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Warzone best controller settings you need be using!

Warzone best controller settings you need be using!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Best general warzone controller settings explained

So within the actual settings themselves, we obviously have three different categories: general controller settings, aiming settings, and gameplay settings. There are some very important things you want to take note of across the board, obviously. For your aiming input device, you probably want to have it set as a controller.

Now personally, bumper ping is not really doing it for me, and I don't like flipping my bumpers and my triggers just because I have digital tap as is, so it feels very natural to leave it as default. Some players, though, like to flip this, and that's definitely a preference thing there. Stick layout: I always leave it on default.

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I don't want inverted or anything like that controller vibration. You don't want to have this on just in general. It's cool for immersion, and it's nice to have that cool effect if you're shooting, and it's like, okay, yeah, this is pretty realistic feeling, but from a competitive standpoint. It's just not worth it.

You don't want your controller shaking and vibrating when you're trying to be super precise, with your aim the same as with trigger effects. If you have like a PS5 controller and you could have the half, you don't want this because it's not going to be good for competitive gameplay, Dead Zones. please, please pay attention; this is very important.

There is no such thing as the best Dead Zone setting; it is entirely specific to your controllers, so mine's going to be completely different from yours. Yours will be completely different from the next person, the next person, and the next person. But the updates that they did for this are actually really cool with an MW3, in war zone, because you can simply test.

You can see that right now, as I'm not touching my controller and the test is on, it says I have no input bank being detected, and if you move your sticks around after the fact, it should always come back to zero. If you turn this off and change it to, let's say, zero on your left stick minimum and your right stick minimum, and then you put the test on, you'll see already that my right stick has some input being detected even though I'm not touching it, and the same is true if you move your sticks around; it should come back to zero, but it doesn't.

My left obviously has input now as well, so for that, you just want to take these numbers and increase them and change them to something higher than what the actual input numbers were. Three and seven work for me, but like I said, that's going to be different for everyone. What's not different for everyone is changing your left trigger and your right trigger dead zones to zero. This means that the second you reach the actuation point, your gun's going to start firing, so for things like semi-auto, guns, snipers, and stuff like this, that's super convenient for making sure you get the shot off as fast as possible, so definitely change those to zero.

Warzone best controlling aiming settings explained

Warzone best controlling aiming settings explained

Then we get into the aiming stuff, and there's a lot of things here that I've sort of adjusted since launch, as well as initially with sensitivity.

A big thing that people are talking about is this advanced horizontal stick sensing sensitivity. As you can see, it's locked and says it's 120 in the background, but there's been a lot of testing. There's been a lot of rumors initially saying that this is why your aim doesn't feel precise or sometimes can be thrown off in this game, but it's been proven through other tests that that's just not the case if you were to go in and make it so that you could actually customize it and turn it down to one.

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It's not making an actual change here, so that's just Placebo. All that matters here is your base, horizontal, and vertical stick sensitivity. Personally i like to play staggered here just because I'm moving more horizontally than I am vertically, so I don't need to have as high a sensitivity. Vertically as I do horizontally, if that makes any sense and I like to keep it in a nice Middle Ground 87, works for me sometimes I play on 98 if I'm feeling a little fancy, you know, but that nice Middle Ground there, you don't want this too low because then you're not going to be able to track players who are close and slide canceling and moving fast, and on the inverse, you don't want this too high otherwise you won't be super accurate over long range either, so something in the middle is what you want to focus on there, my sensitivity multipliers.

I leave these all at one just because it's just going to be consist assist, and as you're going between third-person vehicles and everything like that vertical aim access, we're not touching anything here; that's definitely preference-based. I'm not a fan of, you know, going through and changing any of that.

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Tactical stance sensitivity multiplier. I like to keep one again just for consistency. If you switch into a tack stance and you're aiming, you don't want this to be drastically different from what you were doing when you're aiming down sights, aim response curve type. This is a big one. Dynamic is what you basically want to be using for the most snappy and true feel.

Linear is also a good choice, but you'll notice that the vast majority of the best players in the world are on Dynamic, and it's been that case for several years, so there are no real changes in their ad sense multiplier focus. I keep on focusing on just one: the transition timing of your ad sensitivity.

Though I keep on instant that way the second I go to ads I'm getting the custom sensitivities that I have set up and this is something I would absolutely recommend doing this is going to make a big difference in your aim and make you a lot more accurate so I actually stagger all of these I go for a lower aiming sensitivity on some of my low Zoom Optics and I gradually increase that over time for the high Zoom so like for Sniper Scopes and whatnot I'm on a true one sensitivity, but for you know a three times optic I'm on a 085.


For a low zoom, I'm on an 083. I got that by manually typing that in by the way just plugging in keyboard and mouse you can type in whatever values you want but this makes it that when I do ads I'm going to be even more precise, and that just helps so much with staying on target whether you're fighting close range or long range that's a clutch one there obviously you want to have aim assist on for aim response type here Black Ops still is going to be the most broken in the sense that this is where the most rotational, aim assist is picked up a lot of people go back and forth between default and Black Ops and each of those are good but based off all the data that we have Black Ops is where the rotational aim assist feels the strongest and correction, type I just keep on basic assist there that's not really too important.

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