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Ladies and gentlemen. Here in War Zone in Modern Warfare 3, we saw some pretty significant gameplay updates in regards to weapon behavior. They did a whole overhaul to the idol sway system, which really emphasizes the importance of one particular setting and how it's going to make you, as a player, whether you are on a controller, keyboard, or mouse, way, way more accurate in all of your gunfights.

There's also been a little secret update that's going to improve your movement as well, so I wanted to break these down in more detail here today as we dive into it. But as mentioned in the season 2 reloaded update, this Idol sway overhaul was done. The patch notes say that when a player is aimed on sight, Idol sway kicks in, and that's the RNG in a gunfight where Idol sways your weapon, going up to the right, then down, and then back up right.

It's that inconsistent motion that's going to affect your fights pretty drastically, especially over longer ranges. Especially on the keyboard and mouse, this mechanic discourages players from holding their sights down for an extended period of time with a constant, subtle motion that introduces slight inaccuracy.

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Which is true now? Idol sway now initiates shortly after aiming down sights rather than immediately introducing a delay to the sway curve that is generally 5 milliseconds long but varies on some weapons, so post-season 2, when you start to aim down your sights, it is no longer this instantaneous. Idol sway kicking in it's got that 5sec roughly generation time and then you'll start noticing that sway, however this is not something that is active on snipers, have constant Idol sway because if they were like this it'd be pretty broken it'd be pretty overpowered in all honesty so something to take note of there not activon snipers but that slightly you know kicked in delay after 5 seconds is going to be there after the initial delay Idol sway now gradually increases over a 3-second period before reaching its peak speed rather than being at full speed as well, so it sort of ramps up if you're are if you are aiming down sights for long periods of time and you're like hard scoping something for 8 seconds, you'll notice that halfway through you're probably going to start to see that gradually increase there again, not active on snipers.


Idol sway now consistently begins from the position of the player's hip fire cross hair rather than along the sway curves, so every single time with your hip fire crosshair in the center of your screen when you ads. That's where you're going to be aiming, being that it's no longer that instantaneous, sway kick in, which means that you're always going to be accurate with your hip-fire crosshair.

No longer will you aim in with your crosshair on somebody, but then it's slightly off center to the right or to the left. That's a huge deal, and sort of coinciding with that with the crosshair sway, they now made it so that your hip-fire crosshair, Is it not bouncing around the screen as you were moving previously?

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If you looked left or right, your cross hair would start to off-center as your hips fire right, and then that would make it a little bit more tricky when you go to aim down sights, and it's like, okay, am I centered here, am I not? It'd be like this whole ordeal. So here I want to jump in a game and show you guys what is so important you really want to pay attention to now with all of this taken into consideration.

So the first thing that directly correlates to these idle suede changes is in the HUD settings, and if you go down, you're going to find that you can go up or down. I guess in the Crosshair setting, when you click Show More and turn this on initially, you're going to see there is the center dot option now, and what this does is place a dot in the center of your crosshairs.

At all times now, you can adjust the size of this. If you want the really large one, go for it. If you want the default one, go for it. That's more preference-based, but you'll see that if I were to go into the gunsmith here really quick, I now have that center dot on my screen in my crosshairs.


You can see that as I move, it's no longer bouncing around; it's constantly there, and when I go to aim down sights, that center dot is exactly where my optic is going to be, so you can see. It varies by weapon, but a few seconds in, I start getting the sway, which then makes me a lot more inaccurate, but then I zoom out and zoom back in right on that center dot.

So turn this center-dot setting on. I've already recommended that you have it on in the past for centering purposes. But now it is more important than ever to have this on as a setting. This center dot is going to allow you to be so much more accurate in gunfights. Say you're coming up to a fight, and you know that this guy's here, and you got that center dot on him.

You know if you got those center dots on his chest U ads, you're on his chest; if it's on his head U ads, you're on his head. That's going to be so clutch for getting those one-on-one gunfights quick and over with. You're going to be the winner in those scenarios because you have this experience in the game now.


It's something that you know centering is always something you can improve upon. No one's got it perfect, but turning these settings on now with these newly implemented Idol Sway features. In every single article, you guys see me rocking my Horizon frames, and even when I'm not recording articles, these are on all day, every day.

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But that's not the only setting that ended up changing; in fact, if we go into our settings tab, head on over to controller, and go into the gameplay settings, and we scroll all the way down to slide and dive behavior, you're going to notice there's a brand new setting here as well, known as hybrid now.

Previously, slide only was the go-to; there was no input delay on your slide; it was instantaneous. Slide the second that you tapped your right stick, and with this, there was a glitch where sometimes you would dolphin knife if you pressed both your sticks in at the same time; it was super obnoxious.

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