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These are 10 tips on how to hit Iridescent in Modern Warfare 3 rank play when it drops in season 1 reloaded. Now, a bit about myself: I was iridescent in Modern Warfare 2 last year, and I've competed before in on-land events during Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty Ghost. Hopefully these tips will help you climb to iridescent and climb the ladder once rank play drops, and just quickly before we get into this article, 11% of my audience from the last 28 days on YouTube were subscribed, so if these tips helped you today.

I'd really appreciate it. So tip number one is to use a custom controller, like a scuff, so that you can jump shot and drop shot without taking your fingers off the triggers, but if you don't want to spend the money on a custom controller. I'd really recommend that you use the custom button layout, such as bumper jumper tactical.

Into the B layout here, so I'm using bumper jumper tactical, but I've got mine edited slightly so a normal bumper jumper tactical is you jump on the left bumper prone on the right stick, however I found that sometimes when you drop shot it makes it frows your aim off a little bit so I've changed mine to prone on the right bumper, and I just move my ping is on the right stick and I just move my grenade to up on the d-pad.


It's a little bit confusing, but once you get used to it. I really do enjoy it, especially when I've been through quite a few controllers, and every time I go through a controller, you have to spend £200 on a scuff. I'd be going through so many controllers; it'd be ridiculous, so it's a great way if you don't want to spend the money on getting some paddles.

It's a great way to get those jump shots and drop shots. So tip number two is to be playing as a team. Ideally, you want to be du Q at the very least, but ideally, you should always be in a four-man stack. This is going to help in so many ways, making sure that your teammates are calling out and knowing that you can rely on good players that you're queing with because you don't want to be relying on the randomness of solo Q to give you either one game, where you might get a top 250 demon who's absolutely hard carrying, or the next game, you might get someone who's only just in Crimson.

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Or maybe diamond, and they're really not that great at the game compared to what you want to be playing, so by queuing up in a four-man stack, it's going to give you the best chance of playing, and on top of that, if you're playing with friends or your mates that you play a rank-play with, it's going to make it so much more enjoyable, and when you're enjoying the game, you play so much better.

And tip number three: now this goes hand in hand with the previous tip. As this game is a 150 health game, it's a lot harder to do plays by yourself on the map, such as solo breaking a hard point and getting a free piece, overtaking a bomb site like you could in Modern Warfare 2 with the lower health because it's way too easy for people to escape, or simply people just making trades with 150 health.

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Therefore, you need to be breaking hard points and bombing sights together as a team, going back to the previous tip. If you're at least du queing, or ideally in a four-man stack, you can coordinate these pinches at the same time by pinching from multiple angles. It's going to give your team the best chance to, you know, break a hard point or take over a bomb side, but if you are playing soloq, make sure that you're using your headset in game because that way you can communicate with your teammates even if they're all in solou as long as people have headsets.

I've seen it just from playing eights. You know you might not play with people together, but as long as they're communicating, you can still make good plays together as a team now. Tip number four is to make sure that you're using covert sneakers as your gear. To make sure your footsteps are silent, you know, with dead silence back in the game as a perk rather than just a field upgrade, you really want to make sure that you're using the covert sneakers around the map.

Whether you're playing console or PC, it's just going to allow you to make so many more plays around the map where you don't have to worry about people listening up for your footsteps, and you know that you can make good plays flanking around the map and playing for spawns, but if you do want to use some other boots, such as lightweight boots or potentially climbing boots, you can still use dead silence as a field upgrade.

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Obviously, you just won't be able to have permanent silent footsteps, but you will still have them on a field upgrade now and then. Tip number five is to make sure that you learn the high point rotations for all the maps you know, understand where to block spawns and key power positions to hold, and the best way to understand this is just to watch Pro players stream any scrims or eights, watching some of the CDL, but you want to be a little bit careful because the CDL they often play on a previous patch, so like they're recently on the first opening weekend.

The spawns have actually changed in the season one update; however, they're playing on the old patch, so if you are watching any pro players, make sure it is on the current patch. On top of that, you can just play any H yourself or rank play it within itself, and then finally, a good website that's really handy to use is tap maps.


G, which I'll show on the screen now. Go on with this. You can select the map and the mode that you want from Modern Warfare 3. It will then show you the half rotations or any bottom sites, and then you've also got team arrows that you can drag into place. So if you're discussing it with your friends on certain ways to hold certain hard points, it can be really good.

You can rotate these arrows, put them in certain places, and make sure that you're covering certain crosses. And it can help you understand the good areas that you want to be holding. When rotating from certain hard points, and in this game, hard rotations are so important to win these games, especially on maps such as Terminal, rotating for that Burger Hill for P4 almost guarantees you the full 60 seconds if you get there first, and on top of that, it sets you up really well for P5, so rot on this game is so key, and it's the easiest way to win hard points.

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Next up for tip number six is just to make your setup as optimized as possible. This is going to be true whether you're on a PC or console. So just a couple tips here for PC guys: Make sure that you've overclocked your controller if you're using a PS4 or a PS5 controller. On top of this, if you're on a PC, make sure that you're using any Nvidia low-latency mode or AMD's anti-lag mode to reduce any input delay, and on top of this, just mess around in some of the settings.

Yo guys, in this video, I'm covering 10 Tips and Tricks to help you reach Iridescent in MW3 Ranked Play when it drops! Hopefully you can use this tips to climb the ranks, from Diamond, Crimson, Iridescent and Top 250.
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