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In this article, I'm going to be doing a bit of a VOD review of my gameplay on a game of invasion, Control. Now we are starting off on the side, focusing on the left-hand side, because normally people do push up onto the left-hand side. I got hit with a bit of a Cheesy Tack stance there, which is a bit unlucky, but my teammates did pick up two kills.

Here, after you know they've picked up two kills, there's one guy on B, so we're only really looking for one person. You know they're all going to be spawning on the B side of the map here, so they're definitely all going to be pushed up. I get a bit cheesy there. I think at the start of this game I was playing on Black Ops Am and stuff just having a bit of a play around with a different a ass settings again because I've not been playing loads of quad recently, so I thought I'd try up the Black Ops Aist.

I do end up changing back to default later on because I don't know why it always seems good against bots, but then whenever you get into a game, it always just feels slightly different. Here, they have CB. I'm just trying to catch some people running off; do catch up to that first guy. I know there's a guy in DVDs here, but I can't quite catch him out, and it does kill me.


Here for some reason again, my Rene. I didn't have an Opticon for some reason, so I put the red dot back onto the CU. I do enjoy it, so here we need to be careful when defending a team that picks up one kill. I'm not too sure if he does die or not, but they are still capping a I'm trusting my teammates here to pick up that kill on a which they do manage to make the trade therefore because I pushed up the map and then get that kill onto L, pick up this guy running down the street and there we've got fre dead we get some nice map control here got 21 lives to kill versus 20 for ourselves I'm just getting shot from mid tanks I'm putting a trophy down, think my teammate does get the assist there I actually laser being that guy on a and again we've got fre again I think we've just seen a red dot in the mid-courtyard; we know there's a guy around there somewhere.

atlanta faze

I've just seen that guy not going to be able to kill him straight away, but we can just lock him in there. Spawn, Now control is a bit of a dull game mode at times, and there's only three maps to play on it. I do wish there were a lot more maps; if anything. I do wish they were captured rather than controlled, but here, just getting that kill onto the street.

I don't quite get the second kill, but I still do make him weak. I actually get hit by my own trophy for 30 damage there. I think I was watching. I can't remember who it was—maybe they or someone else, or pred shoty, and they were saying, like, why does a trophy do 30 damage? It should maybe do like one to 10 damage at maximum, but here I'm just lying down trying to watch the cut towards a.

I don't quite get that guy; I don't know where he's from. There's another guy on the point here, so I'm just really trying to play my life. I know that if I run from the front cafe door, I'm just going to get killed right away, so I'm just trying to catch anyone running off to the point. I do get a lucky last-minute war bang on that guy; he was obviously super weak just to clean up that kill.

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And then we do catch some guy at mid-tank, but I do get laser beams across the map. I think here Yeah, here as well, swap back to default assistance. We are on a dynamic response curve. I see some guy running into rugs and hitting him with a live ping. No one's really communicating in this game, so I've not got my microphone on here.

I don't get how I don't kill that guy. I hear him shoot something, so let me lay down before the doorway. I know he's going to push it; he pushes it, and somehow, I think I must maybe just miss his shoulder or something, but I do pick up a kill midway. We're actually down on L, which is 7 to 10, but it's only 20 seconds, so as long as we get the kills here, this is big.

My teammate just got killed, but I moved him for the trade quickly because I knew that guy was going to be so weak again. Here are six to seven lives and 16 seconds. I'm just pushing off the time catch that guy sprinting, and with that long that small time left on the timer, sorry, we're just really making sure that we push up and get M pressure so they can't stop the timer five versus five, four seconds.


I don't think they can even get close to the hill; they're on the street, and that is the first round. Get nine kills in that first round—not a bad little. Start, yeah invasion isn't the best map in the world. I much prefer to play Kar. I think Kari controls at least half because the map's quite small.

I do think Invasion is probably my second favorite map. I think highrise control is probably my least favorite. At least invasion has a bit of variety. I'm pushing AF St., but I am the only one, unfortunately, pushing down this lane. Some guys are pushing Cafe. I know there's a guy with the hit marker there, and I think I hit a live ping here just to let someone know that they're in.

cdl hardpoint

Yep, I do, but unfortunately, I get stunned and killed by one. There, my teammate is jumping on B here, spawning up in the ice cream, so here I'm just thinking my teammates spawn up again here, so my PR here is right: if I push mid-cut out, they can't get killed from dark, and therefore my teammate can double stack the hill, and they're getting the kills on B.

I'm just trying to see if there is a guy running that time down on a, so I know there's a guy inside a somewhere, but unfortunately I do get shot trying to sprint across. I probably should have waited there for the guy to foty, because obviously once he foty finishes getting rid of that tick on a, he's obviously going to run off the point, so if I just waited for that tick to go fully down.

I probably would have caught him sprinting out of the point, but that JW guy got a kill on the time he's killed my other teammate as well. I thought he was going to run out the top window, but he's obviously resetting his health, which is slow. Sorry. I've hit him really weak here, throwing the stun, and throwing the nade actually gets shot from the back, but luckily my nade kills that JW guy, and I'm just finishing off this B point, and we got 2 minutes to play with 23 versus 23 lives.


Again, you're never really going to run these timers. Down, But we just need to pick up some kills here and get a good, nice wave. I'm just trying to clear out rugs here; I know there's a guy on the back rug door. Kill him i'm not too sure if these guys are communicating, so I'm a bit cautious about instantly pushing the point.

In this video I talk through my decision making process, including routes to push, ways to trade with my team mates when playing solo queue in a game of Invasion Control where I drop 25 kills and win 3-0.
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