News - Warzone 2 Ranked Play Breakdown: Skidrow Hardpoint (warzone 2 Season 1)


Now let's get into this game. So starting off here on this P1 I was holding garage got a bit unlucky with the time in there we've got one guy holding P2 and two pushing onto the hill I spawn up P3 size I'm just trying to cck these guys off time and pick up a nice little two-piece here; always get the three-piece.

I'm just kind of trying to chase this guy; unfortunately, he was sitting in a corner there waiting for me to push; that was a big play by him to. Beer, but here with 18 seconds left, we're getting a bit of time. We've still got a guy in P2, so we just want to be focusing on getting that back ticket control, so I'm just going to some guy in the garage to try and clear him out because we've still got one guy in P2, but my teammates are getting pinched on.

Pick up the GU, Graffiti, but that guy is P2. get the kill, but I do get traded off here, but we do have a number of advantages here over on P2. This P2 Hill is so key to hold. You know, holding this is pretty much going to win you the game. Ro this and the barber shop Hills were going to get the most time, and that last P5 Hill, so you can see a teammates over there on P5, just need to hold them off the cut off the cut sorry from the tunnel.


Push, and just whoever's in P2 like they don't even really need to be peeking to theer they just need to be playing for information, playing with a trophy down, and just playing their life as much as possible because I've done it quite a few times myself while you set P2 and you peek out with 20 seconds left and you get picked up like this guy here.

I mean, he was unfortunately watching from the wrong angle, but I cleared him up to get the last 20 seconds of the hill and even get the third kill as well, so there's a good bit of time there by myself, and that's a bit of a free piece. Now looking into the rotation here with P3 three, it looks like one teammate's pushing back apartments, one guy pushing tickets, and one guy's top mid, so he wants to cut across the back pick going into Garage.

I can't see any one ticket side yet, but I want to jump up here onto plat. I think one of my teammates did call that there was someone out top side somewhere, but I'm hitting a flank round the back onto laundry. I've seen the red dots on the mini map. I know there's one in this back alley. Pick up the trade.

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Unfortunately, I get traded myself. I probably should have waited to regen because I was weak from that first gun fight, so if I just held back a bit, I could potentially have won that next gun fight. Now, with 30 seconds left, it's kind of pointless pushing that P3 hill. Because by the time you get there, there's only going to be about 15 seconds left, so I'm just focusing up here next on the P4 rotation onto Barber Shop, because again, you hold this barber shop, and it's very hard to break.

Well, it's not impossible to break compared to P2 and P5, but it's definitely very hard to. Break, so I pick up a guy there in the apartments and then just anchor into the map with an AR. Now if I push this, do I push this? I think I'm waiting for him to push this back alley here; however, he obviously runs across top mid, so I'm throwing in there just to try and stop him from pushing that if he does hold the mid cut.

cod mw3 ranked

Here, pick up a kill, so I've got this whole midcut here and the top five, so no one can come from the middle side of the map unless they go for laundry. All my team needs to do is Lally watch the tunnel on the stairs, so technically they should have a number advantage, but they do get picked up. I get a C out shooting between two people there, so my team probably should have done a little bit better there in terms of holding the barber up hill, but it does happen, so we're 30 seconds here again looking to rotate.

pick up a kill on the rotation just in the alleyway if anyone else runs across, because my teammate has got control of the hill now they're definitely going to be pushing this ticket side of the map, jumping up on this back crates here just to get a bit of an alternate angle do see one guy I do get picked up unfortunately I probably could have pushed into that red crate there's a little bit of a head glitch just on the other side of that red crate which is always good to stand.

cod mw3 ranked hardpoint

On, but again, just looking where my team is pushing, someone on tickets already, so just picking up the trades and getting onto the time. I do like sitting on this range over here. You can get some nice headies looking towards both the tunnel garage and the ticket side. You just need to be a bit careful because if someone goes on the top ticket, they can actually shoot you off this bit.

War bang as well; so many surfaces on this game, so like how I kill that guy there, it's always worth W bang on people. You can shoot through so many surfaces this year compared to last year, and I think, as well, you actually don't get quite as much reduced damage as last year. You used to get really bad reduced damage trying to war bang people, but it seems like this year you pretty much do like 80% damage, which makes it really worth trying to war bang people again.

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Look, you see there that guy was top ticket, but I think I did get prone blocked there, and it forced me to stand up. I think that's what I was complaining about during the game. Play, yeah, so get killed off, Topet. I'm not really sure why that go pushed the time with one second left but going back onto this P1 rotation here so we got a nice bit of time on at P5 again we've got his teammate sat P2 already which is really good, news but I think he did actually just get killed cuz we're all on this side of the map so me I think yeah me and vby here playing for this P2 rotation pretty early on there's one guy in there pick him up, was there anyone else, no that was just him so me and vby double pushing that getting the 2v one securing that kill and now me and vby just by that one play we've got the whole PT rotation set up, they're going to pretty much be even again Look.

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I chowed that, but I almost got myself killed in the process, so there wasn't any need for me to Chow that, but I know that there is one beneath me, so I know that he's going to push up on the stairs, so I just jumped out the window and caught him on a good time, because I know that he thinks I'm just going to be S there stationary at the top, but because we've rotated early and we've got this full rotation, they did catch up a little bit on the score on there with about a 10c difference, but we should be able to hold us pretty much the whole.

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