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For the last few weeks, a lot of us have been viciously playing Modern Warfare 3 rank play, and there have been a few problems, unfortunately. If this is your first time here, welcome, and if I return it, welcome back as you go along. Let's go ahead and get rolling. Modern Warfare 3 players claim game crashes and bugs are ruining rank play.

Modern Warfare 3 season, when reloaded, introduced the long-attended rank play mode, allowing players to compete by climbing through the ranks. However, many have claimed terrible crashes and bugs that significantly impact the experience. Modern Warfare 3 season reloaded brought a ton of content that players can dive into, including new weapons such as the HRM 9 and the tech evolution and several audio improvements.

I think that may be a little bit questionable, but let's go ahead and keep it. Pushing a fresh aftermarket parts roster and, more notably, competitive players The midseason update brought rank play mode to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, offering players a comprehensive CDL-based experience to progress through the ranks and earn exclusive rewards.

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However, many slagged the competitive mode given his terrible penalties, which are ruining the overall experience. In a Reddit post, one user said rank play is ass. I'm getting kicked out of games for no reason; the whole menu freezes, and I get more senior losses for inactivity. Unfortunately, I and a couple of my teammates have fallen victim to some of the shenanigans.

Over the last few weeks, my first experience was that I literally thought I was being dosed by somebody in the lobby who was hating after I scored a first-round Ace insertion that destroyed the Ping, and all of a sudden I got unnecessarily high with lag spikes and whatnot. This only happened to my team, not even the enemy team.

I'm not too sure what happened, but I'll show you guys a clip for some context. We just got suspended. Mike got kicked. No, I'm suspended. Yo, they're doing something, my [__]. My God, because so there you have it, and you heard it. I was suspended and lost, Sr., because of something that was absolutely beyond my control.

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Activision and Treyarch need to get it together in this sense, and I also had a teammate get kicked for inactivity. Quote unquote inactivity, while actively moving, throwing nades, stuns, etc., maybe you should be moving to the points where you are covering a certain amount of distance or something, but honestly, when defending certain points, like the control site, you kind of have to stay put to a certain degree if you are defending inside that point, regardless of whether it was an L.

Also, the rest of us that remained in the game had a notification pop up saying that our senior would be saved because of the fact that we lost a teammate. Did they save our seniors after we lost a match? Absolutely not, so now your servers are buggy and your capping. Crazy family, let's go ahead and keep pushing through.

Another Reddit user commented that penalizing people for piss-poor servers and game crashes is enough to make me want to delete Modern Warfare 3 and state that the game servers timing out and constant connection issues are utter crap. Another user stated I had a five-win streak and was excited to win another.


The game was canceled due to unbalanced teams going back to the menu, and my streak was taken away. It had all the same issues. People say if we wait, it'll be good eventually. So far, I'm unimpressed. Getting a lobster together is one thing, but getting a good lobster is another. Another player stated that despite criticizing the worst servers in the industry, players believe that Moder Warfare 3's rank-play balance teams, unfield games, and constant crashes completely ruin the competitive experience.

I was searching for a game another friend wanted to join, and the searching for the match message turned into connecting. I canceled the match; we all got hit with the suspension for leaving a match quote unquote, and we lost Sr as well. User Sons of War shared agreeing with the rest of the ranked players, so pretty annoying stuff is going on here in the community, and that is another thing the lobb's disbanding before the match starts because of uneven teams waiting an entire 60 seconds is pretty annoying.

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And sometimes the game does start when the timer gets down to about 30 seconds. Mark, a lot of the time someone is on an older system, maybe one of the older Xbox systems, or maybe they have some PC parts that are older. I do understand getting everyone into the lobby, but the match canceling due to uneven teams using a full 60-second timer is kind of wild, if you ask me now.

As far as losing Sr while you're in a lobby connecting to a game, unfortunately, that's what we're up against, so if your buddy is a tad bit late to the party, they got to wait it out, so it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to go ahead and get warm anyway. I do not entirely agree with this, but I do understand when you were in the lobby, especially at that connection screen.

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That is something you have to be careful with. The connection screen glitch is back from Modern Warfare 2, unfortunately. Usually, if you are on that screen for about 30 seconds or so, if you want to be safe, maybe wait an entire 60 seconds, but I noticed that when you load into rank play as a squad of three, the matchmaking takes way longer than if you were solo queuing or running with two or all four squad members.

Another blog post came to the Horizon, and this problem is absolutely insane. Let's go ahead and check this out. Modern Warfare 3's horrible ranked matchmaking pitch puts the bronze team against the top 250 players. Modern Warfare 3 is under fire as several low-ranked players are forced to compete against top-ranked players, with one player's full bronze team being put up against a full team of top 250 players.

Ranked players The Moder Warfare 3 rank mode was released during season 1 reloaded, which came out in January. However, as the weeks have passed. Modern Warfare 3 rank play has been under fire from content creators and casual players alike, while previous iterations of the Call of Duty rank system have been less than perfect.

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Modern Warfare 3 has taken the cake for one of the most broken matchmaking systems, without any further news from Sledgehammer Games regarding the rank play. System Reddit has begun popping up to discuss matchmaking issues. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a Modern Warfare 3-ranked match featuring a team of bronze players facing off against opponents who were all within the top 250.

Players have been enjoying Ranked Play, and there have been a few problems. Unfortunately, before we get into the video let me know what division you ended up in, in season 1 reloaded. If this is your 1st time here, welcome, and if you are returning welcome back.
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