News - This Is The "4 Shot" Ram-9 Class Warzone 2 Ranked Play


He guys in this article I'm showing you the best Ram n class to use in Modern Warfare 3 now this gun just got added as one of the brand new SMGs to Moder Warfare 3 rank play I'm using it on this game of search and destroyed to drop over 10 kills in this game and this game goes down to a really clutch round 11 1 V one keep watching because your boy clutches up and an absolutely insane play and let's get into this article and I'll show you guys the class setup afterwards.

That search and destroy Okay, so far, it's killed two. Not bad for a different route this time because they're going to be expecting them to rush up midway. I just hope I don't get NED by this. Sorry, good, [__]], a game in which 11 to five ninja diffuse round 11. What game was it? I definitely enjoyed that, Ramna.

It reminds me very much of the vector from COD Ghost if anyone wants to play God Coasts back in the day, but let's get into the class. Into this class here, moving into the ram 9, going into the gunsmith here, we got the mini break on the muzzle. I am looking for a lot of horizontal recoil control because when you are using this gun, it does jump side to side a lot, so a lot of people are using the purifier muzzle break similar to what you use on the Rival 9, but I just like the mini braak just because it gives that little 10% more horizontal control because of the vertical recoil control.


You know, when you're using a sub, it's a lot of close-range gunfights like we saw on that sand map where you're not really trying to map people with the sub. Next up, we're not using barrels; all of the bar attachments aren't the best. I'm using the X1 Phantom 5 just to increase the ad speed and the fire speed as well, as well as the recoil and vertical recoil control.

Next up on the rear grip, we are using the standard retort and 90-grip tape just for that 7% recoil improvement. As you can see, the other grips aren't the best. You could use this one if you want a bit faster St speed and Sprint to fast speed, but you are losing that on quite a bit of recoil control, and the last one's a bit rubbish.

Really, 47% Flinch resistance is not really necessary. Next up onto the com or comb, I'm not exactly sure on the pronunciation that we're using the recon one again. Looking at the statistics, you're getting 16% improved Sprint to FastP, which is massive when you're sub-pairing it to the rest. This one might not be too bad, but you're losing 20% of the ad speed, and again, you're losing 20.

best ram9 class mw3

You definitely don't want to be using the demo flak one, so definitely by far the best one to be using as the recon, and then finishing up with the hvs 3.4 pad, again, just that improved. The recoil control You could use this one if you want to; however, you do lose a little bit more of the ad speed, but you do gain a little bit of extra recoil control.

I do feel the recoil is quite manageable on this Ram 9. So that's the class set up there—just a standard Renaissance build. I'll just show it to the gunsmith. If you've not seen any of my class setups before wondering what I use on my retti. I obviously got that really key kill with the retti on top, top second onto the guy top church that was really handy to have, and then finishing up with a stun grenade CX trophy system.

Quick Grip gloves, cover sneakers, and EOD batter.

In this video I'm using the brand new 4 Shot Meta RAM 9 class in MW3 Ranked Play on a game of SnD on Karachi where I drop over 10 kills and clutch up in a 1v1 round 11! I'll show you the class setup after the gameplay.
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