News - All New Features Coming To Warzone 2 Rebirth Island 2. 0 For Resurgence Warzone Season 3 (full Breakdown)


I just want to make a quick article and give you all the details, features, and changes that are coming to the new Rebirth Island 2.0. Let's get started. A fun fact about Rebirth Island is that, if you don't know, this is where the Resurgence mode was born. It originally started with Rebirth Island, and then it started to expand to other different maps because players were requesting it and also because people didn't know that Rebirth Island was actually Alcatraz, which is the very first map that was introduced to Cod when Blackout first came out.

Whether you know it as Alat or Rebirth, know it as Rebirth One or Rebirth 2.0 irregardless. This is going to be a great map that's going to be dropping for season 3, so there's going to be two different modes to play on Rebirth Island. We have the regular Resurgence, which has a 44-player roster, and then we also have Rebirth Resurgence.

Reloaded, which is coming in midseason with the same research style and rules reloaded allows players to drop in already fully kitted with their weapon load out of choice loot boxes now have a higher chance to contain more ammo and equipment and other fully kitted ground loot weapon drops in this mode with the fully reloaded mode it takes the looting and prep time out of the equation and puts you and your squad straight into the firefight where teamwork and gun skill are the only factors that will have your squad Victorious is basically a glorified team deathmatch with a limited life counter.


We also have a rebirth lockdown coming in midseason. Basically, the lockdown mode that's on the Vonel map is going to be available on Rebirth Island. Teams are already loaded out, ready to land in the fight to gain control of choke points that grant the team points to secure victory. Honestly, lockdown is a pretty good map if you want to practice your gunfighting skills.

Your gun skill is kind of like, if plunder is not available, at least you can go into lockdown. We have two public events coming to season 3, one of which is going to be at the start of the season and the other one will be coming in during midseason, so the one that's in season is going to be rebirth infill strikes.

These events will either have already happened before the match starts and your team drops in or might happen mid-match as you play. These explosive events will destroy change and redesign certain POI changes and how these POI changes and how to adapt with the structural changes of these infills to your team using these infills to your advantage.


It definitely changes the pace of how players rotate in the game, destroys power positions teams can hold, and creates new choke points. Teams can control the other public event that's happening mid-season, which is called heavy armor. It's basically announced during infill that operators will have the ability to equip four plates and already have four plates equipped at the start of the match.

This allows for longer gunfight engagements due to the longer ttk, bringing the player's health count up to 200. It's kind of very similar if you guys didn't know about the iron trials back in War Zone 1 during Verdan. It's essentially their ttk increase; therefore, you're going to have longer gunfights and longer engagement, so it's really about tracing and who can land the most shots to get their kills.

rebirth island

We also have a new contract that squats can complete on Rebirth Island. It's called a spy drone. Once you activate the contract, it is a simple search and destroy of data drones in different locations on the map. It's kind of similar to the search contracts, so each time you destroy those drones, you're either getting rewards like armor plates, redeploy drones, or a small drop chance of an advanced UAV.

But mind you, other enemy players are able to see these drones, giving them a chance to steal the loot if they get it first. We also have the Resurgence and Champions Quest coming in. Normally, this Champions Quest can only be completed in the regular BR, but now it's going to be available in Resurgence mode too.

It doesn't fully explain it, but it will either be an X number of consecutive wins on rebirth or an X amount of wins total, which will prompt the quest to start. you know Completing this quest will earn you an exclusive calling card charm sticker weapon. Camo and operator skins are very similar to the Champions quest in the regular BR.


You get two new field upgrades that are coming to Rebirth Island, starting with Squad Rage. It basically provides the same utility as the Taaco equipment rage, but if activated close to your squad, they also share the same buff. The second field upgrade is the utility box, which provides the best of both worlds with armor and ammo resupply.

Pretty self-explained for you, it probably will cost double to buy in the buy C, and then we're also going to have the return of the foresight, the kill streak. Now this was originally introduced in War Zone 1 during the banks area, so they were so excited that they brought it back. It allows you to see every single circle rotation down to the final circle, so you know that knowing this gives you the strategic advantage of having your team in the best position.

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When that time comes, it's purchasable at the Bu stations, but it also seems like a COR Corps on the map, if found, will be able to loot the kill streak item from the corpse. We also have the return of the specialist perk package. Now this one turns you into the ultimate soldier by being able to equip all gear and perks to use at your disposal for the entire duration of the match, but it seems like it's not purchasable at the buy station but hidden within the map for us to search for and find.

This next change is probably going to be self-explanatory because, with the introduction of water mechanics and MW3, all the waterways and spaces on Rebirth Island you can now traverse, so in order to accommodate all those water mechanics gameplay, it creates new ways and secret passageways to travel through the island.

Now this next one is going to be pretty interesting; it's a biometric scanner. Now these scanners are placed throughout Rebirth, where players can scan and obtain a key card. They then take these key cards to buy stations to access a menu in which you can purchase more exclusive items, equipment, and packages.


The rarer the key card you have, the more items you have access to. Also note that it looks like a camel reward, and a secret item will be dropped if you frequent these bio scans throughout the course of the season. Another feature coming in is the variable weather changes. Now it won't hinder any visibility for your enemies or your squadmates, but it just changes.

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