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The top five best class setups in Modern Warfare 3 guys if you can drop a like Fast let's get straight into it the first one is going to be the MTZ now the MTZ is one of those guns that's just getting so much better after every single gun gets nerfed the mcw's catching a Nerf the MTZ is getting better it's just how it is the first attachment we're going to throw on is the muzzle and this is going to be kind of an optional one you guys can choose what you want right you can throw on the vtc7 Spirit fire suppressor or you could throw on the jack BFB for the sake of this article I'm going to throw on the jack BFB, now you got to be like you got to just know that when you're using the Jack BFB, don't use it on like large Maps or anything like that cuzz then people are going to know exactly where you're at you're going to be shooting they're going to come right to you use it on the smaller Maps where a lot of people aren't really focusing, on the mini map or anything like that they're not really looking at there's a lot of action going on and stuff and that's when you got to use the Jack BFB if you're playing on the larger Maps that's why I recommend the vt7 spirit fire but for now we're just going to go ahead and throw that on, the barrel on this one is going to be the MTZ vldl, 3568.

best class

Barrel they say that fast try just try 10 times all right this one's really good cuz this one's going to give you ads speed it's also going to give you sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed and you're getting quite a bit 9 ads and seven Sprint to fire which I think it's good and the reason we're running this Barrel is like I said man if we're using the Jack BFB we're using it on smaller Maps we don't need to worry about distance or anything like that where this will come in handy and whatnot we could use this right here we're not losing any range with it and it's really solid to throw onto your gun now we're going to go to the magazine I'm going to run the 50 round drums because when you're playing small Maps.

You guys already know, man, there's people everywhere they're spawning in front of you behind you. You don't want to be reloading after every single kill, so 50 is going to help you out a lot. Now we're going to go with the Jack glassless optic, but again, in optics, I always say, Use what you want; don't use what I'm using.

If you want to use a slate reflexor, go for it. If you want to use something like the SZ mini, the Slimline Pro, or anything like that, or even the Mors iron site, which is not bad at all, you guys could go ahead and use all of those, but for the sake of this article, like I said, there are a lot of attachments.

best class setup

I never came this far and never realized how many sites are in this game. That's crazy, but for the sake of this, we're going to go for the Jack Glass list, and this is the exact class I gave you guys for the MTZ the other day; it's just so good, and then for the final attachment, we're going to put on the Rival a script for ads, aim walking speed, sprint to fire speed, movement speed, all that kind of stuff, and this one right here, as you guys can see, we're going to go into the fire range with this class.

best gun

You guys will see this right here; it barely has recoil. And it's still really good for close and mid-range when you get to long range that's where you notice the recoil a little bit more but as you guys saw it's still so easy to control so even though you throw on a barrel it's made for close range don't worry about it whatsoever also my face is down in this corner for once, because we're actually going ahead and going to you guys every attachment I'm not going to sit here and try to move my phas and stuff and then forget and then you guys have no idea what the stock is we just put in the bottom now so you guys can see everything let's move on to the next weapon on this list and it is the MCW, now I did mention the MCW CAU a Nerf but it's still such a viable gun to use it's still actually really nice to use and I really recommend it so the first attachment on this one is going to be the vt7.

Spire, we're actually going to go with that so you can be undetectable. By radar, you get nice recoil control, and you also get bullet velocity and range, so this gun is even better for those longer distances. That's really nice, then the underbarrel is going to be the DR6, hand stop, and this one so you can be nice and fast, right?

You guys can see all that mobility right there; you're getting four movements, eight crouch movements, and seven ads. This right here is 300 BLK ammunition. This one right here is 5.56, which is why you can't throw it. These only unlock once you throw on the jack Raven, so you guys can throw them on only afterwards.

best guns

So there we go with that, and then the final attachment is going to be an optional one. If you guys want an optic, go ahead and use it. If you don't want an optic, which I kind of recommend not using, go for the rear grip; that's the RB Rapid Strike grip. This is going to give you guys even more ad speed, but look at that Sprint of Fire.

Insane like it's actually insane, and then you guys could use it here and you guys can see the iron sight's not that bad; it's a little big, it's a little bulky, it's a little weird, and whatnot, but it's just really awful. Now let me actually go ahead and control this recoil just to show you guys that it's not actually all over the place.

I just wasn't really touching it there, but you guys can see that it's actually really easy to control. I don't know why I was going in circles there, but I did what I did anyway. Let's move on to the third weapon on this list, and that's going to be my favorite weapon in the game, the SVA 545. Now, the SVA 545 is one of those guns that has such a nice fire rate, but I always recommend turning it into something like an SMG if you can, and the first thing to do that is by throwing on the anti-quietus.

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