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everything coming in season 3 reloaded

Ladies and gentlemen we are right around the corner of season 3 Reloaded of Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone and as per usual with a season reloaded it's a mini season so it's an update within the season that adds a bunch of new things and season 3 is absolutely no exception and based off of the information that we already know that we were given at the beginning of season 3 there's a lot that is coming and of course when we actually get the blog post and the information I will keep you guys updated, but when we do we're going to get even more information but for now what I wanted to do was make a article breaking down everything that we know is already coming to season 3 Reloaded because as I mentioned it is quite a bit and one of the biggest things people are probably wondering about we're going to start with that and that is zombies now the reason why I bring up zombies first is because with the beginning of season 3 we really didn't get anything in regards to zombies, however with season 3 we loaded they're adding a bunch more first of all we have our new Story Mission which is Saving Dr Jansen.

So this is going to add to the story of the game. We don't know at this point whether it's going to be again a part of Act 4 or whether it is going to be a brand new act all together, but what we do know is that our job is going to be saving Dr. Jensen within this mission. Now, of course, because of this, we are going to be getting a third, Rift.

So as far as Rifts go, we know how they work, and we get access to them. Once we do, we get inside and generally have to complete some things. Once you do, you can complete the act, and then you can complete an Easter egg to go into another version of it where you can get our next thing, which is the new schematics.

everything coming in season 3 reloaded mw3

So honestly, I think these are the weakest schematics that we have seen yet, but I'll go over them really quick. First of all, we have the dead wire detonators. As far as this one goes, this is essentially a dead wire mod, but for explosives. Is essentially how it works the second one that we have is the golden mask filter this is a mask that like the Golden Plates regenerates by itself you don't have to go and pick up another mask, now the one thing that I am curious about this is if you use it do you get to keep it as long as you don't die like you would other masks or when you get out is it just another durable mask in your next game and then finally we have the sergeant Beret as far as this one goes essentially what it's going to do is going to give you someone like a dog, but this time they are a mercenary they can shoot a weapon they can go around I believe they can revive you very similar to a dog but they've also got some ranged abilities as well we also have a new warlord, this warlord is called Rain Maker Now this one is going to take place on Raha Island, right across from Saheen Manor, and we don't know too much about it.

modern warfare 3

What we do know is that he has upgraded the defenses of his fortress, so it'll be harder to get into, and we know that he specializes in artillery and demolition, which probably means explosives, which could be very annoying, and of course there's going to be a reward for completing this, but they say to expect mortar rounds and RPG fire to descend on your squad, so you're going to have to be careful that way explosives are definitely going to be a problem when it comes to rain maker.

It says it's a small siiz map, but now this is a repurposed map, so in other words, if you'd recognize it, this is from Rebirth Island; it is the stronghold area on Rebirth Island, and you should know it if you've played just a little bit of Rebirth Island, but they say that this one is going to be a small-sized map.

modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded

The other one is a medium siiz map, or small to medium size, to be specific, but it is called Grime. It is once again a 6v6 map, and as far as this one goes, we have water down on the South Side, a building up on the North Side, and a kind of more open to midsize, gunfight area without throughout the middle.

I would expect SMGs and ARS to kind of reign supreme on this map like we see with most of the maps in this game, but you can see the aesthetic of it, and I would expect SMGs and ARS to kind of reign supreme on this map like we see with most of the maps in this game but you can see the aesthetic of it and I will say it looks pretty good.

It takes place in England's capital city, specifically in the London Canal. We also have two new game modes, the first of which I probably will not be playing. It is called Minefield. As far as this one goes, it's a set amount of game mode, so kill confirmed dominance and hardpoint. I don't i don't imagine seeing myself play that one very much, and then the one that I am excited for is escort, so escort works where you have to escort this drone across the map from one side to the other.

modern warfare 3 zombies season 3 reloaded

We've actually seen this recently in X Defiant, which I did a couple of articles on. This was one of my favorite modes. I believe it was in either Black Ops 3 or Black Ops 4 where they had this one, and I always had a lot of fun playing it, so it's good to see this one return, and I honestly didn't expect this one when it got announced.

The next new thing that we have is something called enhanced vision goggles. Now, essentially, the way that these work is that you can toggle between normal vision and enhanced vision with integrated targeting and highlighting abilities. It has a limited battery to kind of balance it, but overall.

I could see this being a very strong piece of equipment, and I'm interested to see how it integrates in the war zone, because that could be really, really strong if you're using some sort of long-range meta on the war zone. The other thing that is new is called an EMD mine, and essentially, the way that this one works is that it's like a proximity mine, but instead of exploding, it shoots out a tracking device that will stick to someone, and then it'll show you their location on the map again.


This could be good for something like Search and Destroy or something along those lines. Line s As far as new weapons go, as of right now, we know of one new weapon; it's an assault rifle, and if you played Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, you would know this one is the Bal 27. It was the best gun, or at least one of them, with the ASM1 back in that game, and I'm pretty excited to see this one come as well.

As far as unlocking this weapon, they say it's redacted. In other words, what that means is that it's going to be in the classified section of your battle pass, which means you're going to have to complete some challenges to actually unlock this one. Of course, level it up and guess if they did what they did with the battle 27 last time.

In todays video we look at Everything We Know Is Coming In Season 3 Reloaded in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This includes new zombies content, new weapons, New Maps, and more. I hope you enjoy.
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