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But looking at these skins just to start off with, I feel like the gold skin, starting off with the lowest one here, actually suits the kit quite well. You know, black and gold go together quite well, but when you move into some of the other kits, I've had to. The person who was showing on Twitter didn't have the platinum rank, so I've had to take the diamond rank and change the colors around to make it look green, so I'll put that on the screen now.

I feel like the green and the gold aren't too bad, but when you get into the diamonds, it's not too bad, but especially when you get into Crimson. Crimson almost looks orange rather than red, which is really strange. I don't know if it's just the images the person had on the PC or the color corrections, but compared to last year, it was that deep, nice red, and this year it looks horrible; it looks really orangey.

It doesn't look nice at all, and then getting into iridescent as well, the iridescent skin. I don't know if it gives me quite like Tron Vibes if any of you guys ever watched the Tron movies or then like neon lines kind of a bit cyber punkish, so it's not too bad. I think I personally do prefer last year's skins because these skins look a bit futuristic; you know, they look like they'll fit in, maybe like a Black Ops futuristic style game, not necessarily a modern warfare style game, whereas last year it was the hoodie that the rank-play character skin compared to this new CDL.


Outfit I think the hoodie suited the kind of Modern Warfare theme quite well, but then this looks a bit too futuristic for my liking. The operator skins are the only thing that you get for rank. Play Rewards now. In rank play rewards, you are also going to be getting the calling cards and emblems as we've had in the previous season, so I'll show them on the screen now, which you can actually view in the calling card and emblem section of the game at the moment because they are just currently locked.

However, in the previous one, I think someone had to do some dodgy software to be able to unlock those operators. However, going into the cooling cars here Starting off with the top 250, these are just the animated ones. I couldn't find any calling cards for the lower ranks, such as Crimson Diamond and stuff, but I'm sure there will be some, but I did find these animated ones.


You know, you've got some top 250 and iridescent ones that we'll go through, so starting off here, you got the top 250 animated coing cards. It looks quite nice, but again, it just doesn't seem to suit the Modern Warfare theme. This looks like if anyone used to play it, it looks like a Black Ops 1 style calling card from back in the day; it looks quite like the 70s and 80s.

Compared to last year anyway, and then going on to the next one here. We have the top; this is if you finish first place in rank play. Now this one looks a bit better. This one looks a bit more modern. For anyone who will finish number one in rank play, but as we all know from before, we saw it last year when they added weapon skins for the top 250.

I really encouraged the hackers to come into rank play and just really mess up the game, so when you have calling cards for finishing rank one in rank play, it's just going to make the hackers want to play and grind for that number one spot even more, which if there were no hackers, would be absolutely great.

cod competitive

You know you see that person with the number one calling card, and you think they're probably one of the best players in the game, but most likely the people are going to be using this number one calling card; they're definitely just going to be cheated, so if you see anyone with it, it just defeats the point of having that number one when you know most likely they aren't legit unless they're playing on console potentially, and then next up here we have the animated, iridescent calling card for model Warfare 3, and now I think this again.

I don't know how they've gone from last year's calling cards looking great, like the one on the right-hand side of that iridescent that doesn't even look purple. It's more blue. Maybe if they changed the star to purple and the wings to a more purple color, it might look a bit better, but it almost looks like a diamond-style calling card.

cod iridescent

Maybe it's just an old placeholder that they've not updated until the rank play comes out, but hopefully they do actually update this to improve it because the left-hand side of it looks good. The rank play for season one. Modern Warfare 3 however the right side I think definitely needs to be a lot more purple, because it seems a bit underwhelming if you're going to finish iridescent within that top 1%.

Normally, you want something a bit better than substandard. Calling card, also. I found this calling card, and this doesn't have any particular rank attached to it; it just says rank play for Modern Warfare 3, so this might be a general reward of maybe playing 50 games or 100 games or maybe getting into Crimson, for instance, but this one actually looks quite good.

Hopefully, a lot of people will be able to attain this calling card, and then next up, we have the animated Emblems for finishing on your rank play season now, unlike the character skins where the character skins only go from gold upwards, the emblems do actually go from bronze all the way to the top 250 here, so as you can see on the screen now, we're starting off with Bronze in season one rank play, not bad looking for all these different ones then moving on to.

cod mw3

I don't know why these aren't in order; you got Crimson. the Crimson It's a lot deeper red compared to the operator's skin diamond gold iridescent. I liked the purpleness of the iridescent or pink, then got the diamond silver and the top 250. I think the top 250 looks a lot better compared to last year, and it's just strange how you know that Crimson looks so much more red compared to the character models, so maybe the character models are slightly out of date, guys.

There it is: all the rank-play rewards coming for season 1 reloaded. I'm sure there might be a few little extra ones in there, but I'm sure we all expected to get some cool Cols emblems and character skins.

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