News - 5 Ways Warzone 2 Ranked Play Can Be Improved


Now that I am playing my solo Q-only bronze iridescent series This game can be so hard at times in Solo, especially when you're playing against four-man stacks who are all communicating, when you know potentially you've got four random players on your team with no communication. Don't get me wrong, when people are communicating in Solo, it's actually absolutely great, and it makes the game so much easier.

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However, other games, such as League of Legends, implement this by having game modes where you can only play solo or duo. And therefore if you want to play in a full team there is even a separate rank for a full team mode in League of Legends, and even I think back in the day you know Black Ops 2 had something similar to this where you had your own individual rank where you could play solo Q or Duo Q or I think even in a Freeman stack, however if you want to play in a full fourman team in Black Ops 2 rank play you actually even had a whole specific rank just for that team so you could even have something similar to that or in other gam such as Halo infinite they have it where you can play in a fourman stack up to the Onyx rank but once you get to Onyx 1600 and above which is probably the equivalent to like high Crimson you can only play solo or joq only so potentially on COD you could have this where you know maybe you get to Crimson 2, and after Crimson 2 you can only play solo or Duo it would definitely make the game a lot more competitive, because.

When the people are in four-man stacks fully communicating and you're playing against people who are potentially playing solo Q with no coms, there is such an unfair disadvantage in that because it's just so much easier on this game to win, especially with communication. In a four-man stack. I definitely think a good option here would be to have two separate playlists, one for solo q and Jo q, and then maybe one for like trios and squads, and potentially.

I think it might even be a good idea to have separate ranks for these solo q and squads. It would also show you how good of a player you are in solo Q compared to being in a squad, because I definitely do think you know if you show that you can hit iridescent solo Q only against everyone else in solo Q.


I think that's probably more impressive than hitting iridescent in a four-man stack, and then by having the option to have a solo du Q playlist or sell team playlist, it still gives you the option to play with your friends because a lot of the issues people have with that Halo are once they get to 1600 onx or above.

You can't play with your friends, or you can't go into rank play with your full team, so you have to only play solo, which definitely ruins your experience with people higher up in the ranks who still want to play with their mates. The next way I would improve a Modern Warfare 3 rank system is to implement a proper ELO system.

The way the current Sr system works is very much based on, like, your last 20 games, and it's very much based on, obviously, whether you want or lose, but it's also based on your individual kind of statistics, which can essentially lead to certain players looking to improve their stats rather than specifically going for a win, whereas what you should have in a rank player is that it should solely be based on whether you win or lose the game, not whether you've dropped 35 kills, and then therefore you get an extra 15 Sr.

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The game should just be you win or lose; you get plus 15 minus 15, roughly depending on the opponent's skill level that you're based on. Think of those games where you know you're playing hard point and you're down 150 points, and you come back and you win 250 to 249. That's such a well-deserved win, and yet you'll get less Sr for that than if you win 250 to 100.

So, the way the SR system works in this game, as I get to you, is that it rewards players who are playing well with their KD to potentially boost them up through the ranks. However, when you get more Sr for a 3-0 win compared to a 3-2 comeback. I don't get what they're trying to do in terms of, like, you know, if you've got one Freo, you're clearly a better team than the other one, but it doesn't reward those fulfilling comebacks because you might pull off a crazy 1v4 clutch on the last round of Search and Destroy and you only get plus 25 Sr.

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However, if they had an ELO rating system, it would mean that you'd get the same points no matter what the score of the win was. They might be able to change your score; say, if you're going to get 15 points for a win, you might get 17. Let's say you win 3–0, or you might get 13 if you win 65. I think something like that would be a bit better than that.

The kind of drastic change where it can go from plus 30 to plus 32, but if you win 3, you get plus 45. Like it, that's too much of a contrast, because having a true ELO system would mean that people actually focus on chess during the game especially rather than stat ping you know you see there a game such as Counter Strike League of Legends where they have a proper true ELO rating and then depending on what your ELO rating is that gives you a certain skill for example you might be Diamond 2, or grandmas or something and just for those who aren towar and ELO rating is a method for calculating skill levels which was initially based on chess during the 1960s.

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And each player is assigned a numerical rating based on their performance against other rated players, for example. If someone's a really high-rated player and they beat someone who's maybe 100 points below them, they won't receive as many points as if the person who's below them beats the higher-rated person.

That person who's below them will get loads of points, so for example, if you're in rank play and you play Someone Like scumpy, you'd get more points for him because he's probably a higher rating than you are, so if you do come up against really high-rated people, obviously the Matchmaker system would try to match people in a kind of tight range.

Maybe if your skill rating was 1,700, you could only play from 1600 to 18800, but obviously if you're like 1650 and you play against 1750, you might get 20 points for that win rather than 15, so it definitely incentivizes you to play well against higher-rated players. Now, the third way I'd improve mon rank players is to enforce communication, especially when you're playing solo Q.

In this video, I discuss 5 ways that MW3 Ranked Play can be improved, from discussing solo queue only playlists, balancing the map pool, changing the SR system to an Elo system, anti cheat improvements and more.
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