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In this article, I'm going to be showing you the best five classes you want to use in season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 rank play, which you can see on the screen here. I finished Iridescent based on my character model from Modare 3. I've been iridescent on the last cod as well, and I also used to compete at land events back on Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty Go, so from playing the season.

I've found these five classes to be the best classes to be using so far. I've got a couple of assault rifle classes, a great rival class, and a great Striker class to be, and just quickly before we get into the article. I'll really appreciate it if these classes help you in any way. So getting into the gunsmith here Starting off with the first class, here we have a no-barrel MCW build.

This is great. You know, the L4R recently got slightly nerfed. So there's no Barrel build; it was floating around a bit before the recent update, but it's a great alternative to use because quite often, what my class was before was pretty much the same class with the lar flash Hyder on. But if we get into it, we're adding onto the RAR grip, so I'll get into all the attachments here.


So we've got the default 16 1/2 in MCW barrel, and getting into that bullet velocity and extended range, we've got the standard Markree and Reflector. We're then using the RB Precision heavy stock personally. I just really like the way the aiming idle sway and aiming stability work on this. If you want a bit more recoil control, you can go for the Regal heavy stock, but personally, I just love how much of a laser beam this gun is because it doesn't move at all when you aim in.

Next up, we're using the x10 Phantom 5 for a bit more recoil control because we aren't using that heavy stock. We want a little bit more recoil control, but if you are using the Regal heavy stock, you can potentially switch up to this XRK, which is similar to the old DR6 hand stop. And then, finishing up here with the RB claw grip because we don't have the L for Flash harder muzzle on, we're getting an extra 10% recoil and 7% horizontal and vertical.

best mcw class

Now, this isn't quite as much as the L for Flash Hider, but the Flash Hider did come with an ad penalty, which you don't get here, so this is a slightly faster ad MCW. Compared to the L4R build, going into the Ren here, we've got the standard Ren with the long barrel, because looking at those statistics, you really want that increased bullet velocity and damage range.

I got the Slate reflector and found it helps it a lot easier to aim. We've got the folding stock again, just a hell of a lot of recoil, reduced, and finishing up with the eclipse of grip just for some better sprint to fire speed and some better movement speed, so when you got that retti out and you're moving between hard points or sprinting to a certain destroy point, you can move a little bit faster on the map.

Next up on the Tactical, we're using stun grenades; unless we're playing search, you might want to put a smoke on. Using CX mainly uses frag grenades because you can throw frags over the map, but frags still get slightly nerfed, so potentially you might want to be using Senex on some more of your maps.

best mw3 classes

Next up, I'm running the trophy system with the Quick Grip gloves, my cover sneakers, and EOD padding. So that's the first class. Now let's get into the second class. The second class we have here is Rival 9. Now I've changed it just a little bit because the Rival did get a bit more of a recoil control.

Nerf, so I've changed the muzzle here to be the mini break muzzle break because beforehand we were using the purifier muzzle break, but you can see on the statistics here that you're only reducing that horizontal recoil by 18%. Sorry, and you're actually losing 10% on the damage range and 8% bullet velocity, however, when you look at the mini break.

You gain 28% horizontal recoil control; you get almost an improved 10% horizontal recoil; and with the Rival 9, it is a gun that very much jumps side to side, so you really want to have dead straight control. Because the vertical recoil is quite easy to control, you are losing out on 5% vertical but an extra 10% horizontal, which makes the gun shoot like an absolute laser beam.

best ranked classes

Then on to the rest of the attachments, still running the Rival clear-shot sea barrel. For all the extra recoil control still running in the MTZ Marauder. Stock. I got the Rival Vice assault grip onto the rear grip, and then finishing up here. I'm still using the Bruin P vertical grip again. I got that nice recoil control.

You do lose a little bit of ad speed here compared to some other hand stops, but I definitely do like that Bruin pivotal vertical grip. If you just jump into the far range, you'll see what I mean by that. How Yeah, it does have a little bit of recoil control, but you'll see the gun doesn't really move side to side at all at the longer range; it probably will, like you're going to struggle at those super long ranges, but this gun is really good at close range.

best striker class mw3

You can see how little it moves; I'm only just having to control that recoil, so it's still a great SMG to use even after the recent Nerfs and then the same Renity build as earlier. Just go to the guni if you want to pause it. And then again, with the same stun grenade frags trophy systems running that Quick Grip gloves covert sneakers and EOD padding with the Quick Grip gloves recently, you also take your kill streaks out a lot faster.

The tablet is really great. You know you get that cruise missile nowadays; you can just throw that cruise missile straight away. And on top of this, the buffed weapon swap speed is extremely nice again. If I just go into the fire range here quickly, you'll see how fast you just swap weapons, so like, you can wiwi so fast you can swap weapons to your pistol super quick you can swap back to your gun, really quick, and if we quickly just go to change, for example, we want to use the assault gloves.

If we go back into the firing range here, you can see how slow it is. There's like a 1 second delay, like the gun goes away at the same speed, but there's like a 1 second delay between switching, so you can see how good those Quick Grip gloves are, and I'll just put them back in my class just so I don't forget the next time I go into a game.

cod mw3

The next class here is my old L4R flash Hyder class that I was using before. It is still a very good class to use, and I'm keeping it here just in case I'm having one of those games where, you know, sometimes if you're in the blender a bit, you just need to change up your class and just change what you're doing slightly.

We have the RB Precision heavy stock; we've got the Mark 3E reflector; we have the 16-in barrel; we've got the L4R flasher Muzz. You can see what I'm talking about earlier there with the 8% ad penalty, so that's why the no-barrel build is actually quite good if you want a little bit of a faster-paced.

In this video I'm showing you the best 5 classes to use during Season 3 of MW3 Ranked Play to help you climb the ranks and hit iridecsent.
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