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In today's article, I just want to talk about the new bundle that was just released into the store today, which is the small talk bundle. My main concern about this bundle is that it says it's a masterpiece when it doesn't have any traces, has no death effect, and most importantly, what makes a gun a masterpiece and a special inspection This weapon doesn't have an inspection, which is a bit odd.

I've also noticed it doesn't have an OP operator. It's the first Mastercraft bundle in Modern Warfare 3 to be a standalone. The last time I saw a mastercraft on its own was in Vanguard. That mastercraft wasn't received well; no one liked it. It was a bad deal. You're paying $2,400 for one gun when you have other mastercrafts.

There are three other mastercrafts in this game that come with operator tracer death effects and another blueprint. This does come with an extra blueprint, but it's for this WSP swarm, and it's just that it looks so bad that you might think it looks like you wouldn't even tell if you put cameras on it that you have a blueprint for the Mastercraft.


It's a pretty cool-looking masterpiece. I'm not going to lie, I like the detail, and I like the way it looks; it's like zombie theme-type stuff. I love that it does not come with special inspection, traces, or a death effect, and that it is listed as a Mastercraft, I don't know. I'm hoping this is a bug, as Lego Lo says inspection has to be bugged, and I'm hoping it's a bug because if this isn't a bug, then C has hit an all-time low of 2400.

For 1 Mastercraft, there is no operator, and the rest of the stuff in the bundle is like mediocre calling card discs, you know, emblem stickers, and the part that makes me laugh the most is that they have the audacity to put one skip in a. 2400, Cod Point bundle one, not five, not 10; what's one tee skip going to benefit someone with?

I love how they do these little favors, like adding one to skip. I'd rather have double XP. What's one tier skip going to do? They sacrificed operator traces, a death effect, and an inspection for a one-tier skip. I don't know what was going through their minds, and to be honest, I never saw this bundle coming.


I never knew it existed, even though I've seen all the leaked bundles. This was the only thing that wasn't leaked, and I'm happy it wasn't leaked because this was so bad. Imagine people hyping this and waiting for it. I have two problems with this bundle. Also, they price pointed it at 2400; Cod points two.

2, 400 cod points I reckon that's too much, in my opinion. I reckon this bundle should be maximum 1, 500, 1, 600 Cod points if they want to drag it 1, 800 because it's only one weapon, no operator. I don't know, like, once again, like I said in my other article, when I was talking about the bundles, how are they pricing this stuff?

Show me a chart that shows me where this is appropriate to be put, why this is charged more than the other, why this one has more content and costs less, and why this one has less content and costs more. Where are they doing? Where's all these resources and all these 4, 000 deaths they've been talking about going towards this content?

do not buy

People look forward to Mastercraft, and I was saying this before as well. I haven't seen a new Mastercraft in a while, and the last one I saw was, as you know, people looking forward to Mastercraft. Mastercrafts was something sick that had traces, and now obviously we implemented the death effect.

We've had special inspections since the start of Mastercraft. In Black Ops Cold War, Black Ops 4 didn't have inspections, but in Cold War, when they properly added mastercrafts into bundles, they had an inspection. That's what made him special. When you inspected it, it did something that a normal weapon couldn't do, and it looked different and was unique in the information that it has, like drooling effects, but is that enough to justify its $2,400 price?

Mark three things. It's like they're missing one; it's all like it has a trace and inspection but a missing death effect. I wouldn't have said anything because the older mastercrafts never had a death effect, so we never expected that that's something new, so I wouldn't say anything. I'm disappointed at this point.


It's just a bundle. You can just call it a blueprint, not a mastercraft. Man, I don't know what path C is taking. They're doing so well. I had a article uploaded about to be taken down because it didn't go anywhere, but I was talking about the season 2 reloaded update and how happy I am with it and how the battle pass looks good.

All the road maps and showings look good. The only thing I was upset with was the zombies, but besides that, everything looks good in the multiplay; everything is smooth, fun content, and now they're doing this again. Just get a blueprint. That's all I want to say for today.

Thank you lot for turning in I hope you have enjoyed as I will be uploading more soon How do you guys feel about the video let me know.
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