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In today's article, I'm showing you guys my best controller settings for War Zone. Apart from being just good at the game, these are my settings that help me have a 4.6 KD ratio, with my highest kills per game ever being a 58 drop at almost 60 kills in a match, and of course, in my last 12 games here last 10 games.

I have a 5.85. KD and I dropped 33 kills; that was my most recent game for gameplay on the channel. Your settings are going to take you from like 1 to like 3 KD as a player, but they will drastically improve your overall ability to win gunfights. Let's get here and show you guys my ideal set. Of course, I play with a controller.

I play a controller on PC just because you have a dual PC setup for recording purposes, but otherwise I'd basically be playing on my PS5, so that's really what it is. It doesn't matter what you're playing on a console PC; all these settings work exactly the same, so edit button layout here you can go to this.

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I just play tactical flipped. Playability of the game it's not going to throw off your shot if you have it on it's not going to make your aim better if you have it off, personal preference at the end of the day, trigger effect this is something it's not personal preference this should always be off never have that on, your input dead zones this is going to be a bit of a funny one here so we're going to go down here and we're actually going to test my stick dead zone I'll turn on my face cam for this so we're turning this on right now and you guys can be able to see that on my left stick I have quite a bit of a stick drift right there my right one I don't really have any so my character kind of Auto moves around especially in the firing range so kind of by default I get a little bit of rotational, aim assist because my stick is always moving so sometimes a little bit of stick drift can come in handy now jumping here to my left stick minimum we can see that is at a zero.

best controller settings

My right stick Max is at a 60. I saw a lot of pro players actually using this that are incredibly, incredibly good, so I happened to try it out and I really liked it, and the right stick minimum is at a one. These are the two settings I got from them. Left trigger and right trigger is at a zero I don't need any of that stuff to stop me from pulling in to you know fire my gun throw a throwing knife stim shot something like that does not need to be a thing but basically your left stick and right stick should be as low as possible in terms of your overall Dead Zone, there's no reason for you to have a high dead zone that basically just delays the time in which you're getting the reaction in game so as the lower you can get it the better if you have a ton of stick drift you probably should get a new controller, so just kind of keep that in mind now into my aiming category here we have my horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity, at a 66.

I've got some comments of people talking about how this is very low, and to be honest with you guys, it looks like the best players that play this game play on a lower sensitivity, so it says reset to like four because four is technically considered like a medium sensitivity, we got low medium, and I guess six we'd be considered almost high.

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But there's no reason for you guys run something like an 18 or a 20 or anything else like that that's just like movement y why, like spin around miss all your shots type of Vibes right there so we're not going for that we're trying to be actually good and hit our shots and that's how my aim looks sticky is when you combine my aiming settings with my dead zone and all the sort of stuff it all adds up together to make my shot feel very crisp and be able to hit all those shots and get those game plays so on my ads sensitivity multiply this is at a08 so basically when I have my sensitivity, like it's a 66 right I get eight of that when I'm adsing so it slows me down even more making it harder for me to miss those shots at longer distances, there's no reason for you to move this above a one that does not like increase your overall ads sensitivity like that's not multiplying that that's making it so that you get more of your horizontal and vertical, like if you have a six you increase this to 1.2.

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Putting at like an eight or nine when you're advertising, that's going to throw off your shot a whole lot. We do not need that. We're going to keep this at point 8; lower down, your shot will improve dramatically by lowering it. 9.8 sensitivity multiplier this is just at a straight 1.0, across the board no reason to switch that up U my vertical aim axis this is just all on standard and of course my tactical stance sensitivity multipliers 1.0, my aim response SC type this is going to be on Dynamic, this is basically the best aim response SC type you can have on this game no reason for you to run linear or standard.

Dynamic is just the best thing for that s-curve map; it slows you down when it needs to slow down; it also allows you to make those fine, you know, flick movements; you don't have to totally cross your stick all the way over to get something done. That's why I'm able to plan a six SI sensitivity, because it'll get that six right up front, it'll slow me down as I get over that hump, and it'll make it so that I don't overcorrect.


So that is really good, and I recommend that you guys do that. Your ads sens to be multiplier Focus; just keep that at a 1.0; keep this on instant; turn off custom sensitivity per Zoom. I don't believe that is going to be beneficial for anyone; you just want to leave everything the absolute same, and also, I mean, we're not using it.

6 seven and 8 times multiplier, you know we're not using 6 S 8 times Zoom scopes on like anything, and you should just be able to use your standard sensitivity on those snipers or whatever it is you're going to be using that magnification on, so I just leave that off. Target aim assist type of course, that's on.

If anyone tells you to turn assist off, I mean, that's just stupid. Don't ever do that. I mean, the best players in the world play with aim and assist, and so I'm going to do the same as well. There's no reason to turn it off. I mean, obviously, the mouse and keyboard don't get it, but you have your whole arm to aim and much more fine precision; we just have thumbs and thumb sticks.

Today I go over the best warzone settings warzone best settings in call of duty rebirth island warzone 3 season 3. These warzone 3 season 3 settings season 3 settings warzone 3 are amazing and you should use them.
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