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Nwell Makarov travels fast only if he wants it to. If you think he's working for the Kremlin, I wouldn't be surprised. I have a contact. You might know the answer. I need transport to the AR-CAMP military base. It's heavily guarded. Can you do it to stop Mararo? Of course, I need to get in and back out.

It could go upside down quickly. I specialize in upside-down That's what I'm afraid of. Who's your contact? Yuri volov Yuri's on the pay roll. Yuri never took a dime. That's JY when do we leave? Watcher, the Yankee eyes on the base are approaching now. Watcher [__] is about to get real. Keep a low profile.

Yuri should have sent you his location by now. The Aram Administrative Building is near the hangar. Look for a satellite fish on the roof. Copy the dish on the roof. Yuri won't have much time before they notice he's gone in and out; nobody gets hurt. I know AR well; tell me what you see, and I'll do my best to help.

Inside what is at the admin building, he won't have long got a guy, got a problem, need a security key card to access, you need to borrow one, snag a card from an officer Anyone entering or exiting likely has one good call. Look for an officer leaving the building. See a major leaving the entrance.

He's not alone. Wait till he's alone and do what needs to be done for his key card, Mission. Yes, I need to blend in better. You're not here for a gunfight, lol. You have places to go and people to see. I'm on URI. He said he'd be in the storage room down the hall to the right of the entrance, right to the entrance copy that got it.

Governments come again. Bravo! Life is in there. Bravo, your signals are weak. Come again in the blind. We have two missiles incoming for the Arlo base. They have K-warheads. If you are there, get out. This could be it's. Not there's another one coming; see it, we have to go; we cannot be things together; we must go that.

To watch you, Mel, come in on your eyes for now missile attack chemical Warheads get to the high ground; look for a way up to the roof for extraction. Where are you now that people are dying down there? Hur lwell, is Judy with you negative? We went separate ways; he's a Survivor, like, you're pushing up Nick, hold for me; of course, you'll just come quickly.

The Russian delegation suffered massive damage when they came under fire. An estimated 158 deaths occurred at the Covian base, with more than 200 injured. Several explosions and an apparent chemical attack were seen by witnesses from miles away. The Kremlin blames the Finns for what they call a brutal and unjustifiable attack, and they are asking world leaders to join them in denouncing the Ulf as a terrorist organization.

Absolutely nothing it's clear the Ulf remains at large, and for all we know, they have weapons within striking distance of Moscow.

The Deep Cover mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a stealth-based mission where the player must infiltrate a Russian base to extract a spy named Yuri, who has intel on chemical weapons.
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