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It's your proficient Z, and I'm back with a brand new article, and today I'm going to be giving you guys MW3 Pro tips on how to rank up fast in rank play. Before you hit me with the Crimson Cheese, I don't play rank that much anymore, and I want to show you guys the resume before I even know what I'm saying.

Dish out the sauce, so this is season 2 rank play. Eerie season 3 iridescent, season 4 iridescent, season 5 iridescent, season 6 iridescent, and the hardest one of them all because there were like 20 days in a season 1 iridescent right here for MW3, so I just wanted to show you guys I'm not just some Joe Scho trying to give you guys some tips over here.

They're playing, and I got to be irate on my team, so the first thing I want to talk about is balanced teams, and what I mean by that is that I'll give you an example. Let's start off by giving you an example of an NBA basketball team or any type of basketball team in particular. You're going to have a point guard; you're going to have the shooting guard power forward, the center, etc.


You guys know what I'm getting at, so apply that to your Call of Duty team. You need an AR, you need a flex that can run AR and sub, and you need your two main subs. The mistake I've been always seeing from a lot of people is that they'll have like, maybe, three sub players on their team and one AR, or they would have like, three ARs and one sub.

It's like it's so unbalanced, where well the team is just not going to perform well everyone's going to have to have a different role man can't just have four Subs just running around expecting to freaking do something see that's one part of it and another part of it can be where you would have a whole team that is nasty right you have a nasty team everybody has a nice guny but nobody plays objective, see that's the issue so really think it out assemble a nice team that you know will get the job done don't have no discombobulated.

Team where everybody is just going for kills and no one wants to play for the time, no one wants to make the plays because you're never going to get anywhere with that unbalanced man. Teams are never going to succeed. The second tip I'm going to be giving you guys is something I see a lot of people do: if you are a diamond, let's say I'm just going to put this side like this.


If you're a diamond, you're going to be put into crimson and platinum lobbies. But if you want to get to Crimson, which one are you going to want to play more, the plat kids and diamond kids, or you want to play Crimson kids? With the diamond kids, I mean, you just want to make things easier for you, right?

So the thing is, find a few platinum kits. I mean, you could just find one platinum kit and have the rest of your squad be diamond, and then you're not going to be put into Crimson lobbies, and you can just rank your way up until you hit Crimson and then do the same when you hit Crimson. When you hit Crimson, find a diamond player.

You only need one Diamond Player, and then the rest of you guys can be Crim and level up to hit your ear. I've seen this happen a lot of times. I did it once. There's no shame in it; you're just playing smart at that point because once you're Crim Buddy, you're going to get to those eie lobbies, and all those kids are cheating.

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And yeah, good luck with that one, and I also want to talk about this other important tip: when you're in a game, let's say you're down by maybe 50 or 40 points, you're not getting killed, things aren't going your way, and you still want to keep your composure and still communicate with your teammates.

You never know, man, things can turn around for you, and you get a few kills that go your way, and then you start catching that flow again, and then it's not going to end well for the other team, so don't ever lose composure. Always keep your head high and communicate with your teammates, and that's always going to lead to good results, even if you do lose.

Another helpful tip that I can give you guys for playing rank play or any other type of game mode besides rank play is to just hold some good irons, and what I mean by that is to get on a nice helish and hold the lane. I'm going to be showing you guys some examples. Man, you see this right here. This CP is right here, and I have to break it.

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What am I going to do? Am I going to? Am I just going to put myself in the open right here to just push up there and get killed? No, I'm not going to use objects that are available to me on the map to my advantage. Just chill around, even with this nice little head glitch. Catch him coming off guard and get some jump spots going for you.

Go to YouTube and find some jump spots. I even got some on my TikTok over here, where we're about to hit 1, 000 followers. I'll be appreciative if you guys go over there and show some love. I got some articles showing some hidden spots and stuff like that toop on this little radiator, this little thing on the window, and just boom, you're on a nice little off-angle, and then the other person is going to be so caught off guard when they turn the corner.

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And that's what you always want to do: put yourself in good positions. Don't be the don't be the guy who just never has a good spot to be in and is always caught off guard, always open, not having a lane covered, always going to be a free kill, and giving other kids streaks or control. You never want to give up control.

You always want to have good map control for you and your teammates so the game can run more smoothly. And this is just like a little part one of the article. I'll be having part two with even more tips, but for now, I want you guys to soak all this in and just get familiar with everything I was saying.

Once you master everything we talked about here today, you're going to be unstoppable on the streets of rank players, and people are going to fear you. I really do hope this article helped you guys today, man.

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