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You guys, we just had the patch notes released for Modern Warfare 3 season 2, and there's been some huge changes that have been made to health regeneration, new rank player Maps ads sway MCW Nerfs, and more. Now let's get into this article. Now the first B Activision's blog post is talking about ads for Idol Sway, and they explain just what Idol Sway is: It's a mechanic that discourages players from holding their sites for an extended period of time with constant settle motion that introduces a slight inaccuracy; therefore, you can't just sit there pre-aiming the doorway for maybe 20 to 30 seconds without having any sort of penalty where if you sit there aiming, your weapon is going to move slightly, so the Chang is now the ad's sway initiates shortly after aiming down sight, so rather than straight away, there is now a 5 millisecond.

Delay before the ads OS s kicks in but they do mention here that this does change depending on which weapon you're using so i' imagine if you're using something like an lmg it might be a bit quicker, because obviously the weapon supposed to be a bit heavier so it might be hard to use however if he's on a pistol or a sub it might be a bit of a longer delay cuz technically the weapons a lot easier to handle now it is noted here as well that snipers are not included in this change and I think this is mainly just to stop sniping being really overpowered, because if you knew that when you ads that your sniper wouldn't move a millimeter people would just be quick scoping people left right and center.

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And the little bit at the bottom of this text here is that these changes ensure that players with fast reflexes and precise aim aren't disadvantaged the moment they aim down site, so it's actually going to reward those more skilled players. Next up in the blog post, continuing with the aim. Is it a change of fire?

Crosshair sway now they mentioned here that the trajectory of bullets is represented by the hitfire Crosshair position on the player screen and previously, this was influenced by any direction of the weapon causing the firing to deviate from the center of the screen so if you're spinning around and trying to hit fire, it could potentially make your aim a lot worse however they've now mentioned that hitfire crossair will no longer sway from the center of the screen whilst the player moves or rotates the camera, and therefore weapon bullet trajectory is now truly aligned with the hipfire Crosshair and therefore the center of the player screen so they go on to mention here as well that these changes actually reward skillful aim and simply put where you're aiming is where exactly your bullets are going to go you're not going to get any weird.

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For interactions where you're sliding around corners or changing your camera angle, there's a couple little bug fixes here, and the first one here is actually a really good fix. I'm so glad they've managed to fix this. It says here that players will no longer dive while using the slide-only option on their controller.

This is really great news. There are times when you dolphin dive where you don't want to be diving at all, so that's really great news to hear that this has actually been fixed. Next up, this is quite a big change to the game, reducing the delay before health regeneration from 4 seconds down to 3 seconds; that's a 25% reduction.

Decrease in how long it takes to start regenerating your health, and on top of this, they've also increased the health regeneration speed from 40 health per second to 75, which is 88%. Increase in the health rate. Now they've mentioned here that they've adjusted the health regen to better match the pace of gameplay, so for now it will take about 5 seconds to heal from 1 to 150 health, where beforehand it was about 7 and a half seconds.

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So these changes should make gaming a lot faster, especially with game mods such as Search and Destroy. This means you might be able to clutch up those 1v2 situations a little bit better because if you get hit with a couple of bullets, you know that health regen is going to kick in a whole second quicker and you're going to be healing 80% faster, so you're definitely going to be able to pull off those clutch 1v2 situations, and it's definitely going to take a little bit of time to kind of get that muscle memory built in of when you can and can't CH players.

This change definitely feels like a good change for the game and should be really fun to play with. I definitely felt like there were some times where I'd get hit by a couple of bullets, and sometimes I did feel like it took so long to restore your health, especially when you're weak in a situation where you really need to help out your teammate.

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Sometimes there were certain situations where you literally couldn't do anything; you're stuck and you lose the game, whereas now you'll actually have the opportunity to help your teammates win the game. Now next up for Moder Warfare 3 rank play, we've got one big weapon, Nerf, and that is to the AR now with the MCW.

They've increased the ad speed from 240 milliseconds to 260 milliseconds, so they've made it 10% slower for ads, and on top of this, they've increased the sprint to fire time from 240 to 250 by an extra 5%, so the MCW has been hit with a bit of a Nerf in terms of bullets. It still hits the same and does the same damage, but it's just that sprint to fire speed and ad speed, so you're not going to be able to be quite mobile with the MCW.

And they've replaced it with Rio Search and Destroy. I've not personally played Rio for snd, but however I have played on Hardo, it does seem like it could be quite a good snd map, and on top of this, terminal hardpoint has been removed and has been replaced with Rio as well. Again, I did like terminal hardpoint, but.

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It was very much dependent on which side of the map you spawned on; if you spawned on the good side, you were almost guaranteed to win the game. God knows what the win percentage must have been on the bad side; it must have been 10 to 20%, so, although I did enjoy Terminal. I think they could have just potentially moved some of the spawns a bit closer on the sky side, but this has been replaced with Rio Hard Point, and I have actually played Rio in eights before rank play was released, and I would say it plays as a very good map; definitely, it's extremely fastpaced, and it's probably going to be one of those highest kill maps where you might even start seeing some 50 bombs.

On this game, which hasn't been seen much so far, and on top of this as well, Subbase has returned. They fixed the issue with P3 from the contest spot, so I'm so glad Subbase has returned. This is one of my favorite hardpoint maps to play, and just going on here, we've got some new content restrictions in the SVA.

In this video I discuss the HUGE Changes in Season 2 covering Health Regen, ADS Sway changes, MCW Nerfs, SR Changes and more.
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