News - How To Improve Fast Warzone 2 Ranked Play : Why Controlling Gunfghts Is Key Warzone 2


We're going to be going through about 10 clips showing you guys how to control gunfights in rank player at any level, so, starting off with the first clip here, we're going to go through starting off on Invasion. And we're going to be sitting by the tank, so we go through and take out the first player.

Pretty standard stuff on the point my teammate's going towards, so my big goal here is to kind of cut the lanes right I'm trying to go through and I'm trying to make sure that nobody else can push through and help and basically help my teammate so I'm going to go through, and something interesting is the mini map right there okay so I spot the opponent in D DS now as I go through now I'm going to go through I'm going slide across I'm expecting him to be at the front Okay it's really important.

I'm not expecting him to be there; I'm expecting to go in, and I see that opponent in the front, but to my surprise, he's right there on my right, so there's a few things I could do here. The first thing is simply to center onto him, but you can see it's a little bit too late because by the time I walk into the door by the time I kind of slide in, obviously I don't have the reflexes to kind of realize he's right on my right, so instead what I'm going to do is I'm going to back away as I back away.


I'm going to move my cross to the right and I'm going to shoot this player. As I'm shooting, I'm going to back away, and this is where control of the gunfight really comes into my mind. Instead of going through and going for the kill, now I realize it's a little bit too late, so I'm going to instantly turn around and get my crosshair on him.

I'm going to shoot him as I'm shooting him. I'm going to leave. Okay, and now I can kind of evaluate the gunfight. The reason why I leave there is because if I stayed in that room, let's just say I stayed in this room okay, and we're both shooting each other, there's a chance I kill him, and there's also a chance he kills me.

The point is that none of us are going to leave this gunfight alive. We're basically one of us who are going to kill each other, and the way I played it, I could make him weak. I basically give myself a chance, if needed, to kind of get away. I am kind of weak here, but he's so one shot I'm going to recommit.


Now if I needed to right there let's say he made me weak and I didn't even shoot him because I've backed away I can run away and that's why controlling the gunfight is so important, it gives you the upper hand it gives you the ability to make a play that's exactly what I did repe him go through and I was able to take him out we now go into the later round on the same mat pair and something interesting again it's just how we use a retti once again to kind of control the gunfight so we go through, and we almost get the first guy one shot but there's someone next to me so right now I'm kind of just trying to back away with my life, and there you go there's an opponent right in front of me what he's going to do now he's going to jump around the corner so the player right there you can't see him just at the door right there their job right now was I'm weak upstairs I'm going to push this player I'm going to kill him so he's going to go through and he's going to jump now there's a few things I could do here one is I can simply take on the gunfight.


Two i can run away, or three. I can slide down. Now i think most people in this scenario probably take on that gunfight, but when you're pausing, obviously you can take your time, but in the moment. Sometimes stuff like this is very difficult as you can see my timing was a little bit off instead of pre- aiming the door I was running towards it so right now I think it's a bit too late and this is where once again control of the gunfight is everything, if I look to the right now let's say I switch to the right how I am I think there's a chance he can shoot me as well so instead of aiming in and looking at him I'm going to kind of trust my centering trust my hit fire but the most important thing is the most important thing is I'm going to reposition, control the gunfight so right now we're both 100% health I hit him with a really good burst as I hit him I'm centering away and now I'm like okay I've got away I've taken zero damage and I've hit him with about a burst to the head was it a lucky burst I think so it was good shots for me but I'll say it's a lucky burst but the point is I've made him weak, and I've got the advantage.


Control the gunfight. Now it's time to push him. So we're going to go through. I'm going to push him, knowing he's got one shot. We're going to slide at him. He's out in the open. We're going to take him out again. Really effective stuff. Controlling the gunfight, getting the kill, which takes us really nicely into highrise, and then another same scenario with the Rival.

Now we're going to go up the stairs here, and I spot somebody. Sorry, is this did I say control I don't know if I said control, but anyway, highrise search and destroy, and we spot the first opponent. Now you can see my crosshairs right here, okay, so the first thing I could do is correct my centering and move it up and right.


The problem we have is that if he's peeking at me right now, by the time I correct my centering, he can kill me, so instead, I'm going to back away. I'm going to correct my centering basically through the wall, right where I know he's going to be, because I can see him, and it just allows me to correct my centering without over-peaking, so I'm going to back away, correct my centering, and now I can shoot him.

Same thing, he's still centered on me, so instead of going for the kill, I'm going to back away. I'm controlling the gunfire. I'm basically having a conversation in my head right now. What's going on is the one shot. Yes, I can now push him to go through and kill him. It's just extremely, kind of difficult in the moment to do this, but I really do think if you play like this, it gives you more of a chance of winning your gunfights.

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