News - These Pro Mechanics Will Help You Get More Sr Warzone 2 Ranked Play


In today's article I'm going to be showing you guys how to camera people effectively and the tips and tricks that I use to get to Diamond 2 playing solo cute in season 3 sit back relax let's get right into the tips over the next few clips. Something really important to notice is that when you play aggressive, the aggressive player, the player that challenges the gunfight, is normally the one who's able to camera the opponent, so every single time you see me in this scenario like this, you're going to see me Jump Around the Corner because what's going to happen is I'm going to be the aggressive player, like you're seeing now as I land.

I can actually see him about a second or minute I don't know the exact timings but I can basically see him just before he sees me so especially cuz he was stunned right there I'm going to back away just kind of rewind this you see we're going to Chu a stun go through my first instinct is right we need to jump around this corner so I'm going to go through jump around this corner, and make sure my centering is on point cuz I know that as I jump around my Crosshair is going to be all over the place so I got to make sure that Crosshair, is around that area so we're going to land you can see my centering is perfect we go through we take him out great stuff there and that's just how you guys can start caming and using to your advantage now I'm looking at the mini map and I've just got a bad feeling right now okay blue is normally empty this area is blue, and based on the spawn I thought okay there could be a chance somebody's coming underground.


So as I go around this corner. I know that the underground is on my right, so instead of just walking around this corner. I'm actually going to slide around, so as I slide. I'm making sure my centering is on the stairs, and I'm not going to lie, it looks really sus; it looks like I'm hacking based on this kill, okay, but if we back off.

I can show you exactly why I did that, so as I'm going through now. I'm sliding. I'm making sure to move my right analog stick towards the right so that when I land, it's going to be around these stairs. Now, I wasn't expecting him to be there, which is what I was hoping and expecting. I go around the corner, and he's going to be walking around there.

I actually had great timing. As we go through, we end up taking him out, so again, let's kind of back away here. We get the first kill going to slide across now, just to make sure I camera him, so on his screen, you can see on his screen he didn't see me just there. As I come around the corner, I'm already pre-aiming and ready for the gunfight.


We take him out, moving on to the next clip here onto Rio We take out the first player. now I'm going to go around, I can see that. I'm on their side of the map pair, so the next thing I want to do is just camera him. Okay, so the next thing I want to do is attack this player by jumping around the corner.

He sees me. Okay, if you look on the mini map, I get the first kill. Once I get that first kill, I'm going to be a big red dot on the map. So right now, he's going to see a red dot around there. As I go around the corner, he's going to expect me to push this area so what I don't want to do is this I don't want to just walk around this corner.


And have him you know be aiming in kind of getting a free shot so what I'm going to do is instead is go around this corner, expect the challenge Jump Around the Corner as I'm jumping I'm ready for the gunfight, and you can see something the player in front of me his gun isn't kind of in the sky his gun is in his hand it looks like he's running, in that scenario I think he played it really bad he should have been ready for the gunfight instead of running I'm going to go through and I'm going to be able to camera them again just going to rewind it slightly and just show you what I mean in full motion so we go through you know we jump around the corner able to camera him just an easy kill going through Rio again.

I go past it now. The opponent is probably expecting me. This is a really good one. I actually like this next one, so what is the opponent probably expecting right now? If I'm the opponent right now, what I'm expecting is that I'm expecting me in this case to go to the right. I'm expecting me to go to the right like I'm doing now and carry on, so what I'm going to do is actually stop here and jump left because that's going to throw him off guard, and you can see it worked out perfectly.


He thought I was going through the right, but I'm actually going through the left. Really good mechanic. I'm able to camera him and take him out. We're going through it in Katei here. This was just great centering. We take out the first player, and I'm going to go through okay. I've just died, so I've just killed his teammate.

I don't know where they're going to be, but I know they're going to be somewhere on my right, so we're going to go through. I'm just going to shoulder him for a second, and I see him right there. I see him on the other side of this wall, so now I'm going to back away. It's very important to back away to get that momentum.

Now I'm going to jump around the corner into cover. As I'm jumping, I'm going to shoot him, so let's kind of play this in fast motion. So we go through our shoulders for information. I see him on the corner, going to jump through. We camera him, and we take him out, and you can just see it's the same mechanic just repeating.


We get at different scenarios. We go through the guys right in front of me. That's not a gunfight. I need the guys on a head glitch. Let's back away and reposition. Shoot this guy at least three or four times before he shoots me once because he's made me so weak here, so what I'm going to do in this scenario is kill the first guy back away, get into cover just to kind of get my crosshair right where I want it to be, and I'm now going to jump to the left, but just using the short jump, so I'm basically going to jump, and you can see as I'm jumping.

I'm hitting perfect shots on him, and he wasn't even able to react that kill was insane again. If we back off here in fast motion, this is what you have to try to do; the more times you try it, the better you'll be at it. As we go through, we take out one jump around the corner, and we're able to fry the second.

In this next clip, I know I said the last one was one of my favorites, but this one I thought was so impressive. So right now, I'm kind of getting caught out. Okay, so starting off, I made a big mistake. I got caught out in the open. Not ideal, but what I do after. I think, is, you know, the finesse really comes into it, so I see this guy out in the game, and I'm thinking right if I start shooting him right now, my initial centering is kind of off here, so just really quickly in the game.

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