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ladies and gentlemen season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 zombies war zone is now upon us and the patch notes have been released so we now know everything that is changing with this update, so as per usual what we do is go through the patch notes and then once the update is actually out later today I will have a article going over the battle pass and whether or not that is worth your money but for now, let's dive into these patch notes and see everything that has changed within the season 3 update so as per usual we have two different sets of patch notes the first of which is the Modern Warfare 3 the second of which is the war zone so we start off with what is kind of new here so we have our new maps emergency, six-star tank grow house and then in season we have Grime and checkpoint.

Modern warfare 3

modern warfare 3

New modes: capture the flag and One in the Chamber are coming today, and then we have Minefield and escort coming later on in the season. Escort's actually the one that I'm most excited for; it's one of my favorite game modes that's been in Call of Duty. We have a new weapon, which is the FJX. Horus this is the submachine gun we have the moris sniper rifle, and the Gladiator melee weapon these are all going to be in the battle pass whereas the Bal 27, the assault rifle that is the one that I was looking forward to will be coming in season we also have a whole bunch of after market parts some new equipment including an EMD mind and enhanced vision goggles those are coming both in season then we have new perks including the compression carrier modular assault rig Gunslinger vest reinforced boots and high grain antenna, we have our new operators there's actually a lot of them Banshee and hush those are part of macarov crew Snoop Dog stasis who is the black cell character and then chichin Chong.

modern warfare 3 season 3

As well as some skins in there for Marov himself, and our new events coming this season are Vortex. More Rank and weapon XP, three players you get 25% more rank weapon and battle pass and then four players you get 30% rank weapon and battle pass so they're encouraging you to play with other players and that's actually quite a substantial amount more XP for those kind of things especially the battle pass which normally there's no real way to speed that one up they have fixed a bunch of map exploits and things along those lines then we get into our weapons and attachments and Nerfs and Buffs and things like that starting off with the ram 7 decrease neck damage multiplier, from 1.3 times to one times so a Nerf to that just the neck damage multiplier with the hoger 556 you have decreased upper leg lower leg and foot damage multipliers, so less damage to the legs the MCW decreased headshot damage multiplier from 1.3 to 1.1 that one is actually a substantial Nerf.

modern warfare 3 season 3 update

DG 56 increases sprint-to-fire time, so sprint-to-fire is slower with that weapon. With the battle rifles we have, the SOA subverter increases sprint-to-fire. 256 milliseconds to 268 so a Nerf there and increased aim down sights time as well so nerfed the SOA subverter. In bass B, we have decreased the fire rate by 67.

So, in other words, 10% decreased recoil center speed by 6%, so overall, a Nerf to the bass B as well as the Jack Outlaw 277. Kit the Sidewinder got decreased sprint to fire time and increased bullet velocity, so that's a buff for that weapon. SMGs got decreased sprint to fire time, so in other words, a buff to the ram 9, same with the amr 9.

The Rival 9 increased sprint to fire speed so that one's actually a Nerf and decreased. Near mid-damage decreased medium damage, so in other words, a big Nerf to the Rival 9; that's probably the biggest Nerf out of any of the SMGs. For sure, HRM 9 has increased sprint to fire time, and Striker 9 has increased sprint to fire time, so that's the same with the striker.

modern warfare 3 update

The WSP 9 and the WSP Swarm all have slower sprint to fire time, so not quite the big Nerf of the Rival 9, but definitely not Buffs all around there. They've added long Hul 50 and Wolf Call 300 muzzle attachments for the Modern Warfare 3 shotguns. Our light machine guns we have the Tak Volver, this one overall got a Nerf, we have the Brewin MK9 this one has decreased aim down sights time so a slight buff to the Bruin then we have the Ral mg for Modern Warfare 2 increased Sprint to fire time increased aim down sight time so those are Nerfs but then increased, the neck damage multiplier upper torso and leg and foot multiplier so it does more damage but its movement properties aren't quite as good anymore marksman rifles the MTZ, receptor got a Nerf all around so just less damage and worse aim down sights time the xrk stalker the KV inhibitor and the SPX 80 all have increased aim down sights and Sprint to fire time so Nerfs all around for those and then I'm not going to read through all of these but these are all specific attachments so if you want to read into some attachments, you can pause the article here and check those out now a couple changes to perks the Quick Grip gloves got increased weapon swap speed benefit to a minimum of 40%.

modern warfare 3 update 1.41

Differing by weapon,. I think it just buffs the ones that didn't work as well, with the ordinance gloves adding a 20%, equipment field upgrade and kill streak use speed benefit, so buff to that one, and the Marksman gloves resolving an issue causing 15%. Sway reduction benefit does not apply, so I guess technically above buff to that one as well now equipment.

A bunch of changes, to equipment I'm just going to go through these and tell you whether or not each of them got buffed or nerfed so the stung grenade got nerfed the decoy grenade got a buff but in a weird way if you kill someone within the radius of the decoy grenade it works like you have an Assassin's vest on so weird when there the flash grenade is worse when the stun is close to them but better when it's at a distance so kind of strange one for that the frag grenade got a Nerf it appears as though the thermite, doesn't do as much damage but it does damage for longer so I don't know whether you call that a buff or a Nerf the thermal Barrack grenade got buffed all around so lots more damage on that one the drill charge Burrows faster so technically a buff to that one C4, this one sucks detonation can no longer occur until stuck to a surface, for 500 milliseconds, so you can't blow it up in the air or anything like that I hate that change I don't know why they're doing that one the breacher Drone now has more health and it moves 25%.

Faster the only big change to kill streaks is the Swarm, which I think is a little bit better now that they made it do more damage and do damage faster. Of course, there's ranked play changes. Every single season-ranked play gets an update; we get new items in it.



As far as zombies goes, it says here new content coming in season, so in other words, nothing till the midseason update, and basically all that they have done today is address issues with the game, so really.

SEASON 3 Update is here for Modern Warfare 3, Warzone and Zombies. In this video we go over the full patch notes for season 3 and all the changes to Call of Duty Warzone and MW3. This is the full 1. 41 update.
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