News - Claim All 100. Free Rewards For Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded. New Operator Skins, Blueprints, Camos & More



There's a massive amount of free rewards you could claim for the season 3 Reloaded update, from new operator skins to free Camos cosmetics and much more.

Season 3 reloaded release date, times & download

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We'll break them all down in this article, but first off here the reloaded update goes live in MW3 on war zone this Wednesday May 1st at these times up on screen pretty standard stuff here of course we'll have a pre-download at some point tomorrow hopefully for all platforms, maybe just for PlayStation like it always was but again for PC and Xbox for previous updates we did get a pre-download, which is cool to see of course I'll go through specific file sizes and much more as the info gets revealed, probably at some point tomorrow we'll go through the full patch notes as well and much more so stay tuned for all that info and of course throughout this article you'll see that some rewards are available a bit early some available after the reload update goes live we'll break that all down throughout the article but first Off here The first new event for the reload update is the UAV.

New uav event free season 3 reloaded rewards

You assist veterans with the Call of Duty endowment fund, which begins a week later. This goes live next week on May 8th and lasts until May 22nd, so this is a decently long event. Here are the details. Call of Duty endowment code: Look out for an in-game assist from veterans arriving during the midseason.

The event kicks off on May 8th and lasts through May 22nd in support of the Call of Duty endowment military appreciation month celebration. Stay tuned for more details on the in-game event and additional military appreciation month announcements from code to come on May 6th there, so next week more info on that, and they don't say specifically.

What kind of event we're getting here is in the XP progression event, a challenge event, and much more. We just don't know, but it should be similar to what we got when MW3 first came out with the true Legends Field event, which was a simple XP progression event. We got a lot of cod endowment-themed cosmetics, stickers, charms, etc., and a universal camo, so the rewards should be very similar to what we're seeing here, which is pretty solid, and there is a main operator skin as part of this event as well.

It's a new Warrior skin here, which we got a lot of early previews of. I'll show them up on screen here. I have pretty solid skin now. Most likely, this is not a free reward, probably a bundle where the proceeds go to the cotton D, which makes sense there, but there could be other free skins. Of course, a part of this event is very likely to get a lot of other free content, and AP is part of this event as well, so we'll see what they are very soon, but it's still a solid operator skin.

I thought I'd show you guys an early preview of up-on-screen, but before we break down some more stuff here, a quick shout to my partner Apex Gaming Bun of great PCs over there huge price decreases.

Free mw3 saphire combat pack for ps plus

Free mw3 saphire combat pack for ps plus

It comes with a new lockpick, operator skin, an AR blueprint, a SMG blueprint, an emblem, and a calling card. There is a solid color scheme across the board; the weapons look pretty cool, and of course the lockpick operators are pretty solid as well, so be sure to claim that. You know, throughout season 3 here, and we'll get a new one at some point during season 4.

Of course, every new season there's a new PS+, a combat pack for all PS+ players, so pretty solid stuff there and for other seasons.

Winter task force 141 operator skins finally releasing?

3 Reloaded Content: Here is something super exciting: The winter campaign skins from Task Force 141 are coming. Very soon here, they got teased, of course, in the season 3 intro cut scene.


We've had plenty of leakers say that they are releasing very soon as well. We saw them also first in the MW3 campaign, obviously in that frozen tundra, Mission. I've been saying since this campaign came out that these skins were so cool they should be in the game in the season one battle pass. I was calling for these skins to be in that main battle pass; we haven't seen them thus far, and it seems like there is finally a good chance we see them at some point during season 3.

Rey, now as I said, you know these operator skins, of course they could put in bundles, but this is a free reward article, so what we would rather see is finally a new mastery reward be operator skin, which they've done a couple of times in the past here, but most of the mastery rewards have been just a weapon blueprint, a universal, camo, stuff like that, which is cool, but I feel like it's been getting a bit tiresome.

Here, and it would be much more interesting to have a Task Force 141, themed XP progression event, a challenge event whatever they want to do, but that means mastery reward. Is the snowy Task Force 141 soap operator skin or the Price operator skin? Whatever you want to pick from that campaign mission, bring that as the free reward.

So many people would grind a ton of XP if they had that at, you know, a million XP, and it lasted two weeks there. It would be kind of annoying, but that is a solid reward to actually grind for. In the game, it's not like you're grinding a ton of games and getting a ton of XP for a mid-reward. I feel like that is a decent reward to get a really cool operator skin from that mission and from even other campaign missions as well.

That makes a lot of sense. Leaguers have been teasing it, so we'll see if we actually do get that very soon, likely through the operator. Skins are just in a bundle, but again, we'll see very soon, and of course, an update here on the.

Secret ␜safeguard␝ operator unlock in warzone

Secret ␜safeguard␝ operator unlock in warzone

Safeguard, Operator this came from the war zone welcome missions, for which I made a article in which people were saying that only new accounts are getting these missions here, which is so weird because I got it on my main account and I do not have a new account whatsoever there, and obviously, if you guys don't know, it's a randomized thing, it seems like right now, but it should be fully releasing at some point soon.

All you have to do is hop into the war zone, and these challenges will pop up very easily. I did it in like a half an hour, maybe even less there, and you get a really cool Safeguard Operator, so of course there are no guarantees on this releasing very soon, although we've been seeing a lot more instances of people getting the operator.

Hopefully the rest of the players do get these unlock challenges for the Safeguard operator at some point during the reloaded update. Maybe they'll reveal it officially tomorrow; we'll see very soon right now.

Two new free operator packs for prime gaming

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Of course, we still have the Prime Gaming Operator bundles out right now for free to claim here throughout season 3 for the rest of the reload update as well.

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