News - The Secret To Winning 6 Star Hardpoint Warzone 2. The Ultimate Cdl Guide


YouTube's article We're going to be playing some six-star with the SMG, seeing what we can do. We just broke down a B's gameplay on this map literally like 5 minutes before this, so hopefully I learned some things and we can use them in this game plan. There's one, there's two, and that guy's last guy is absolutely going to pinch him, so we get a nice little three-piece there.

The last guy is going to be on the hill there, so hopefully my teammate can get the trade there. Yeah, good little pinch. I was able to get some time, and Fight might be able to pinch them. There's one big two right there, straight. I'm going to watch the pinch kind of watch the SPO here there's one instead of reloading just switch weapons no almost got the third there again I just went straight away.

I've been pinching a lot right now. I think the pinches are going really well. Same thing here. I know they're going to be on my left there, so we're going to pinch them. There's one i don't mind dying there because my teammate should get the trade. At least hit him with a few shots. I think if you die without getting any shots off, it's kind of wasted.


At least if you give them one shot and your teammates trade closer, it's not the end of the world. Let's start rotating trap relocation. Stand good play from him. I wasn't able to kill him there. He had a really good angle on me. Now we're really far out, so I'm going to take my time. Why are you using the MTZ?

Okay, you need to lock in. You need to regain it; it's not that deep; it's rank play. Relax there's actually a guy on the left there. Wait for my teammate. There's one I'm going to go through the pinch here. Now you can get trapped there. You have to be very careful, but we do spawn closer, so I don't know how he's so weak.

Hopefully my teammate shot him; otherwise, I'm getting bad. There's another one where we get some trades going that's two down, and just like that, we're able to pinch the hill. Really good work there. So now, straight away. I know they're going to be spawning on P2, so I'm going to cut through the middle, watch the middle for a second, and then cut them through the left again, just about cutting the lanes there.


I wish my teammate didn't die with me; maybe I could have played a little bit better, but with 10 seconds left, I start rotating now. Stand, they should spawn on my right; they're going to be on my right, most likely another one there. Let's take one more. That's two down. Just going to watch middle cut those lanes one more time, actually down here.

No, I have to reload there, so I knew they were coming through the middle and this left side here. So again, just about cutting those lanes, I think I'm playing really well, though maybe I take a little rap through the middle here and let's go help them three down, perfect. I'm much going to see on Hill; actually, they can push out; that's fine; I'm all right with that stun that needs it; now I'm just going to hold this push here.

I don't want to overcommit and die. My teammate's helping me out a bit. That's four down. This is really good game play right now. The six-star master class from the team I'm 14 and seven. He's going really well, so I need my team here to push out. This player needs to push out because I'm on the hill.


It's all about map control, so there's no reason he should still be. Here, Rel all, let's go for the pincher now; we're spawning this side. I'm looking at the mini map just trying to find out where they're coming from, so that guy was pushed out; he was kind of just playing with Cy angle. Wait, that's a big four right there, man.

That's a huge four. They might be spawning behind us. I don't really know at this point, so I'm just going to test it. They end up spawning behind us. Not going to overcommit to that one go for the pinch here; that's a really good pinch from us because I see one more going in there's, two that gu one sh we're going to slide across now.

Take him out, so right, they're just using the mini map, and we're able to pinch them right away. Look at the mini map again; they should be coming through the middle, and yeah, I think that's a really good pinch there, to be honest. 5 seconds left. This is the master class chat. We're going up against Crimson, and they're just getting put in the blender right now.


Crimson diam gets put in the blender right now, up by 100 points on the dot here. Okay, if we can pinch this guy, try to get in really quickly. There's one i'm literally one shot away here. I had to take my time. No, we almost got that guy. He was tweaking that guy right there. He was waiting for me for 40 seconds left, so look at the Min map again.

The pressure's coming through the P2 on the left. I'm just going to keep pushing through and helping my teammates. That's two Ds. There's a big two-piece straight where my teammate spawns out, so I'm watching around, turning around there, and you can see, based on what we just watched with a bezy right, we can see like the knowledge we've gained from that is very transferable, so right there, as a perfect example, we looked at the mini map and realized they come behind us.


We just turn around and watch kind of behind us, and that's kind of how I'm learning from the pros: just watching them, seeing what they do, and trying similar stuff, and you're going to get to a point where your timing is going to be on, and that's a great kill. We take one out, going to back off slightly.

I mean, the pinch is on right there again, just really good stuff there, just kind of taking my time waiting for the timings and going for the pinch there, and you can just see that that's just going to push them through the map here, and yeah, man, that's just good play overall. Take our time again, play our lives a little bit, and they're going to spoof the old hill.

I'm just going to cruise it because the game's over chat and we're in a 2.3 KD. There might have been a little bit of friendly fire there, but we're going to move on. We're going to pretend that didn't happen. We're going to talk about the two seconds left that's going to be a GG. Let's keep these guys in the 100-Point Club.

There you go, man. Big do right there. I'm going to say that's the 100 Point Club. 32 kills, 32 to 15 years old—that is a typical performance for myself. YouTube If you guys are seeing this on stream, thank you very much. If you guys have seen this on YouTube, then make sure to drop a like on the article, and I will catch you guys for another article tomorrow.

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