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Controller settings.

Controller settings.

It's Jayver, and today I got yall with a highly requested War Zone 3 movement. If you're just like me, I recommend you play bumper jumper tactical. If you don't have a controller with any paddles, I recommend you play this button layout because you can do everything that I do without having to buy an expensive one.

Controller, and for the rest of my settings my dead zone inputs my left stick minimum and right stick minimum are both on two my left stick Max and right stick Max are both 99, both my triggers are on zero, for my sensitivity y'all know I play 2020, my ads a lot of people ask why is it 1.5 like why is it so high the only reason it's high is cuz like I like snapping on the enemies like fast it looks better on clips and I don't know I just like it but if you never play high ads like above 1.2.

I recommend starting with whatever you play on one, or whatever it is, and then slowly working your way up until you can get the feel for it. aim response curve type Dynamic I recommend dynamic if you're a higher-sensitivity player like me, but not if you're a mid- to low-sensitivity player. I recommend linear.

Dynamic just feels the best when you're on 2020 cents, just to move around and aim; it just feels smooth. This, target aim assist on aim assist type, default, automatic Sprint; make sure you have automatic tactical Sprint turned on; this allows you to move at maximum speed by just pressing the left stick forward; you don't have to press down on it.

Here are the rest of my settings that I want to copy. Them, Another common question is.

Other settings.

Other settings.

I get how my game looks so saturated and colorful on the console. Make sure to copy all of these graphics settings I'm about to show y'all if you want your game to look like mine.

Slide cancel.

Slide cancel.

Jump what does this do? It just throws the enemy off and makes you harder to track. If you were to just run around the corner like this, all you have to do is get the hang of it, and you'll see yourself winning way more gunfights if you were to just run out in the open like this.



This, my, I got [__] on I'm going to lie all right, so The next technique I'm going to be showing you is the B hop, which is a jump shot. All be hopping is jumping across the enemy screen. So, say you know somebody's right here. You don't want to challenge them just by running out like this.

If you know somebody's in that corner, you want to challenge them by hopping. So if you know somebody's there, you just want to hop twice. That said, jump shooting is also very useful in this game. Say you're in a fight with somebody. You don't want to just stand still and shoot them. You want to jump and shoot, so on their screen, they're shooting you in the legs and the feet while you're shooting them in the upper chest and the head.

So you're going to win that fight nine times out of 10, all right?


So for the next move technique, I'm going to be showing you one of the most common ones I get on my articles. It's the left-right switch directions fast. I don't even know what to call it, but a lot of people ask me how I do it.

All it is to make sure you have high sensing sensitivity; you can't really do it on low sensitivity, but all it is just moving to the left and to the right, like this. I know it looks dumb from my point of view, but I'm going to show you what it looks like from the enemy's point of view. Here, why are you camping?

I know it probably looks dumb when I'm doing it, but it actually helps, and it's actually useful. What is not useful is looking up in the air and shaking your screen. You just look like a dumbass doing that, but if you look at the ground and move left and right like this, it actually helps, as y'all can see from my articles and stuff.

Nahv switchero.

Nahv switchero.

So the next moving technique I'm going to be showing you all is called the nav sjo. I know you're watching this stop hiding from me and one V one me, but all the naso is that you shoot an enemy once and then you quickly hop to the left or to the right.

Right, so it looks like all you want to do is shoot once and beop to the left. Shoot once to the right, so what this does is say an enemy shoots you; your natural reaction is just to stand and shoot them back. You don't think they're going to shoot you once and then just go flying to the left or to the right, so it just throws their whole aim off, and it just throws their whole aim off, and nine times out of 10, you're going to win that fight.

Also, I only recommend you do it from close range because if you do it from any further, it's not going to be as effective as close range, so just keep that in mind. You guys, okay? I got it. Another question I get is: how do I TI my ww and like screen shake and still be smooth at the same time?

All it takes is it just takes a lot of reps.

Yy timing.

Yy timing.

The WW is really easy; you just have to get the timing of it and the screen. Shake i don't really shake my screen a lot, but it just looks better in the clips and stuff if you shake it like a little and WW and whatever, but just don't overdo it because it just doesn't look as good if you overdo it.


And another tip I have for y'all that I do is called rechallenging. All this is to say is that there's an enemy behind you, and you're like, absolutely one shot away, and he's chasing you, and you know he's chasing you. You don't want to just keep running because eventually he's going to catch you and then just shoot you one more time, and you're going to die.

Say he's chasing you from this way; he's right behind you, and you're one shot away.

Movement combos.

Movement combos.

All right, so the next thing is that once you've mastered all the movement techniques that I've shown y'all now, you can just be creative and use your mind to turn them into combos. So say it's a bot standing right here; you can boom slide cancel, then switch your room; you can boom slide cancel left, right, whatever; just be creative.

And just get flashy on them.

Aim warmup.

All right, the next thing I'm going to show you isn't really a movement technique, but it's a question that I get a lot of: how do I maintain my aim while I'm on 2020 cents and 1.5 ads? And really, the simple answer is that it's just a lot of reps and a lot of practice.

What I personally do is go to lock down quads, turn aim assist off, and play like a game or two on there. I highly recommend that if you don't have multiplayer but if you have multiplayer you can just go to a private match and shoot bots or whatever, or you can go to lockdown if you want to get something like the War Zone armor plate feeli or whatever, but it's really up to you.


best movement

All right, Y'all, this is the end of the article. Y'all really don't understand how much it means to me. I'm trying to hit that 10K very, very soon. I don't know when I'll hit it by, but I'm trying to hit it very, very soon, and I really, really do appreciate y'all. Other than that, I love y'all.


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