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Let's go through it to unlock the new B-27 AR in MW3. More reloaded events are releasing free rewards to get, and much more. Of course, shout to my partner, You4GM, if you need cheap C points or rare unlock codes. ZX Mastery, Camos, and much more. There's a bunch of stuff over there.

Bal 27 dlc weapon unlock & advanced warfare variants?

But for the new weapon here, of course, the main one we're getting is the batt 27.

From Advanced Warfare, a weapon that is so iconic. I have so many fun memories using it back in the day, and we're finally getting it here in the game, so first off, a look at the weapon on the six-star, looking pretty. Here it says a Bullpup prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed.

modern warfare 3

The first four shots are slower to fire but highly accurate. The top loading batt 27 assault rifle offers quick reloads and a unique firing mechanism whereby the initial four shots favor accuracy before the weapon kicks into a higher fire rate to finish the job and bring down your target fast. Pump the trigger at greater distances to benefit from the improved accuracy of its first shots, or hold down the trigger to spray enemies up close.

The top loading batt 27 introduces the new Sunset waves in simpler times. ElectroTorrent and Sunnyside. Weapon camos are accessible by completing batt 27 specific in-game challenges and, of course, by unlocking the battle 27 base weapon in MW3 and War Zone via a new sector in the season 3 Battle Pass.

So, of course, if you guys don't know, with every reloaded update, we get a new classified sector unlock here. If you go to the battle pass, you'll see it right there, and once the reload update goes live, you'll be able to access this classified sector. If you have a sector that is unlocked around the classified sector, you need to progress a little bit through the battle pass, but not much at all, and what will happen here is that there'll be a bunch of challenges to progress through to unlock that final batt 27.


Weapon reward: You can unlock these challenges for free. Of course, you don't need to buy the battle pass to get the batt 27, which is pretty cool, but of course that's pretty much it. Complete a couple easy challenges, and you'll be able to unlock the batt. Now we're getting the base B 27 weapon, which is cool, but you know, the B 27 was known for a couple different really cool variants back from Advanced Warfare, the top one being the batt obsidian seed, which was a weapon you could only get from supply drops, but once you got it, it was so cool.

It had a pretty sick camo and color scheme. The actual performance of the weapon was great, as well as being one of the best weapons in advanced warfare MP, by far, and what we've been talking about is them maybe paying homage or doing some nostalgia. For the obsidian seed in MW3, of course, not having a Pay-to-Win weapon return, but at least having the blueprint and the feel of the weapon in the battle pass.

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Let's say now it's too late for that because the battle pass is already fully out. They can't add another blueprint to the battle pass unless they add an obsidian seed to the classified sector. As well, that would be insane, but most likely not. They haven't done that in the past for previous DLC weapons, so what we could see is maybe just a bundle.

So, honestly, if it's not that much money, 1, 000 C points for a Bop and Steed new weapon pack in the store would be an instant cop. If it had those Advanced Warfare Vibes and other AW-themed cosmetics there, that would be a pretty sick bundle to have, and of course it wouldn't be easy to win; it would be purely cosmetic.

Another B 27 look they could bring back here is the original Atlas B 27. CMO, which I'm pretty sure was a pre-order bonus reward for advanced Warfare There's a lot of the B 27 Inferno as well as a lot of cool variants of this weapon back in the day that they could bring back here again in bundles or maybe For an upcoming season 3 Reloaded event or one of the Mastery rewards is a camo or just a new battle 27 weapon blueprint that has an old AW theme there, so the atlas stuff I think would be so cool bringing back more Atlas vibes from that game would be Fire.

It's Sledgehammer game i wish they did more to bring back AW Vibes; they're not really doing it that much; at least they're bringing back the bow and the Moors and stuff like that, but I feel like they could be doing so much more to bring back some Advanced Warfare Vibes, not just the weapons but the maps as well.

I would love to see Solar Remid and Recovery Remid as well. That would be so, to see, maybe later on in this game's life cycle, but for now, at least give us the bow. But for other aftermarket parts, here we are getting a bunch for Season 3 Reloaded.

New aftermarket parts releasing for season 3 reloaded

New aftermarket parts releasing for season 3 reloaded

The first one here is the Jack Patriot aftermarket part for the M16 assault rifle, which converts the M16 into a fully automatic rifle with a heavy ported barrel built to provide superior recoil control and firing aim stability.

Sounds interesting the next one here is Jack Warden's part for the Lockwood MK2 Marksman rifle, which will become the enemy's biggest nightmare with this amp allowing a Kimbo use of this powerful level action shotgun. With the Jack Atlas kit here, I don't know if it's referring to Atlas Court, but probably not.

They convert the MR9 into an extremely lethal and accurate five-round burst carbine chambered in 5.56, which sounds pretty cool. Of course, we're getting other weekly challenges. The final reward is going to be this new Universal Camo, which looks pretty cool in a black scheme with some blue little character symbols on it, they say.

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Here, keep an eye out for the Squad Games weapon blueprint and complete all weekly challenges again to unlock the allegiances and weapon camo, which we just saw an image of there cool stuff.

New events releasing for season 3 reloaded

Of course, for the new events here for the reload update, we are getting the continuation of the Vortex virus.

Mainframe event rewards 12 in total; it's not a system error starting imminently. And running throughout the start of season 3 Reloaded, the virus has made his way into the Vortex, earning XP to unlock reward equi a back list skin from the Tracer pack Horseman virus Ultra skin for a boost. Okay, for another new event here, we're getting a UAV event.

You Assist Veterans for the Cod Endowment, which starts May 8th a week after the reloaded update and ends on May 22nd, so a decently long event here. Look out for the in-game You Assist Veterans Challenge arriving during the midseason. The event kicks off on May 8th and lasts through May 22nd in support of the Call of Duty DND military appreciation month celebration.

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