News - How To Beat The Red Worm Solo Warzone 2 Zombies Season 2 Reloaded Tips


But that's what we're going to be doing here today, and hopefully, after watching this article, you guys can come in here and do the same thing. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We just hit 13, 000. You guys have just been kicking ass all over the channel, so I'm going to very quickly run through the steps to set up this thing just in case you guys don't know.

The first thing you're going to want to do is go to that location that I just showed you where the four pictures are, and then that's going to show you where all of the USB locations are. Go around and collect all of those USBs. Next is going to be about just gearing up and making sure that you're ready for the worm fight.

Make sure that you have all of your perks, that your weapons have a Pap three on them, and that you're just ready to go. I'll also advise you to bring in a couple of self-revivals—at least three of them. This worm does have a few ways to slow you down, and sometimes you won't even see it coming.

Pull up your tag map and look for The Ether Storm, and if you notice those two ammo crates that are right next to each other just outside of The Ether Storm, now that's where your boss fight is going to be. Once the Ether Storm starts closing in and covering those extractors, go ahead and insert the USBs, and then that's when your worm's going to spawn.


It's a very simple setup, and here today we're going to be rocking these scorchers so we can fly around and just go get those USBs, pretty fast, and then we're also going to be rocking the vr11. As of last season and this season, this has been the most powerful thing to take on the red worm. I honestly haven't tested it here in season 2 reloaded, so hopefully the VR 111's still doing its thing.

We're going to find out here: Did you guys see that guy? I was sitting on top of the water tower, just waiting for the storm to come in so I could start this thing, and I really wanted to attempt this solo, and I noticed this guy all the way in the second-tier zone, and he started creeping up all the way up to me.


He ended up actually climbing all the way up the tower, but he couldn't quite get to the top, so he eventually just jumped off and went over to Xville. I was like. Thank God, and most of the time I really wouldn't mind somebody trying to come over here and join this fight with me, but I really wanted to attempt this solo for the article, but if I wasn't doing this for the article.

I would have actually preferred that he came over and helped me with the fight, especially if he didn't actually join my squad, because the worm's health is going to scale to the size of the squad that starts it, so if I'm 'solo, his health should go down pretty fast if there were a few of us fighting him.

Here we are, and I'm trying to get my sentry and guns set down. I could only bring in two of them; now you can set up three of them, which probably would have been smart of me, but I had a few other things in my backpack that I wanted to keep on me, like the Elder sigil and whatnot. I also found this flawless crystal that I got from Mega Abomination.


I was not dropping that thing another absolute, must to doing this is going to be the golden gas mask now you guys could try to attempt to do it with the regular one but those things break, way too easy and I would just really highly advise you to get a golden gas mask you can refill, these things also at the ammo stations, but you're going to be running a really close to time even with the two ammo stations there with a regular one another two things I would highly advise you guys to bring in if you can would be either an ether blade or the golden armor the golden armor is going to help you guys out a lot like me here I was struggling for armor this entire, round and I honestly think if I would have had that golden armor it would have saved me from going down the couple times that I did plus the E blade just really helps from keeping those zombies off you that are going to be getting close cuz you are going to be getting swarmed, by a lot of zombies now I was using the VR1.


A lot just to try to turn as many zombies as I could just so they could act as decoys, now it does suck not having a regular, gun to try to shoot those like whiffs or whatever they're called out of the sky those little like purple things that'll try to come and bite you but as long as you're constantly moving and you don't get like overly, hit by zombies and those things at the same time you should be okay and will not go down just from getting hit by those things you'll notice in the article here I'll take several hits by those things and I just don't go down just keep moving and make sure that you don't get hit by other things as well and also whenever you can try to take out those disciples, and those manglers.

While you can, because they're going to be shooting like those cannons at you, the disciples are going to be trying to drain your health, and it's just going to be making you way easier. Target that if you do get caught off guard and maybe by chance do get slapped by a zombie or something for a normal situation, you would probably be able to get out of it because that normal one slap wouldn't hurt you, but if you're getting your health drained by a disciple, that one slap can easily put you down now since you are going to have to be hitting those ammo stations to refill your gas mask.


You're going to have plenty of decoys, so don't be afraid to be hucking those things out because you are going to be surrounded by quite a few zombies while attempting to do this now. From what I can tell so far, the vr11. Even really giving me an opportunity to do anything. That's why I said, Make sure you have quite a few self-regards on you, because you never know what's going to happen during this fight.

I did see quite a few comments of people asking if the flamethrower does any damage against the red worm, and unfortunately, it does not; it just doesn't reach. This is also why I say you never know what's going to happen in this game, because yeah. I just got down from getting spat out of this guy's mouth, and the second that I go to try to run in front of him, he ends up downing me again with that insta-down laser, so now I'm like, all right.

Today we take on the red worm boss fight in mwz solo here in season 2 reloaded and hopefully now you can as well. Thanks everyone! - Ghost . Membership Link.
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