News - Use These 4 Classes To Hit Iridescent Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Warzone 2 Season 1


So getting into the classes here, there are three main classes but a potential fourth class, which I'll discuss later on, so starting off with the first class here is like my no recoil, really good to use that long range MCW, class, so this one is going to be really focused on getting people off head glitches, especially on this game a lot of the maps such as you know terminal Invasion they're all very much long Lanes a lot of head glitches people just sit on the headies and hold lines of sight so you need to be able to have a gun with really good recoil control, and it's going to allow you to rip people off these hees.

So getting into the gunsmith here using the t-51 belated break, which is going to increase your vertical recoil, as you can see from the stats here, is dropping the vertical recoil by 23%, which is huge. Next up, we got the standard 16-in barrel, which is just going to help you increase that damage range for longer-range gunfights.

Next up on the optics, I've got the Slate reflector. People are going between this and the Mark 3 reflector. Is even this NAAR model 2023? Personally, I just prefer the slight reflector on this build for the no-recoil one, and then we've got the Regal Heavy, Stock, again for more recoil control.

best mcw class

177% recoil control and an extra 16% horizontal recoil control as well. You are going to miss out on a little bit of advertising here, and then finally we have the RB claw grip, 8% vertical and 7% horizontal, which is really good for repping people off those heads. Next up, we've got the Rene with the two attachments that allow on the Rene are the movement attachments, so you've got better movement speed on the short competition barrel, and then on the rear grip, here we've got more movement speed on the Grip.

So this is just going to help you know how to traverse around the map when you're sprinting off the start using your pistol because knives are banned on this map. For rank play with 150 health, people were just sitting in corners by doors and just knifing people, so the knives are actually banned on rank play this year.

However, if you're using a pistol, you want to have that best, fastest movement speed next up on the stun grenades. For tacticals, that's pretty standard there; I think that's like your only option. Obviously, it's a centx or frag grenade, depending on what map you're playing. If you play a frag grenade to be op for a frag grenade to hit certain spots, for the field upgrade, you're going to be running one of two things, so in the eights, it is actually supposed to be two trophy systems per team.

best mw3 classes

I'm not sure how that's going to be included in rank play, but if you know if you're playing eight or any sort of competitive, you're either running a trophy system or you're just running extra Dead Silence because they're the only two that can be used. And then next up on the gloves were the Marksman gloves to reduce that sway and flinch while you're ading, especially when you're holding them in long lines of sight.

With the AR, this is really key. Next up, we've got the covert sneakers. You don't want to be getting sound EQed out at all in this game. You know, sometimes people do run these, but with loudness EQ and the headsets people have, you really want to make sure that you're moving around the map really quietly, so the best option here is to just curve at sneakers.

best ranked classes

And finishing up with the e-D padding, and obviously the vest is just a standard in infantry vests; you can't use any other vest in competitive. Now getting into the second class, this is another MCW class, but as the first one was more of a no recoil class, this one is a lot more of a faster pce, more of a flexed, based assault rifle class where it's going to be focusing a lot more on the spread to fire speed and you're not going to have quite as good reco, control.

However, it's really good, you know, for their fast-paced movement, so we've still got the belated break on the muzzle. This is by far the best muzzle to use on the MCW. Onto the barrel still sticking with the 16 and 2 in barrel, and on the optic here personally for this one. I actually do like using the Mark 3 reflector just for this faster-paced AR one.

And then we don't have a stock; however, we are using the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop, so if you look in here, we get 10% better EDS speed—well, almost 10%. You get 9%, you get 9% better sprint to fire speed, and you still get that good 4.5% vertical recall control. So you still have a bit of vertical reco control, but you are adding in that better ad speed and better sprint to far speed, and then finally onto the RAR grip rather than using the RB claw.

best rival9 class

I'm using the RB Rapid Strike grow because if you go into the stats here, you do lose 10% of the vertical and horizontal recoil; however, if you add it, you gain 20% sprint to fast speed, which is absolutely crazy, and then you also get an extra. What an improvement in ad speed! so that 20% Sprint is far speed honestly, the amount of times it saves me when I'm running around a corner and someone runs into you and you can just quickly pop up with your sort of rifle and just shoot him straight away.

You can see that there's a massive difference on the sprint to fire speed; that's like a good 40-millisecond extra, and when the time to kill. I think, is probably somewhere around 200 milliseconds, time that's like a third to a four for someone's life, so if you run into someone, you can instantly kind of just win that gunfight just by having the scrip attached.

cod mw3

So when you are playing, kind of a more aggressive AR role or maybe a flex roll, especially on the smaller maps and smaller locations, this is a really good assault rifle to use, and then the same is true here on the run with the same attachments. Running the same tactical and lethal tactics. Again, with the field upgrade, you're either running trophy or dead silence, and then I'm running Marksman gloves here.

But you could actually potentially use the assault gloves because you're going to be playing a lot more of a fast-paced assault rifle. You can, and you might want the extra. You know, accuracy and time to ads are also improved while you're jumping, so it depends on what map you're playing on and if it's a longer range.

Maps indicate if it's a shorter range. Maps assault gloves would be good to use C sneers again and EOD padding. Next up in the third class is Rival 9, for those who want to play an SMG role. So getting into the Rival 9, here we've got the purifier muzzle break, which is going to help in increasing that horizontal recoil control.

Yo guys, as Ranked Play is dropping during Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, I'm bringing you the best 4 classes to have yourselves ready for Ranked Play when it drops! You can also use these classes in BPL 8s, CMGs and Gamebattles.
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