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P2 and P3 are currently next to each other, and I believe that you should always have hard points on the opposite or diagonal. Rotations of the map because having two hard points literally next to each other where you know it's that bottom P2 room and then P3 is on the submarine means that the team that's holding the hard point doesn't even have to rotate, so if you secure 4 60, you don't even have to try and flip them map for spawns; you can just sit there and hold the spawns and try chain these two hills together, which just doesn't suit the style of hard point.


The whole idea is that you know you rotate to the hill, you try to hold it for a good 30 to 40 seconds, then towards that last 10 to 20 seconds, you need to think about rotating towards the other side of the M, whereas if you can just sit there, post up with ARs which is so, overpowered on this game the way the Met works you can just hold these Hills indefinitely, which makes some of these Maps so broken so for instance on subbase if they swap P3 and P4 around, it would I think play extremely well because it means you'd be rotating from that P2 room straight through the tunnel and then back across the other side of the map to the submarine and then back across to that P5 tank for the final Hill so I think it would add some really good flow to this map now in terms of other Maps you know the other maps that really spring to by the terminal for example that burger Hill is almost impossible to break and on top of this as well, the rotation, of hard points on Terminal also probably needs to change because all of the hills are so.

I think where I see the C flag is on dominance; I think that could be quite a good location for a Hardo map. Spreading out the map, forcing people to rotate, and forcing people to hold different areas of the map would make the map float a hell of a lot better, and now, in terms of Skid Ro. I don't think there's too much to change on Skid Ro.

However, P2 is obviously such a money hill, and even though I do really enjoy this map, it's probably one of, if not my favorite, maps to play on Hardpoint. I do think having P2 at the top makes it super overpowered. I do think if they change P2 so that to hold the hill, you have to sit in the bottom building.

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I think it would make it a lot better because you can still peek out from the bottom a little bit, but the head glitches aren't as good as the top, and because when you set the top, you've got free information over the tunnel. Garage and ticket side so whoever's in the hill can just play for information, you know just bobbing the head up and down just playing for picks whereas if you're at the bottom of the hill you can't play for that information as freely so therefore your team around the Hill AR going to be getting those call outs so actually it would make the hill easy to break for the opponents which actually potentially could make the map a lot better to play cuz a lot of teams you know just sack off P1 with 30 seconds to go think right if we can just get a full setup on P2 you can hold her a full 60, and it's same with so many diesels even like P3 like you know it gets to 30 seconds on P2 and if you've not broken it you just go to the next one because you know you're going to waste 20 seconds getting it and it's not going to be worth it for that last 10 seconds to then not get the good rotation, now in terms of other Maps you I think karach is pretty solid I don't think much needs to change in Karachi; however, invasion definitely needs looking into, particularly P3 and P5.

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P3 is such an awkward hill to rotate to just because of where you spawn on P2, you spawn on palace with like 5 seconds left and it takes 20 seconds to run across the map, but then, as everyone will know. P5 is such a horrible hill to break in that palace, and what makes this worse is that during P4, when it's that kind of broken area hill.

One of the teams actually spawns in Palace for P5, so you can literally get like three dead on P4 if you're spawning on gas, and if you get like a three piece or four piece all down with 10 seconds left, what ends up happening is that they actually spawn in Palace for the next hill, which completely ruins the way the game should be played, especially when that P5 Hill is so hard to break.

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You know they get a lucky spawn on that side of the map, and then there's just nothing you can do about it. You' then got a run 20 seconds on the other side, and they just all set up on head glitches in that sandbag area or just in the windows, and it's so hard to break, so P5 definitely needs looking into, maybe pushing it further forwards, maybe into the street, and I think invasion would play a lot better.

But these higho leaks weren't the only thing that was leaked now in this next tweet as well. Parasite also says that there's a map that's specifically designed for competition that is going to be coming to Modern Warfare 3 now. As we know. Slammer has always been a pretty good game developer company at designing competitive games and maps, so it'd be great to see some maps that are specifically designed for competitive, and it's particularly hardpoint on mod Warfare 3 because the maps that we're currently playing were designed back in 2009, where hardpoint wasn't even a game mode at the time, so think about it.

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You know you're trying to force people to play hardpoints on maps that weren't even designed for them. You know they're just the flow of the maps and the spawns and stuff; they weren't initially designed for this, so hopefully we can get some maps that are specifically designed for hardpoint. I personally wouldn't even mind seeing some maps from last year, you know, such as Mardo.

I'm coming back for Har because I think some of the maps last year were actually pretty decent if they just tweaked some of the spawns, such as Mardo and maybe even Brenberg Hotel. I really did enjoy Brenberg last year, and I think it would play great on this cod, especially with dead silence. So, you know, whether we see some old maps from last year or maybe just some brand new maps, it'd be great to see some better hardpoint maps coming to Modern Warfare 3.

Now, guys, I'll let the rest of this game play out. I dropped the K from 26 to 3 on this karage game, so let's get into this game, Play. Spot on holy, [__], AC still, low yellow, low yellow, my, God what? Winning he's F that we really are kill turned around Leave it white. Leave it white. Literally, just wait.

Leave it white. Leave it white. Get off the time. I'm so confused.

Yo guys, in this video I'm discussing the rumours of new maps and hardpoint location changes coming to MW3 Ranked Play.
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