L1 and my R1 my top two bumpers.

best 3 settings controller

I believe you can press those in faster, and I also grew up playing on things like PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 so for me, it just felt natural to play a Call of Duty title to be used in the top ones, so I've just kind of stuck to that, so it's one of those things that's personal preference.

Not going to make a big difference, but I mean it can, so just one of those things to you know, check out or maybe try it if you really want to my stick layout's going to be on default U my controller vibration, is on your trigger effect should definitely be off there's no reason you'd ever want to have this thing on now we're going to get on down here to your dead zone this is actually pretty crazy one so.

My test's Dead Zone will be able to test this really fast. I'm turning off my face cam there for the moment to be able to show you guys that when I test it. I have ever so slight pull there on my left stick; it just wants to move a little bit, but overall I have very minimal stick drift, so I can actually afford to run a z0.

best controller settings

On my left and right sticks. I will move a little bit there just because I have a tad bit of stick drift, but overall, the lowest Dead Zone you can possibly get to without it messing you up is ultimately the way to go. Having less of a dead zone means having less of a point where it's going to take you.

Knowing your input to be able to move is a crucial thing because the lower that is, the faster you're able to react, and Call of Duty is obviously a reactionary game. So having that right there is pretty crucial on my left stick and right stick. Max is just at 99, and my left trigger and my right trigger are going to be at zero.

That way there's no delay whenever I press those things in it just does exactly what I'm trying to do, which is maybe hit a throwing knife on a down player or hit a stim shot something else like that. It's super crucial to have it as low as possible, specifically on the left and right trigger at a zero, and your left and right stick as low as you possibly can get it next up.

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We're taking a look here at my aiming sensitivities. I actually play on a 66, Sensitivity, and I've made a few different Tik Toks, shorts, and stuff. Talking about sensitivities, people say that playing on a six is actually very low, and I'll tell you guys right now that the best players in the world, the pro players that play professional Call of Duty, actually play with a lower sensitivity.

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Some guys can get away with you know that aren't professional players playing on like a 2020, or something else like that but generally speaking a majority of people should be playing on a lower sense and the way I should tell you guys to fix this is basically to go to private match, take a look at some Bots once you're in private match and you're able to shoot some Bots when you actually are able to do some flick movements overs them and if you find yourself going way past them or UND shooting that means either if you're under shooting you need to bump your sensitivity up or if you're overshooting you need to dial it down cuz that means generally speaking you're going to be over correcting over flicking or doing the opposite, so that means you need to adjust it either which way so it's got to make sure that whenever you're doing this you're able to flick on to people that it's actually accurate having a 2020, is you know cool but like.

I want to be able to hit my shots. I think hitting my shots is a lot cooler than being able to spin around doing something super fast and stupid, so I'd rather do that. My ad sensitivity multiplier is also on a point8, so that means that it slows me down even more, and when I go to ads, making it harder for me to come off Target, that is super crucial and super beneficial.

I just say you know to dial this down you don't want it at that 1.0, it's not going to be beneficial for you so let's keep on going down here my sensitivity multiplier is just going to be at a 1.0 for everything don't need to change this don't need to alter this at any capacity just leave it right there, the vertical aim axis is just going to be here on standard no reason to that anyways.

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The ATX stance sensitivity multiplier is 1.0. And now here's where it gets a little bit fun as well: your aim-response curve type. So basically, I play on a dynamic sensitivity or aim response curve type. Of course, we have the options here of standard linear and dynamic, but ideally, dynamic is going to have that nice little S curve, so it'll speed you up.

You know, when you're really trying to flick around on somebody, but as soon as you start getting close. Target's going to ramp down, so it's not going to just be a straight linear thing all the way through the AC crash. Linear may be a little bit more predictable. I guess quote unquote like predictable, but dynamic ideally will help you a lot more than linear will, so I would say the add-on Dynamic and you should see a difference.

This is actually really beneficial. I've been playing on Dynamic for a while. I played on linear way back in, like the old rebirth days, but I've been on dynamic basically ever since, so we're going to roll with that aim response curve slope is just at a 1.0. We're not going to change that at all.

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Leave that as is, and then my sensitivity multiplier focus is at 1.0. We're not going to mess with that at all. We just want to keep that at 1.0. This should be instantaneous. A custom sensitivity per Zoom is off; we do not need that at all now. We're going to get on down here, of course, and my target aim assist is going to be on.

My aim assist type is actually on default and not Black Ops. Black Ops used to be the best assist type to have, but it's realistically just kind of sorted to fade out a little bit more into the MW3. If you're playing with a shotgun or something like that and you'd rather do your manual sprinting.

Today I go over the Warzone Best Controller Settings Warzone Best Settings Best Settings Warzone Best Warzone 3 Settings for Controller with Best Sensitivity, Deadzones for Sticky Aimbot Aim and Warzone movement | Chuck.
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