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If they're taking on a long-range fight, it seems like they can't miss, yet if they decide to go more close range, they have movement and precision that it seems like you would never be able to attain. Well, the answer is actually quite simple. I'm actually just kidding, but the facts are that some of you think that's what's going on, and today we're going to expose the truth so that you can improve your aim and take it to the next level.

In order to show you just how streamers use movement, we're going to start with a negative example of me dying the other day. I was playing Ashika Island, and I had five eliminations already with a helicopter floating in the air, so I decided to do the unthinkable and throw it on top of my enemies.

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And actually got it down now as the second enemy was there I got an easy drop shot and hit most of my bullets the issue is I would eventually go down because I tried to slide directly into the next enemy you see getting more eliminations, with your aim is actually leaked to your movement and ability to make plays with game sense too so as we continue through this guy think about how to actually put yourselves in positions to get more kills instead of just thinking that streamers, and other good players simply aim and everything is taken care of you see if it was really that simple almost everybody would be getting team wipes and dropping 20 kills but it's not so we're going to look at a different example here of where I play it smarter and also use really good aim to secure the team WIP we're once again in Aika Island and I'm mantling, up on top of a route notice that I'm getting high ground looking around and trying to come from behind and be a little bit surprising.

As I see Nicki Minaj push out, I'm able to pretty much beam Nikki, taking off all of her plates. I then jump over and use movement to strafe. As I push, getting a pretty easy down now, if we slow down on this kill, you might think to yourself, This is some sticky aim and a little bit suspicious, CS.

But if you keep yourself moving at all times and, in fact, move your left stick, you actually get better aim and can hit more shots. Now watch again as the next enemy pushes, and we slow down for a slide cancellation. I'm able to slow down once again using that aim assist and that stick to get an easier kill, finishing off the enemies and looking for a mini map tank.

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Now I slide behind cover and go into a drop shot, making it a lot easier to hit your shots because, when it's The Last Enemy, you don't need to worry about another one shooting you, so when you go prone, you can actually have a better aim that makes the team wipe super easy. Speaking of the best settings, I've magically put on a hoodie here because I have to talk about how.

Sometimes I have a little bit of a secret identity; see. I have worked on my aim for so long that some people think that I have an identity as a cheater, and as a streamer, they think it's a Clark Kent Superman type of dynamic, and I wish, but it's not that complicated. If you look at this common thread, everybody thinks I'm cheating because in the next clip I lock on to somebody, but after you watch this article, you're going to see that there's not as much locking on as there is using game sense and aim.


That way, you can eliminate more people in the war zone, and honestly, people will probably think you're cheating at the end of this article. So in this 1v3 situation, my teammate just goes down to Nika Island, and I decide to fly in there in 1v3 and save the day. So as the first enem is dropping in and I'm on the roof, I put shots in, and I actually miss a few shots.

It probably doesn't look like I'm cheating here, but I decide to slide down the staircase and push in because that guy landed through the window. I see that jump around the corner; I see him lying in bed, and I'm like, Hey, time to put you to sleep with my Striker. And my aim, so this is pretty textbook, you know it's about 10 m here, the aim is really easy, notice that with my controller once again I'm strafing, so the number one thing that you should get from this article is, of course, when we get to the settings, put those on, make sure always moving your left stick, basically you're moving as your shooting, making it harder for you to be hit and easier for that aim to assist in your aim to hit the target.

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After I get that down, I check the mini map, and I see to use movement. I slide around the corner once again, always moving. That way, I'm harder to hit, and it actually makes my aim stickier because, as I'm moving, I'm getting what's called rotational aim assist. I slipped out and started shooting.

Now this looks suspicious, until you look back at the mini map and see that the last ping of that guy was right there where I'm shooting, so I'm kind of hoping that I can pre-fire him. I think that he's either going up the stairs or sliding into the stairs. I'm kind of predicting that he's going to be meeting me right at the doorway as I get there.

I was wrong, so I reposition, I go up the stairs, and I make him think I'm running away because he obviously thinks I'm weak and I'm going to fake The Runaway comeback, Easy Kill for Team One. Hopefully you see in this clip that aim is just as much about game sense and how to maneuver and use that rotational aim assist as it is AIM.

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Now At this point in the article, I know what you're thinking. I clicked on controller settings, and you've been showing me all these different breakdowns of how to improve Call of Duty. What's going on here? Well, the reality is that the best settings only work if you know how to use them, so now that we've kind of shown you a little bit of a breakdown of how to use them, we're going to go through the settings and then show you in a private lobby how you can utilize them even better.

Now let's go over the settings that are going to set you up for success in war zone, and the first one is one that I have since changed from my last guide, so if you subscribed and saw my last guide, this is different, and here's why I used to have my dead zone at about six or seven dead zones, basically accounting for how much stick drift you have in your controller and adjusting it so that your controller doesn't move on its own.


There's a dark side to this that I haven't really talked about and that you might not have heard about, and that is that the lower this is, the more sensitive your controller is. This actually means that if I crank this up to say 19 or 20, I'm actually losing some responses, and I have to move my controller more to get more of an input.

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