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That I see, this is what we're dealing with, brothers. A stubborn old man, hopelessly out of step with the changing world, will change the security room. Get down there and find out what's going on. Yes, sir, our men are on the way to Berlin. Are you listening? The daughter is there. We will have her in a matter of ours.

Keep me updated on the time to go. Nikolai The daughter's in-law Marov has men on the way. I'll contact the American VFY, which will break if they threaten the girl. Captain Price I won't let you down. Makarov's tracked Ves's daughter to Berlin. If they find the girl, it's only a matter of time until he gives up the nuclear codes.

Do we have her exact location triangulated now? Isa cell phone snipers just intercepted a call from her Overlord of Sand and just took out our. I like it inside. Now, we're going to have one shot to grab the president before he gives up the launcher codes. A marov turns Europe into glass. Once we get boots on the ground, it's going to get lively down there; hopefully you can keep up, old man.

cod mw2

I know you Yanks like to take all the credit, so Yuri and I will keep the neighbors in check while we work hard to secure the hostages. The president's secure. Hang in there. I got you, chice. You have to go make sure the president gets out. Don't even think about it, mate. We're in this together.

Grab your gun. RPG truck cover the right side. You better be right behind. Leave it's too hard. We go back. We all die. People have gathered today to greet President Oreski, who has returned to Moscow. Reports have confirmed that peace talks between Russia and the US are about to begin.

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