News - New Maps, Weapons & Modes Coming To Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Warzone 2 Season 3 Update


Before we get into the article, I'd really appreciate it if you could drop a like on the article and sub to the channel. Now let's get into this article. So there's six new maps coming to mod Warfare 3 season 3. I'll start off with the first map, so the first map here is a map called Six Stars. Now this map looks extremely similar to Raid from what we've seen before because, looking at the overview, you know you've got that kind of P1 area in the middle; you've got that ring on the right-hand side.

However, on this map, it does look like it's a pool rather than like a ring where you can run around, so it might play a little bit differently because of the swimming mechanics in the game, but again, you've got that kind of area either side of the driveway. And where was that? I think it was like the kitchen area.

On the map, and you got that kind of basketball area that far left and that far left and back corners of the map, so it looks like a really, really similar layout to Raid, which, as you know, is probably one of my favorite maps of all time in the Call of Duty series, and I think it's a lot of people's as well because they always bring it back, year after year, so it'd be quite interesting for them to bring it back with a slight twist on it rather than it being an exact remake.


But I'm really looking forward to this map, which hopefully will be included in the rank player. I reckon it definitely is going to work on hardpoint, search and destroy, and maybe even control as well, because I feel it's quite a big map. You can easily have some of these control points spread around the map.

Similar to what Brenberg was like last year, when the control points spread out on the map, it does make it a lot more enjoyable to play on control. And hopefully, with this map, they do what they've done with Vista and depart, where potentially they might just add it into rank play for a week or two and get players feedback on how it is in rank play.

Now the next map here is an emergency that's being added down. This is a brand new map, I believe, and it gives me a little bit of high-rise vibes; you know you've got the helipad in the middle. It looks like they might just use the same textures, from high-rise, on this map, but it reminds me as well of the Modern Warfare 2019 map.

bal cod

I believe it's called Hack the Yard. I know it's not quite similar because Hacking Yard had like a building on both sides, but it reminds you quite that it's quite a small fastpac map and you've got some buildings on the inside, so I think it could potentially work for Hardo. It depends on how big the map is going to be, because if you look at that map overlay, you know you quite easily have a P1 in the middle.

You could have a P2 at the bottom right corner and a P3 at the back left corner, and then rotate it around so. I do think it could be quite a good half-point map. I'm not quite sure about the other game modes, but it definitely could be a good, fast-paced SMG map like we've seen, and I think that's what this game needs a lot more of.

It needs a lot more SMG maps because Rio is probably my favorite map to play on hardpoint. And now the third map here being added to mod Warfare 3 is a map called Grow House, which I believe is a remake of a map called Sphere from Vanguard. Now, I personally didn't play Vanguard, so I don't actually know how well this map played in pubs or whether it was even in rank play.

cod ew maps

I think from the articles I've seen on the CDL, I don't think this map was in rank play, and from what I've judged, I think the map's just a bit too narrow looking for that map overlay. I think if the map was a bit wider, I reckon this could potentially be a good little Search and Destroy map or something, but it does look a bit too narrow for a 4v4 competitive map.

Next up, we've got this brand new map called Tanked, and right from the start, straight away, I really like the style of this map. I like the art style, and I like the map layout. Again, straight away, it looks like it could be a great Hardo. Great search and control map; it's got so many different buildings; it's got quite a few walls as well, which look quite interesting.

cod mw3

Whether this is going to have to do with some of the water, but as you can see at the top of the picture, maybe some of it's going to be underwater within the tanks. But you know again, it could be a great search and destroy map because it looks like there are so many. It's not just a big map with open lanes; it looks like there's a lot of walls in the way where you know you have to run around these corners, so it could be a very good fastpac map, so I'm really looking forward to playing this.

You can see that at the bottom right and the bottom middle, there appears to be some sort of cave on the map. I presume it's supposed to be some sort of zoo, so you know there's some sort of cave system, which is again great for some potential fast-paced SMG gameplay. Next up, we also have checkpoints now.

Checkpoint is coming in season 3 Reloaded, so unfortunately won't be there right at the start, and I believe this is actually a point of interest on Rebirth Island. I don't personally play War Zone that much, so I'm not actually too sure on this map. Again, it looks quite similar to the first map we looked at or the second map, sorry, where it's quite small, so I'm not potentially sure on how well it will be added into rank play, but it might.

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You know, maybe a slight search on the SH map or a hard point again looks similar in size to Rio. Again, it could maybe do with a bit of extra width in that middle bit of CU. It does look like it's quite a narrow map in the middle, but you know, it looks like you got some buildings with a bit of elevation, so you know you could have certain hard points in certain different buildings up on the top and the bottom, like we saw on Mon Warfare 2 with Mardo, where you had a hill on the bottom and a hill on the top, and finally, with the maps, we're finishing up with a Grime, and now straight away, when you're looking at this, you'll instantly realize that this is a remake of London docks from World War II.

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I didn't play loads of World War II, but I did play it a little bit, and I did used to watch the CDL a little bit back then, so I do know that this is definitely a great hardpoint map. It's a bit of a pain here; we have to wait for season 3 Reloaded to get this map. Because it won't be available right at the start, which I really wish it was, but I guess that's what they do to keep the player base up throughout the season, so I'm really looking forward to playing this on Hardpoint and Search and Destroy CU.

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