News - How Atlanta Faze Mastered Search And Destroy Warzone 2 : Cdl Guide


We saw the Atlanta phase take on the Boston breach in one of the most impressive searches and destroyers we've seen. All season long, starting off with this offensive round, we're on board with Boston. Taking a look at their current setup, what we can see is that they're kind of standard. In terms of going towards the B Point here now, offense on this map is very difficult, so the fact that FZE were able to kill them is just absolutely incredible.

Let's see what they did in the first round. Like I said I'm expecting you know a nice little phase win here but in terms of the overall setup, the one thing you have to remember okay the first round is you have your equipment to work with so there's no trophy system so I personally don't mind going towards B on the first round if I'm the offensive team because there's no trophy so they don't really have as much presence as you can see here they're both playing in the back of the esies here making sure that those nades don't fly over but let's go through and see what happens so draza Peaks it, get some nice shots off slasher makes him weak and right now you can see he's going to waste his equipment, and I think again mentioning the trophy system I think it's very important to hold your equipment.


Especially in the first round, let's see what they can do. Prest go through, and so far it's a standard setup here, but you can just see that Sium is not the man you want to be Ching. Over at the B point, it's sing-three towards a plane here, but it just has to be a little bit quicker for me, so there's going to be two people there.

Let's see what happens as he goes in by himself. And if you look at the setup right now, you can see number one draza daza's bottom plane and number three s is going to be back on the plane, so what they basically have right now is they have the full cross, so they know because Simp is on the bottom of the plane, anybody pushing this area has to come through the front plane.

Draza knows the back is clear, so let's see. Sorry, are they around? Draza is at the bottom of the plane, so, as everyone knows, anybody pushing now will have to come through the front. So this is exactly what happens. He's going to watch over going through. You see, Asim's kind of the first entry man here.


If you're going to push this area, you have to play as a team, but you see Draza making some plays; he goes through really good shots off, and just like that, he is actually able to aim. I believe I don't know what happened there, but it looks like he Ned him he does get traded; it's going to be a 3v3 now.


Simp is going through. I want you to notice a bey on the mini map because, for me, he's the one who makes a play right now. Simp is still on the back of the plane, okay, so Drake goes through and gets a first SP, which does get traded now. The offensive team has to make a play as soon as simp goes through they identify the pressure, this is huge Bey is now going to watch the push through and you can see slasher just doesn't expect it he's going to go through and abz is already there for me this was a excellent play a really heads up play from ABY, and just like that the pressure goes through and they've kind of backed the rest of the team up here so now they have to go through it's two versus three here and you just know that this isn't going to work out they're basically separate at this point you see selum he's still holding that push through you can see ABY he has the whole push through for middle so they basically have a three-man setup in terms of splitting it and right now it's impossible for anyone on the other side of Boston to make a play, and what's actually amazing here I didn't realize is just.

Thaty also has a cross to the front plane, so not only does he have the middle Intel, he has a cross to the front plane, simp doesn't have to reveal himself there, you can see See's playing his life, he doesn't have to reveal himself as soon as he goes through, he ends up getting that kill, and now this round is going to be over, pra not much time to work with, and it's going to be round one to Atlanta's face, but like I mentioned, defense.


Normally favorable so if I'm you know if I'm Bost not too stressed about that obviously we have the offensive first round which I think is better cuz you can use your equipment without the trophies but let's see on the other side what Atlanta do on the offense we know they won 60 but let's see how they handle the offense so straight away they're split, isn't as Extreme as we saw in Boston they have three people on the right they have simp playing the island on middle and straight away I can just see it's a lot more decisive in terms of they're going a they're going to hit it out now what I'm assuming is they're going to go through they're going to try to get that first blood and they'll make a play from there you see they're going through the smoke is going to be middle to distract them in terms of M pressure, if we look on the side of B it's pretty similar they have two and a two split but what we saw last time is on the side of Atlanta phase we saw where is it if I go back okay let me try going through.


This is not my attack map, okay? All right, let's pretend about that. Yeah, so anyway. This is so annoying. Let me go through one second. There you go, so if we look at the side of the Atlanta phase right now, what we saw last time on their split was ABY. Was Bas draza was basically under the plane there simp was at the back then you had a bey around there with celium right that was a kind of starting position a little bit more Progressive than the side of, side of Boston breach and think it's really important cuz dra did actually get that first blood so you can see slasher playing the right hand side Snoopy playing the plane I don't mind this, they don't have as much pressure in terms of map control, and you're going to see Snoopy now how do FaZe get into the play and let's find out he's going to go through they're going to shoulder it they're trying to get that information you see Snoopy goes down here going to play his life well he gets a good n over and slasher actually does get the first kill so.

Right now the bottom playe player which was draza last run is slasher this round actually opens up the blood but how do FaZe react to the 3v4, they do this completely different so what they do here is they're like you know what we're going to actually commit to this you see they back off Snoopy, they're going to go through they're going to put the pressure Snoopy just to back him up and now you can see they actually have plane control this is something that Boston breach never got that whole round here now they have plane control again, it's up to Boston to make them punish it's basically Up To Boston to punish them here all three members are in the front of the plane there's still four members.

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