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It's been a week for Call of Duty, from the season 2 road map being announced to layups from Microsoft to the big topic of discussion every time you bring up Call of Duty skill-based matchmaking. This all happened in one week. It's been a lot, but first, I'm kid-covered. You're the viewer; you already knew that, so let's now get right into it.

All right, so first things first, I'm going to talk about season 2. The season 2 road map was probably one of the best season road maps I've ever seen coming from a Call of Duty game. Now the main highlights that I could really point out are that we're getting a new vest in the game, we're getting three brand new maps for multiplayer, and we're also getting some aftermarket.

I love that they're really putting their best foot forward for multiplayer this year, which is what a lot of fans have been asking for the longest time now. I won't lie to you previously. With the season system. I start to lose interest when the new seasons come out because I see that multiplayer gets left in the dust, and it makes me not really want to play the game because the publisher isn't taking that seriously.

cod season2

I am less inclined to give it my time, my care, and my attention—all that good stuff that I put into Call of Duty. I feel more reserved to take that away now that these maps play; that's a different story, but at the very least. I can say that I'm fully glad and fully happy that Modern Warfare 3 season 2's road map looks really good for multiplayer, fans.

I'm sure it's going to be good for War Zone fans. Zombie is kind of getting a little. I feel, and honestly, the Zombie Community Modern Warfare 3 is pretty prominent, probably one of the most prominent we've seen since I feel even jetpack days. Black Ops 3: Infinite War Fair. I feel like those had pretty strong zombie communities; they fell off in the later years, and I feel like this one was pretty strong as well.

Hopefully there are some things that they can add, but The Walking. Dead, crossover—I love The Walking Dead so much. This is like a love child, and I'm fanboying so hard right now. The trailer that they let out with The Walking Dead intro was just phenomenal; it made me just so excited, to say the very least, so I can't wait to get my hands on it.


Get the Rick skin, get the Michonne skin, all that good stuff. I am so excited for all of that. Call of Duty is really doing its best with Modern Warfare 3 so far, and I could really appreciate that, and to say the least, it makes me super happy. Next up on the list now, this one kind of gets me upset because, with the whole Microsoft merger with Activision.

I was hoping that Microsoft would release Call of Duty: Leaps and Bounds ahead of what it's already been. Now, it's only been a few months, and for something so negative to happen so quickly really is disheartening. Microsoft was laid off in 1990. Activision, employees that's across many different studios, even their eSports teams, right after a major event.

Now, the community as a whole is not too happy about that. It stinks to hear about having developers let go of a game that you really care about and just hearing layoffs in general. It sucks for everyone involved. All these developers are super talented, and I just hope the best for them going forward; it is concerning.

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As a fan, I also want to see where Call of Duty is going under the umbrella of Microsoft. It's not going to be as big of a priority as maybe Halo is to Microsoft because Halo is Microsoft's. Baby, we'll see. I'm hoping for the best. I'm hoping that Xbox and Microsoft are going to make the right decisions going forward.

It stinks to see this a lot. I can't really express how bad it looks for the community. All I can say is that I wish the best for Call of Duty going forward for the developers that are still part of the team as well as the developers that were let go, but that is some pretty big news that I wanted to touch on just because I feel like it does kind of foreshadow, at least some of the direction that Microsoft is going now does that sell everything.

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I still like to remain hopeful because I love Call of Duty. Xbox has been doing a lot of things when it comes to gaming. Space Game Pass being one of the main driving forces behind why Xbox is probably one of the more consumer-friendly brands out there, it's just something that we have to keep an eye on as we go forward, obviously.

As Call of Duty fans, if you're a fan of my channel, which I'm thankful for, then I'm sure you follow a lot of other Call of Duty channels that really dive deeper into this, and I'm sure you share the same thoughts as I do when it comes to being a little wary of the direction of Call of Duty going forward.

Now one last thing I'm going to touch on before we get into the main juicy part of this article, called Call of Duty: Future Warfare. I believe that's what they said; it was code named the game we should have got instead of Ghost. The gameplay has leaked, and now it looks like a Call of Duty game. It looks fun.


It looks like an old-school Call of Duty. It should have come out during old-school Call of Duty. Would it have been better than Ghost? Who knows we don't know the game that we could have gotten, should have gotten, or would have gotten. Who knows would I still love to see this game come out? Yes, mainly because I'm not feeling Cod the way that I used to feel Cod; it still has a special place in my heart, which is a lot of the reason why my channel exists, but really seeing old Call of Duty gameplay in the sense that in the sense that Call of Duty used to run on a pretty similar engine, year after year, as it does now, seeing old school Call of Duty brings back memories.

It feels like getting excited for a new game that's coming out again. Honestly, it was kind of weird watching it, but there's no telling the possibilities that could have come with this game in the future. Before the future was really the thing for Call of Duty, it looked like boots on the ground game play, so who knows what that game could have been?


It probably could have been the best cod ever; it could have been the worst cod ever. Would I have still wanted it? Yes, and that's not to say that I didn't like ghosts because I really did enjoy ghosts, and I know that's pretty unpopular, Opinion for Call of Duty, but ghosts were not that bad. Now we're getting deep into what I want to talk about, what the community is talking about, and the biggest news in Call of Duty of recent memory that Activision finally gave us.

The talk, and what do I mean by the talk because they [__] With it now to this blog post, while I do appreciate Call of Duty giving some transparency, this is how I feel about what they said: this is a load of Barnacles. I heard that all right to give a quick overview of what they're saying falls into matchmaking.

Call of Duty, Activision, And Xbox dropped a ton of bombshells this last week. From good news to bad news to everything in between. Today I take a look at whats nearing for MWIII Multiplayer, Zombies and WZ With some multiplayer gameplay.
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