News - Warzone 2 Ranked Play Breakdown: Karachi Hardpoint (warzone 2 Season 1)


I'm going to be covering some key areas to hold and going through my thought process during this game now, just quickly before we get into this game play. Now let's get into this game. So starting off here. I'm pushing the top chickens here because so many people want to push that top third area, so it's sometimes quite a good kind of jumping up on the left-hand side, getting an alternate angle, because if people just pre-aiming that top can potentially get picked off.

I'm just holding this left side of the flank. Here, my teammates have control of the hill and the right side of the map, so I'm going to be catching anyone who's going to be running that top P4 area or at this left side street; unfortunately. I don't pick anyone up. Actually, I think, yeah, I get it.

I got gunned down by Vie there. I was playing against Feby; he's one of my good friends; he's a solid player; make sure you drop his YouTube a sub as well, so unfortunately, he picked me off. But at least I was able to get the information from my team that the left side was completely clear so that they could just focus on that midcut and the right-hand side, and now we're getting into the rotation here onto P2.


As a team, we hadn't really rotated too well onto this hill, but I'm just playing for that top red control. The top red controller is so key on the map. You saw that on the mini map, there's someone beneath me who's really important this year. Keep an eye out on your mini map for all those red dots; it's going to give you so much information.

I thought you got Gunn from the guy head glitching in the hill. We probably should have played that a little bit slower there, but we've got a nice little lead going to this hill, so we've got a bit of time to break it. This hill can be held so easily, so I'm just trying to clear out this red area again.

You can see that my teammates are on the back of the hill, and we're just pinching in here because my teammates are getting killed around the hill. Clear up the guard on the hill, get a nice two-piece there, and now I'm looking where my teammates are positioning; they're all on the left-hand side, so I'm thinking they might be coming from the jump up.

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And my teammates are now rotating, and the only bit of the map left is this back alley, so I'm just holding this point just in case they hit a last-minute break on the hill. And it looks like they just all rotated, so I'm just kind of keeping an eye on anyone in red. But I was just seeing that my teammates kind of spawned in the back alley there, so I think we're all good hits to rotate.

Now a lot of people would rotate straight through red, but you know, I thought I'd pinch through mid-map instead because if I go through red, someone might be sitting in a corner. Going through midway, you can get a big bit of a better push onto the hill. I thought I got picked up there, and I think I should have played a bit slower, but I did get a cool L.

You can see my teammate Cooks up there, and I think he gets the assist. I think I get quite lucky here. Yeah, someone spawns right in front of me as I run through the chickens there. The spawns are still a little bit dodgy in this game, but again, as a team, we've got to, like, top triple control, pick up Vby there, and jump on the hill myself.

cod mw3 ranked

I got a trophy. A trophy down probably should do for 25. seconds, but we should be able to hold this for a good 20. My teammates are all starting to rotate. I see there's someone behind me; he might potentially pinch the hill. I man to get a lucky timing on the slide as he runs past I just reposition on the other side of the Hill because a lot of times people will break into that back door of the hill and just instantly pre-fire inside the desk so I thought if I go on the other side if someone does hit the time late I can't get pre-fired straight away and then again just keeping that top triple control, the height control on these Maps is so good to have I've just spoted someone there top, red, get the CO light in front door week get a n on it too now for this hill you have the enemy team will have spawn well your teams will either spawn on red side of the map or back P4, so I've just seen my team have spawned back P4 so I know that all around this red side of map and we're hitting a pinch on the.

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Hill and because we've been on that red side. I know that the spawns are going to flip. You just see that on the top left, my team has just spawned back red, and these guys are spawning on the van and B bomb, so I pick up a nice two-piece there, a nice three-piece to secure that hill. A good thing I'd recommend doing if you're playing eights or if you have friends that are playing eights is to just go into codcaster mode and look at the spawns or get one of your friends to record the game.

That's what happened the other day when I was playing some scrim and Vebby was spectating, and he was able to screen record it and upload it for the people that are playing in the game to YouTube, and you can just sit there and watch in codcaster mode, like you can see the number on your little mini map, where you're pushing, and just seeing where the enemy team spawns.

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So just from watching when we played Karachi hardpoint during that P4 Hill, I know the spawns are either red or back P4 in the BSD. So just from watching that one article, I've been able to coordinate that play there, where I've manipulated the spawns. I've picked up a free piece just for watching: 20 seconds of OD gameplay, so if you do that repeatedly for all the different MCHS, you're going to understand the spawn so well here, so play into P5.

We really need that red control. I just play my time slowly. Here, pick up the kill on the hill; unfortunately, Vbe gets to trade on, Me, but we got a nice little lead here, a 40-cent lead going into P1. We should have been able to hold us for the last 20 seconds. Now we're looking forward to setting up for P1.

I'm calling them M. Cruz because I'm thinking I can get them off the top third or just get some information for my team. Unfortunately, my teammate there got picked up on the hill, but there's a guy on the staircase and a guy on the P4, so even if you don't get Kill by Shak, they're so good for calling that information.

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I'm just playing my life SL, waiting for that guy to run into the hill and pick up The. Kill, and do I pick up? Yeah, pick up the two pieces get traded there unfortunately, but just by playing my gun a little bit slomythere, I wasn't rushing him for the kill straight away. Just having a bit of trigger discipline enabled me to get to get two pieces and some; that's all you need to do, you know, rather than shooting straight away someone just playing that slow, waiting for someone to run past, especially with the silence on, don't know that you're behind them.

Yo guys in this video, I'm giving you a breakdown of Karachi Hardpoint whilst I am playing it in BPL 8s.
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