News - Warzone 2 - Clean But Easy To Unlock Camos Part 2. Better Than Mastery

best mw3 camo

There are a lot of camos in Modern Warfare 3, and the majority of them are pretty basic, but if you have a look through some of these basic camos, you might find a couple that look pretty good, so if you're like me and you don't have that much time to spend grinding all of the Mastery camos, here's a couple of very easy-to-unlock but very clean camos you can get.

Instead This is episode 2, by the way, so if you guys want to see the other episode, go ahead and check it out. So to start things off, we're going to be focusing on two camos on the mall sniper. The first one is called The Horrors, and it looks very cool. It's basically a bunch of colorful ghosts over the gun, and you need to get the weapon to level 19 and then get 15 one-shot kills.

The longest part about this camo is simply getting it to level 19, but it is pretty easy. You can level up weapons pretty fast in this game, and then once that's done, 15 on-off kills are very easy. The next Moos camo is going to be zombies, and it's called Apparition. It's basically the same thing, but it's a zombie version.

best mw3 camos

As you can see, it's basically the same camo but a lot brighter, and it does look better in my opinion, but both of them are very clean, so to unlock this camo, you need to get the weapon to level 19. Once it is level 19, you then need to load into zombies and kill 100 zombies who are affected by your tactical equipment.

The best and easiest way to do this is to use decoy grenades and basically just bundle up a bunch of zombies. And boom, it's very easily done, and the easiest way to do this was basically to go towards an ammunition cache, which you can basically keep replenishing. Your decoy grenades over and over again, and it gets this camo unlocked very quickly before I get into the next camo.

I'd like to quickly shout out the sponsor of today's article. GM They offer Call of Duty services, and they can get you modern warfare zombe schematics; they can get you the nuke service. They can get you any camo unlocked on your weapon. The next camo is going to be on the side of the Winder battle rifle, and this is a very clean purple camo, and it is the entire weapon.

best none mastery camos

To unlock this camo, you need to get the weapon to max level, and then once you've done that, you need to get 15 head shots once again, which is pretty easy. The longest part of this is going to simply be leveling it up once you've done those 15 head shots, which is very straightforward. I pretty much got all of mine done in this one match of rust.

I went up high and aimed down at people because it's a bit easier to aim at their heads, and I got them all done. Next up, we're going to be focusing on this glittery camo. Now, the majority of these glittery camos are honestly pretty boring. The colors aren't really nice; they don't really pop that nicely, but there is one called Dwelling Sands, and I think this one looks really clean; it lowkey looks like a mastery camo, kind of like a diamond camo, and to get this one unlocked, you need to get the hogga 26 to level 9, and then you need to get 10 kills in zombies without reloading.

best none mastery camos on mw3

This could literally be done in one game of zombies or even half a game because getting it to level 9 is incredibly easy, and then you simply need to get 10 kills without reloading 10 times, which is so easily done. Just go in the Tier 1 zone, so all the zombies are super easy to kill, and you don't even need any attachments.

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