News - Has Sledgehammer Fixed Spawns & Snaking. Cdl & Ranked Play Season 1 Update For Warzone 2


In the recent patch, Slow Cham has made two big changes to competitive Cod for the CDL settings in Modern Warfare 3, focusing on spawns and snaking. Now in this article, I'm going to be covering the spawns first and the snaking afterward, so just recently, Sledgehammer updated the spawn system for Modern Warfare 3 in the recent patch.

It was extremely chaotic and often led to certain maps, such as Subbase, being extremely contest-heavy. Now the wording from the patch note states, which I'll put on the screen here in Hardo Point, that several adjustments have been made to improve the flow of combat and increase control of team-owned areas.

The background footage is here for this game. Playay is me playing subbase on hardpoint with these new spawn adjustments in the new patch, so hopefully you can see how the spawns work on these new maps now, taking what Sledgehammer has written here so that they're improving the flow combat and increasing the control of Team Aries, and this makes you think that hopefully the new spawn system should focus very much on team control on the map because beforehand.

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You know you'd have three people set up on say a P2 rotation; you hold them at the back of the map, and they still would spawn behind you, so I think that's what Sledgehammer is trying to achieve. Now I'll go through some of the maps I've played here. So far, I've played all the maps, besides Skid Ro, since the latest update, so I'll go through the maps and talk about how I feel each map plays.

So starting off here with subbase, as this is the map that it's on in the background, I think subbase is one of these maps that's definitely improved. With the recent update now beforehand This map was so contest-heavy that you quite often saw games end—you know, maybe 150 points—because teams couldn't even get to the full 250 points before the game ended.

However, the couple of games I've played on Subbase since the update have all gone to the 250-hell mark, and on top of this as well, the scores have been like 250 to maybe 100-150. Beforehand, you'd have games with like 188 to 187. So the map definitely seems to flow a lot better, especially on P2 and P3.


You can hold these hills a lot better because. I think beforehand, on P2 you just had people spawn on either side really close, whereas now this time it seems like people are spoiling The Back Warehouse with P5 quite a lot on subbase, so definitely seems like good improvements have been made on subbase going up next onto karate from what I've played so far.

I feel like this was a really good map beforehand; however, the problem was that sometimes you would spawn in the far corner of the map, and this is the main issue for Karachi. However, from what I've played so far, it does seem like a really big improvement. You still get some spawn, like P3 when you're on the P2 Hill, but you don't quite spawn so far in the back.

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You do spawn a little, maybe three or four seconds closer to the hill, which doesn't seem that much, but it does make a good difference in terms of getting back into the fight and back into the map, however. I did see a clip on Twitter last night from one of the pro players. I can't remember what it was; it was one of the top American Challenger players, and I think it was like for P4, which is Church Hill, and everyone was just constantly spawning at the bat chickens or the B bomb site on Sear destroy.

It's like one person got killed by one person, then they spawned behind them, then they spawned behind them. That happened like four times in a row, and the players were just laughing, so like, what the hell's going on? So, I've not seen that much so far on K from what I've played, but obviously there are still a few fine tune adjustments that need to be made, but so far Karachi definitely seems good.

Now, Terminal was a map where the spawns kind of weren't great, but a lot of it has to do with the Half Point rotations. But the spawns in Terminal are definitely getting far worse. You often spawn out on the tarmac when it's you, the P1 or P2, and you spawn out on the TAC, and you've got to run even further to the hill, which just gives whatever team is playing the early setup on the hill such a big favor, so terminal.


I'd say. It's not the worst map in the game, but it definitely seems to have gone a bit further back with the new update. I was even playing earlier, and on the P3 rotation, I even had a teammate who died mid-rotation and spawned inside the plane in P3, so you shouldn't be rewarded by spawning inside a hard point.

You should always spawn away from a hard point, so they definitely need to be looking at spawns for terminals, and next up onto Invasion, my least favorite map in this game, and the spawns. I feel like some of the spawns are better, but certainly some of the palace spawns on P2 are just absolutely atrocious.

You know, you sometimes have it where people spawn behind you, but I was playing earlier and during P2. We spawn at the back, behind people who kill them, move up, they spawn behind us, kill them, and it was just the same thing repeated about four times, and P2 ended up getting no time because all it was people spawning back ice cream and back Palace repeatedly killing the people who had just killed them.


So I do think Invasion really does need to have its spawn looked at. I don't get why people are spawning right at the back; it seems like, from what I've seen, a lot of these maps and hard points. It seems like S. Hammer has kind of picked one map, so, let's say, for instance, the invasion map on P2.

You know they've picked their main anchor point of the back palace, and rather than it's like one team's in the area we need to spawn the other team out, it's like no, we're going to try spawn both teams at this one location regardless. So, maybe just something in the spawn logic needs to be looked at, because if the spawn logic does get sorted where you can't spawn behind people, maybe the map would become a lot better.

And finally, for Skid, I haven't actually played Skid yet since the new update. I really enjoyed Skid before, and I thought it was by far the best map on the game at the current time, so hopefully I don't really see too many issues with the spawns, maybe potentially on P2. They might make you spawn a little bit closer, because I think you quite often spawned if the enemy was holding P2.

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You'd either spawn at the barber shop at the end of the alleyway, or you'd spawn a kind of P3, near that plat area, so maybe you might spawn a little bit closer to the hill because that P2 is such a money hill it's so hard to break, so maybe they'll make you spawn a little bit closer, to give you a slightly better chance, but obviously I've not played it yet, so I'll let you guys know later on, and then next up, getting into the second update of rank play and the CDR rules, is that they've Nerf snaking quite hard, so the pros have recently just G of snaking.

Yo guys in this video, I'm discussing the recent changes to the spawn system in MW3 that was made in Season 1, and the nerf to snaking that has occurred from the latest patch from Sledgehammer games! Before the update the spawns on hardpoint were extremely bad! I discuss the spawn system and how spawns work based upon the couple of maps that I have played since the recent update.
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