News - This Is Iridescent Snd Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Warzone 2 Season 2


We're playing some Search and Destroy at iridescent rank in Modern Warfare 2 rank play now in this game I am playing joku with Galaxy and we're against the fre bound stack of some players that we both know, so we know that we're in for quite a sweaty game this game, so starting off onto the attack around.

I'm going to be doing a bit of a live or post commentary over this game play. I did smoke out the bombsite connector there, thinking it was a stun grenade, so unfortunately I did throw out a smoke, but I was just playing here for a bit of a rush on the. Plane i really do like rushing the plane with the sub, probably I finding the best way to attack on Terminal if you go that left side on to B it can be extremely hard, but unfortunately they had two down at bottom plane you know quite often there's only one person down there at the bottom of the plane, so normally you would expect that one so got if it was a one V one gunfight I probably would have won it but unfortunately Alfred was there to get his trade for his teammate, but we do got 10 in the round L our teammate picks up the final kill onto Genesis there.


Really, you know, I've always said before that I really don't like it too much. I think with the season 2 major in what's like two to three weeks now, it's like the start of April. Hopefully, just after that, we'll see some more maps added to the mod Warfare 3 map pool. Hopefully, any maps that they bring out during season 3 might get added earlier on because the issue with season 2 was that I think the season 2 got released on, let's say I can't remember what day it was but say February 15th.

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And the deadline for them to include the maps into the M competitive pool was like the day before on the 14th, so it just didn't make any sense where essentially the cut off date was before the maps even got released how are the pros even going to know if the maps are good so hopefully the deadline is a few days or at least maybe a week after, season 3 when it drops I think the season's got what probably about 20 days left or so somewhere around there but we you get a nice full bullet I think that is a full bullet kill onto Genesis cuz I absolutely ripped them off their head, and here there's one person alive on the enemy team is Alfred who just killed CT around back Library so we know here we got a 3 one advantage we just need to play this nice and.

Slow, make sure we just make a trade, and here I think Galaxy picks up the kill there; he's on three and 0, and I'm on one and 0. To start, I'm having a bit of a slow game this game, but we definitely do pick it up a bit later in the rounds. Ni slide cancel there just to go 20 into the round. It's definitely a lot more sweaty playing these iridescent rank lobbies; you know you're playing against people who.

You know i mean i've played the first 2K, but like Galaxy's, I've played quite a few of the 2Ks. Alfred on the other team has played quite a few of the 2Ks, and I think Genesis as well, who he's playing with, has played a lot of these 2K Challenger tournaments, so at these ranks, you know you're playing against people who are very good at the game, who are trying to compete at a very high level, so all these searchers, destroyers, and hard work earn points.

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At iridescent rank, we are going to be extremely competitive, which is always fun to play. You know, it's so much more enjoyable playing these close tightnit maps compared to games where you're just winning 60 in like a lower rank such as diamond or Crimson. So it's always great to play these high-level games.

Is it just a shame, you know, that hackers do ruin some of the iridescent games? From what I've played so far, the hackers don't quite seem to be as bad as they were when rank play first dropped, so I'm not too sure if Roch is actually working or whether it's just that I've not played it much in the couple of games I have played.

We have been quite lucky, but we do go down two. Unfortunately, I didn't quite see that guy, who was behind the pillar. G gets a bit of bad cut timing there. I'd love to see C be like studied, because it's absolutely insane how, like, you're sprinting somewhere, you turn away for a split second, and as soon as you turn away, the person comes around the corner.

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There, a little two1, leader, is going to be playing to the plane side again on this defense. Personally, I like to hold the plane, which is my personal preference, over the B side because I feel like you quite often need to rush the B if you're on those B heads. You can quite easily get shot off over the Planters, especially when they start throwing smoke grenades down and rush you up close.


You're kind of in a bit of a bad situation, so you force a drop-off. B, so I think Galaxy here you can see the little green dot there he's got my low side he's coming out to me if anyone does cross, he does pick up one kill and I get again really bad called time in there he called out I can remember he called out there was one there and I saw a red dot on the mini map so I'm thinking right then me Sprint up Galaxy just got the kill most likely the other person sat back, dreams and you know is waiting for some sort of push or maybe he going to rotate round but there was actually two of them so if I would have known two of them I would have just stayed by playing but unfortunately you know I get some bad C timing Sprint up and as I Sprint up the person pushes into the plane di was proper tilted off that and his teammates end a 1 V3 has picked up the first kill but you know they have got the bomb down here 29 seconds left it's quite unlikely.

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That, going to get this defuse, and he does get spotted there I think it's Alfred and mid and you know he's just playing his life well playing there snaking, doing the correct thing just running that timer down and their teammate does pick up the trade to make it two we're still on we're one to three so we're not having the best of starts, in this game you know snd is such a momentum based game as well where you can quite easily go from, you see it even in like the CDL so if you see these reverse sweeps of when people are 5 nil 51 down, yeah you can see on the right side there that we're up against a Freeman stack unfortunately our seates aren't communicating this game you know I've got my push to talk on if I need to call out certain things but if people AR calling out to you do sometimes wonder why both calling out to them in the first.

Place, again trying to play that right-hand side. I know that they've been shouldering this plane quite a few times. I'm just trying to hit a nade and catch anyone shouldering this plane, and they are throwing these nades up, so I know that there's one beneath me on these windows. I'm just prepping it just in case people try to jump up.

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