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Ladies and gentlemen, Season 3 is officially here, and with it, we got the whole update. I already made a article on that, and now we're going to be diving into the battle pass. As far as the battle pass goes, what we like to do in these articles is go through all of the different sectors that are inside the battle pass, and by the very end, have the discussion.

That's what we're going to be talking about today, but to decide, you first have to have a look at the battle pass. I'll explain to you how it works, how black cells work, and, of course, show you everything inside it. So this is the season 3 battle pass, and what you're going to notice right away is that there's a couple of things that are different, so first of all, right above the new weapon here, we have an event that starts in 7 days, so that's going to somehow tie into the battle pass that appears, as well as a classified sector coming out in 27.

days, so those are all new now. Of course, what we always have are black cells here. So as far as black cells go, this is what you get. You have to pay real-life money for the battle pass, not just the Call of Duty points like you can for other things. Now inside this battle pass, you're going to get the aggressive action, which is going to be a piece of equipment.


a skin for a piece of equipment, you get the double barrel disrespect and finishing move, and you get 1,100 Cod points. You get all that Glitters black cell blueprint. This one that you are seeing here, this one is for the bass B, looks pretty good, and of course you get the black cell operator, which is Stasis.

Now I live in Canada, so if I go to purchase this, it's going to be $39.99. Canadian, and you instantly receive those 1,100 Cod points. You also get your 100 unlockable rewards from the battle pass, as well as the 1,400 Cod points from the battle pass. There's also a 20-tier skip. 17 unique black cell rewards, and then the operator that we talked about before now, as we go through the different sectors, that is what you're going to see the various different black cell rewards as we go through, so when you buy the battle pass, no matter how you buy it, you immediately get a couple of things here.


First of all, you get Snoop Dog, specifically Snoop Dog 2, as well as his black cell version, which is literally the dog version of him, which I will say is pretty good. You also get a macaroon skid called Dominus, which is the one that you see here, as well as his black cell variation. You also get the tactical pet, the double G, which is pretty cool.

I must say the dog is wearing sunglasses and a beanie. And the Hopebreaker, which is a pretty good-looking bass B variant but has some weird attachments on it as well as your 10%. Boost, which gives you XP boost throughout the entire season, which is always good, so let's go back and work our way through starting out with sector one.

As far as this one goes, we have 45 minutes of double-weapon XP. raw ethereum crystals for zombies. I still don't know how I feel about this being in there. We have Slayer, which is a weapon sticker; the Snoop Dog large decal, which looks cool; and then we have two weapons: first of all, the Steely Gaze, which is the normal one; and then the black cell one, which kind of looks similar but with a little bit more gold on it.

blackcell battlepass

Moving into Sector 2, this is our first operator skin, but we have an emblem, a blueprint. This one is for the year. Then we have the treasures untold, a large decal of 1 hour of Double XP, and then we have Tom Cruz, or not so much Tom Cruz, and we have a skin for Swagger called Akuma. I don't know; I thought it looked like Top Gun Tom Cruz as well as the black cell version of it, which is essentially the same thing with a bandanna and a little bit more gold.

In sector three, we have a sword, which is called the knight's errand. This is a blueprint for the soul to render. Honestly, it doesn't look too much different than the soul render on top of this large decal emblem calling card and weapon charm. As far as this one goes, I find it pretty pointless.

blackcell season 3

Up next, we have Sector 4, so as far as Sector 4, this is our first new weapon. This is the one that I'm most excited about in the battle pass, but to get there, we have a weapon sticker. 30 minutes of double battle pass XP, a weapon charm called Victor's Helm, a large decal, and then here is the new weapon, so as far as this weapon goes, what it is the Moors.

This is a weapon from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where you put one bullet in the chamber at a time. It was a super powerful sniper rifle back in the day, a fan favorite in advanced warfare, and I'm excited to use this bad boy again. So the easiest way to get there would be sectors 1, 2, and 4, but to go up to the next sector, we have sector 5.

For this one, we have an operator skin for Ripper as well as the black cell version, which is kind of similar to what we've already seen: 100 Cod points. 30 minutes of Double XP, The sworn blade blueprint This one is for the tack eradicator, and finally, the calling card, Honestly, blueprint is not so impressed by that one.

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Up next in sector six, we have a finishing move. This one is called the sidearm swap. 100 Cod points large decal, Double XP for 1 hour, and finally the magnetic impulse, which is for the S SOA subverter sector 7. We have another operator, which is Doc, so this is the Cardinal operator skin as well as the black cell version, which is kind of the same thing that we've seen before.

100 cod points The Fugitive, which is for the Lockwood 680, has 30 minutes of double weapon XP and 30 minutes of double XP. Sector 8 This is our second new weapon. Again, these are free, so if you just level up your battle pass and do not buy it, you can get these weapons for free. This one's called the FJX Horus, which I believe is supposed to be like an MP9 kind of weapon, very fast-moving.

High-fire rate kind of weapon with large decal, weapon charm 15 minutes of double battle pass XP, and pull this for me, which is a weapon sticker. Honestly, so far, I'm not seeing anything that really impresses me too much. After this, we move on to another calling card number. I have another weapon blueprint for the SP 208; this one's called the planned expiry, A emblem.

everything in the battle pass

Once again, a zombie acquisition. This is a shatter blast ammo mod; nothing special there, and then for our weapon, we have the veil breaker for the bass B, but what the weird thing is that the black cell version of it is for a completely different weapon altogether, which is the sharpened fate black cell for the wp9.

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